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Tanya Austin

As a blogger, you probably resort to attracting ads to create a revenue stream from your blog. But that's a hit and miss strategy that depends on the amount of traffic you can drive to your site. A better strategy that improves the odds of success for your blog, is to sell memberships for premium content that you create.

If you've already decided you want to start a membership for your blog/product/service check if your idea can be monetized successfully.

1) Memberships provide a more reliable stream of revenue

If you're still dependant on ads to bring in income from your website, you may not see success for long. After all income from ads depend on the trffic your site witnesses. And if there is a drop in traffic for some reason, your earnings come to a halt.

  • Now offering premium content along with loads of free content will ensure that a steady flow of income comes in from repeated consumers. You just need to work on building a memberbase and then your content can be montized easily. Of course its important that you still have free content on your site so your search engine rankings don't suffer. (Read: How to Get Your First 100 Customers To Buy Paid memberships).
  • You can begin building your membership program on your store with this easy Wordpress plugin. Download Axis Subscriptions for Wordpress. You also have a Axis Subscriptions membership plugin for Joomla as well. These plugins give you content restriction features that let you choose which group of users you want to share a particular piece of content with. You can easily create different membership plans, set up different user groups and choose to share only crtain content with certian usergroups. This is an important feature if you're thinking of starting a membership service for your blog.

2) Memberships programs allow you to spend more in creating diverse content

The concept of releasing a free ebook is now outdated. Ebooks only serve a target demographic that is comfortable with learning skills through reading. However a large portion of users prefer other forms of educational content like videos, live classes, pre recorded tutorial sessions and also the chance to interact with you through forums and gain support.

  • Since you will be seeing cash coming in, you can stop cutting costs and spend a little more on hiring the right people to conduct classes, and create video material for paying customers. By all means you must keep your free content running. But membership programs also open up an avenue for you to spend more oncreating special material that is more informative and in tune with the needs of paying customers.

Read: How to sell paid memberships successfully

3) Memberships programs increase the value of your content.

Believe it or not customers pay more attention to content offers that have a price tag on them. They know you're charging them because of the better benefits they receive. Another reason why ebooks aren't so popular is because they're normally free and people don't deem them as valuable anymore.

  • Paying for a access to your premium content, makes customers sit up and really use it. They'll be more serious in participating and deriving the best value they can from your product. After all since they've paid for it they won't let your hard work of creating good content, and their hard earned money go down the drain.

Read: How You Can Grow Your membership Program

4) You can build a fanbase with loyal members who enjoy your product

The more customers keep interacting with you through their special membership forums, you'll begin to see a lot of engagement with your blog. More users will comments, debate and interact with you on your blogs. You'll have an audience, and a huge influx of traffic as well.

  • Memberships that provide some strong benefits to users are known to have a superior online presence. They have a lot of free subscribers, a loyal fanbase of paying members, better search engine ranking, greater amount of traffic, and consequentially a whopping income from advertisements.

Read: How you can build a loyal fanbase from your membership program

So? You think you're ready to start selling paid memberships for your fantastic content? Download Axis Subscriptions  and get started right away. This plugin comes integrated with Stripe payment pluign so you can enjoy receiving incoming payments smoothly.  No coding, no technical expertise needed and our support team will help youy set it up. Before you leave, Read: Why Some Membership Programs Sink so you don't make these mistakes.

Started your membership program? Check. (If You Haven't Started it here's why you should)

Do you have a minimum viable product ready to send out to customers? Check. (If you don't here are some great tips on creating the perfect subscription box)

Got a few customers? Check. Well few isn't going to be enough isn't? Take the leap and get the first 100 subscribers easily.

Now if you answered “check” to all the questions I just asked you, you'll find the tips in this post easier to apply.

Pre requisite: Make sure you have chosen the right membership/subscription plugin

It might seem like we are trying to drone on about this, but getting the right plugin to help you set up a membershipsprogram is essential. And the thing is you don't need best plugin there is. The best plugins will give you a ton of features most of which you wont use. So choose the right plugin.

  • The membership plugin should be easy to set up in your store and will give you just the features you need. - the ability to create any kind of plan you want, an ability to customize your subscription page, some reliable payment options like Paypal and Stripe, and the ability to control content access.

For a person just starting a membership program these features should suffice. That's why we recommend Axis Subscriptions for both Wordpress and Joomla.

(Download Axis Subscriptions for Wordpress / Download Axis Subscriptions for Joomla)

This plugin give you the necessary features and a simple neat dashboard to help you track you membership sales stats.

1) Reach out to ex-members in different ways to get them to renew

By ex-members I mean members who haven't renewed their subscription in some months. You won't make much progress with these customers with just renewal notices. They'll just end up in the trash can both online and offline.

  • Take a more personal approach with customers who need to renew their memberships. Contact them via phone or send a personalised email. When you talk to them you can go like this “ Hey Sam we've noticed that you haven't renewed you premium membership for our accounting services. I know you have your reasons for not doing so, but I'd love to know if there's anything we can do to make you feel more valued as a member.”
  • The trick is to first get your customer to talk about his problem and why he doesn't want to renew his subscription. Try to see if you can help him out. Make the effort. And only after that do you ask him if he's ready to seal the deal by renewing it. You can also try downselling and suggest a plan that suits his needs better.

Read: What You Need to Know About Selling Paid Memberships on Your Website.

2) Resort to time tested marketing techniques


Every business is different. And yes it is important that you and your team brainstorm on some particular marketing solutions that can be applied to your memberships and audience. But it still remains that some well-known techniques cannot to be eliminated from your business strategy.

Here are essential strategies to focus on to get the large part of your target audience to sign up.

  • Determine your audience and their needs. Don't refrain from creating a clear buyer persona.
  • Align your message with the tone and style of your brand. If your brand is focussed on being edgy then your message should give out the same feel and tone.
  • Craft a membership offer with clear benefits. Make sure these benefits are outlined on all your landing pages, home page and social media pages.
  • Identify various channels through which different customer groups in your audience can be reached.
  • Assess your membership program based on subscriptions system KPIs. This post outlines subscription KPI to assess.

3) Get customers to engage with you more often


Make friends with new members who have just signed up for your product/service. You can send them quick surveys and feedback forms and even contact them for some follow ups. Reach out to them and ask them if they need any help with their new subscription. Ask them if they re happy with it. Be interested in knowing whatelese they might like you to offer.

  • Its not really necessary that you fulfill every demand of your customer if it means that it's going to affect your profits in a big way. Most of a good customer relationship is established when you genuinely listen to any problems they migth be having. If you can solve it with no damage to your plans, then go ahead, otherwise its okay to suggest alternatives.
  • When a customer shows signs that he might not be happy with the plan, don't let him leave. Suggest downgrading their plans. Explain the benefits of maintaining his membership and suggest a lower priced plan that will convince him to stay.

These tips are simple but require a lot of effort on your side to implement. You also need the help of mraleting tools to keep track of your customer, send them useful emails, and give them some cool offers. (Check out these Best Marketing Plugins For Wordpress).

Struggling with monetizing your membership program? Check out this post on: What you might be doing wrong with your membership program.





Still on the fence about whether a subscription and membership service is a great idea for your business? Then this post is for you. A membership program might seem intimidating, but with the right strategies you can make it a success. (Read what strategies can kill a membership program).

We've highlighted some really great benefits of a subscription service that will make you want to start one right away. (If you've already got an idea for a subscription service, you should read this post to see if your idea is viable).

1) A more long-term and improved relationship with the customer.

Recently My Books an accounting and financial services website launched a membership program with Axis Subscriptions for Joomla. They offer financial management and auditing services to their customers. Their website encourages custoemers to box up their tax paperwork, and bring them in for their executives to organize and audit and provide monthly solutions.

  • A service like this establishes a more long term relationship with the customer. With monthly services being offered automatically to the client, a sense of loyalty to your business is formed. This can take you a long way in keeping your customer base going.You'll also know your customer's preferneces to market to them easily. (Check out these great Wordpress marketing tools).

You can also start your subscription service with Axis Subscription Wordpress. Also read “How to sell memberships and see success”.

2) Subscription automation introduces greater flexibility

Subscription services are extremely popular because they make it easy for users to terminate or alter the plans and schemes they've signed up for. And the best part is it is easy for you as a store owner too.

When you've got the right membership plugin, it takes care of the downgrading, upgrading, changing of plans, signups, and incoming payments on its own. So you don't have to break your head about it. Axis Subscriptions is one such plugin that does all of this for you. It is also integrated with Stripe to make the incoming payment process easy. Read about it.

  • When customers know they can opt out and change their commitments with your membership plan, they feel more comfortable signing up for it. They want the flexibility to change their plans as and when their needs change. And a subscription service helps you do this.

3) Allows for more accurate prediction of revenue

A membership program introduces more stability into your business model and cash flow channel. Since a membership program introduces the concept of automated recurring billing, you have a pretty accurate idea of how much cash flow there is going to be periodically.

  • Let's say a snack store owner sees a sudden boom in his business for organic snacks and he stocks them up for months. Now if suddenly there is a huge drop in customers who don't come in to buy these snacks, the store owner will suffer a huge loss. Instead if he has a subscriber base that want a certain quantity of organic snacks to be delivered every week, he will not stock up on unnecessary goods. (Check out “How to create a subscription box that adds value”).

Now you see why a membership program in your store is a great idea? And you can get started with a membership service right away with Axis Subscriptions. Once you're done signing up, check out this post on "How to get your first 100 subscribers".

Axis Subscriptions the cool new Wordpress plugin for memberships is making things easier for you everyday.

Axis Subscription for Wordpress has integrated with the popular Stripe Payment plugin so membership services like yours can receive payments securely and quickly.

The free version of Axis Subscription comes with a standard Paypal payment option. But the Axis Subscription Wordpress Pro version offers you advanced features like Stripe payments, content restriction features with access to priority support.

Here's why you should consider getting Axis Subscriptions Pro with Stripe:

  • When a user changes his plan, Stripe automatically calculates the new payment and charges involved and receives the right amount.
  • Billing takes place automatically every month once a user is registered for a plan.
  • Other cards that the user has stored are automatically applied when one is past its expiry date.
  • Stripe also makes it easy for you to receive payments on plans that have a base fare and an added per-user charge.
  • Customer billing info is absolutely secure.

If you don't have Axis Subscriptions yet.... here's why you should get it.

With Axis Subscriptions you can sell paid/free/trial memberships. You can keep a track of your sales in your easy and intuitive dashboard. You can also choose to be notified of every action taken by the customer with respect to your membership program.

Check out our list of features for Axis Subscriptions Wordpress. And GET IT Today!

We have a subscription and membership plugin for Joomla too! Get Axis Subscriptions for Joomla!

Once you've downloaded Axis Subscriptions you should check out this post on “How To Get Your First 100 Customers To Sign up!”

Wednesday, 21 December 2016 11:32

The Most Amazing Business Themes for WordPress

Business websites that display a range of your services also speak of your brand. The right business website will help you convey your brand's message without users even having to read much. Your corporate website will definitely need to look professional and brand related.

A great website depends first on the kind of theme you choose for it. So we've put together a list of Business themes that you can use for your Wordpress website.

1) X- Theme

x4 dawn

X-Theme gives you unique sub-themes within it to apply to your website. There's i) Renew ii) Integrity iii) Icon iv) Ethos – the different designs you can choose from and apply to your site. You'll enjoy that each design has something different to offer and you will find atleast one desing that's totally perfect for your site.

  • You have loads of great features like, real time category filtering ( Ethos) a beautiful blog layout with flat design (Renew) , custom colors for your post formats, and layout options ( Icon)
  • Comes with a featured carousel and alternate index titles.

Download Theme Demo

2) Kalium


Kalium offers an array of demos i)Main ii) Agency and iii) Freelancer. If you've got a company with a lot of professional services to offer Agency is the best option for you. There are other premade demos too to suit any kind of industry website.

  • Comes with visual composer so you can drag drop aand build webpages easily. You also have the revolution slider to help you display images attractively.
  • An extensive list of short codes you can use on any page on your site.

Download Theme Demo

3) Corpus


Corpus is a clean template that is ideal for a professional website. This is your ideal template if you want a minimalistic design. It offers a good user experience and can be setup with very little coding knowledge.

  • Comes with a live color customizer to design your own skin from the live customizer in the dashboard.
  • It can support pretty cool website elements like slide banners, videos, high pixel density, and the extremely cool Revolution slider.

Download Theme Demo

4) Deliver


Deliver comes with beautiful layouts and unlimited color and skin options for your site. You have full cotrol over all website elements via theme options, customizer, meta boxes. It also comes with a page layout generator that helps you set up site,footer and header layouts for your web page.

  • Comes with AJAX Pagination features to add pagination styles to your content like blog posts.
  • Amazing portfolio options available. You can experiment with 5 diffrent layouts, 3 types pagination jquery filtering.

Download Theme Demo

5) Wish


One look at wish and you find it surreal. You'll see some really classy design to add an extra special look and feel to your website. It comes with 6 footer types and woocommerce support.

  • Comes with loads of starter demos you can import easily.
  • Comes with visual composer for easy drag and drop page building.

Download Theme Demo

Now over to you. Try out these themes and tell us which one you liked best.

As you know Axis Subscriptions has constantly been bringing you some cool new updates that make it more easy for you to sell and manage subscriptions.

Axis Subscriptions for both Joomla and Wordpress have some cool new updates you're sure to love.

Axis Subscriptions has released a new app for International Tax Rules

This app lets you add international taxes to all your membership plans depending on where the user/customer is from.

The app detects the region of the customer and accordingly applies the relevant tax to the membership plan. This app also makes it easy for you to apply EU VAT rules to membership plans for European customers. EU VAT rules are automatically added to pricing plan and the customer can easily checkout and purchase his membership.

This cool new feature is available for Both the Joomla and Wordpress version of Axis Subscriptions.

Download Axis Subscriptions for Joomla / Download Axis Subscriptions for Wordpress

We've been continuously giving you lists of some of the best Wordpress plugins that will help you manage your website better. So we thought we'd just checkup to see if you've got them. We've picked out the best essential wordpress plugins from our earlier lists that you should absolutely download for your wordpress site.

1) For Security: Bullet Proof Security

So we did give you an introduction to Bullet Proof Security. This plugin helps run a check on logins, files and databases and also detects the entry of bad bots. Before it runs a scan on your files you can create a backup of all your files easily. Bullet Proof also doesn't let your servers suffer from an overload.

Want to know some other security plugins?

Download this plugin

2) For Search Engine Ranking: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the easiest plugins you can use to help you with your Wordpress website SEO. Yoast helps you achieve a high search engine ranking score. It checks where your site or your content can be improved to get a higher ranking. It supports open graphs and xml sitemaps.

Some other marketing plugins you will find useful......

Download this plugin

3) To customize your woocommerce emails: Woocommerce Email Customizer

Your ecommerce store should also send out professional business emails. The Woo Email Customizer helps with this. You can customize the design of your email, incorporate your logo, and company header, and also add your own custom CSS files. You can also preview your design before the email is sent out.

Download the plugin

4) To create discounts/offers in your store: Woocommerce Discount Rules

If you're running an ecommerce store, discounts and offers are important for your marketing strategy. Woocommerce discount rules makes it easy to setup discounts on your woocommerce store. You can create quantity based or cart based discounts, and assign different discounts to different customer groups.

Other discount plugins for Wordpress

Download this plugin

5) For Creating Forms on your site: Contact Form 7

Contact Form is currently one of the most used form building plugins for WordPress. A lot of Wordpress themes also come integrated with it so you can easily create some pretty great sign up forms for your website. It allows you to include a captcha in your foms and also filters spam.

Other Form Building Plugins that are great too!

Download this plugin

6) To Display Prices On your Website: Easy Pricing Table

Easy Pricing Table is a great plugin to help you create a pricing table that looks good on your website. It has an easy drag 'n' drop builder that makes it easy to create pricing table. It gives you lots of layout options you can choose from and also support custom CSS files so you can create your own design.

More cool pricing table plugins for WordPress....

Download this plugin

These WordPress plugins are extremely necessary for your website. They'll make it easier and safer for you to manage your site.

Looking for a best Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin for WooCommerce?

Discounts are one of the best ways to increase conversations in an online store. You can attract more customers and motivate them to spend more by creating sales promotions like dynamic pricing deals, bulk discounts, buy one get one free offers and quantity based discounts. Here we have come up with 5 Best WooCommerce Discounts plugins that helps you add dynamic pricing and discounts, bulk discounts, quantity based discounts, cart discounts, Buy One Get One Free pricing deals, percentage discounts and more.

Whether it is a festive season or a falsh sale promotion, these discount plugins will come in handy for your store. A little discount goes a long way. Online shoppers love getting great offers and shopping discounts and these encourage them to keep buying from you. We've created a list of best discount plugins for WooCommerce that will help you create discounts easily.

1) WooCommerce Discount Rules

WooCommerce discount rules allows you to create different types discount and pricing rules in your WooCommerce store. It could be a dynamic pricing, bulk discount, percentage discount or a cart discount. You can also offer discount for particular customer groups. It even allows you to create discounts based on cart total, delivery location and more.

  • Create dynamic pricing and discounts in 3 simple steps. Example: 10% off on all products in the store
  • Percentage discounts for all your products or products in specific category. Example: Get 20% discount on all products or from Men's clothing.
  • Bulk discounts. Example: Buy 5 or more products and get 10% off.
  • Cart discounts. Example: Spend over $100 and get 5% discount
  • Buy One Get One Free offers
  • Product dependant discounts / related product discounts - Buy Product A and get 20% discount on Product B
  • Buy X product and get Y% discounts. Example: Buy Tshirt and get a cap at 50% discount
  • Product variants based discounts
  • You can give Buy One get One free discount in various combinations.
  • User role based discounts (Example: 5% discount for wholesale customers)
  • Multiple, advanced discounts
  • Product specific discounts, special offers and more

Download free plugin  Check more features

2) Pricing Deals for Woocommerce

Pricing Deals for Woocommmerce is a versatile woocommerce discount plugin. It offers a lot of woocommerce pricing options and a whole array of options to provide discounts on your woocommerce store. You can create and award discounts easily and also advertise the offer on your ecommerce website.

  • Easily create wholesale pricing, category pricing, pricing tiers and dynamic pricing.
  • Create bulk discounts, buy 1 get 1 deals, group pricing, product variation pricing in your online store.

Download the plugin

3) Woocommerce Bulk Discount

Woocommerce Bulk Discount app helps you create woocommerce discounts based on the quantity of items the user has planned to purchase. If a customer orders more than let's say 10 items you can fix a percentage of discount that can be availed. You can also deduct a specific monetary value from the total based on the order quantities.

  • Discounts can be applied to products both individually and globally.
  • You can set discounts by percentage, flat rates off, or fixed discounts

Download the plugin

4) Woocommerce Advanced Discounts

This is another simple plugin that lets you introduce percentage based discounts and fixed rate discounts in your store. There are both free and paid versions available for this plugin. The free version lets you assign discounts based on customer role, sub-total, items count, and the products n the cart. You can also set bulk discount rules in your ecommerce store.

  • The pro version lets you set newsletter based discounts (discounts for subscribers), quantity based discounts, and group pricing options.
  • The pro version also lets you issue discounts to users who are part of your online social networks, in a particular country, or even if they are using a particular payment method.

Download the plugin

5) Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

The last but a pretty good one on our list is Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin. This plugin lets you apply discounts to listed and unlisted products, listed and unlisted product categories, listed and unlisted customer roles and listed and unlisted customers. Discounts can be applied on the sub-total, cart item count, quantity sum, and also according to customer details.

  • Create any pricing discount rule and control which rules are applied first using the rule editor.
  • Supports percentage discounts, fixed discounts and price discounts.

Download the plugin

So do agree with our list? Try out these plugins and let us know which one you chose.

Thursday, 01 December 2016 09:00

8 Best Amazing Fashion WooCommerce themes

You can easily sell clothes online. And starting a clothing website on Wordpress is even easier because you have a wide range of plugins and themes to help you.

Planning to start a clothing website?  Here are some great woocommerce integrated themes that will give your fashion ecommerce site great looks and functionality.



Boutique is a stylish monochrome theme that adds a whole new level of style to your fashion store. Its responsive design further helps maintain the beauty of your website on all device screens. It has a stylish blog section to share the latest scoop on fashion and get customers hooked. It comes integrated with google maps and contact forms.

  • Great styling for images available. Sliders to display new products, or offer products attractively.
  • Promote products more effectively with product badges. Create “offer badges” “hot seller” badges and add them to relevant products to boost sales.

Demo Download


clear shop


Clearshop is a colorful theme that gives you some cool styling and customizing options. You have a lot of cool page templates suited for different pages of your fashion website. You have 3 different home page layouts to choose from. A clean organized shop page and a clean product page with lots of white space are all part of the package.

  • Custom Typography options. You don't have to dirty your hands with code to do this.
  • Has cool quick view features, search, and add/remove cart widget.

Demo Download

3)The Gem

the gem

The Gem is a multipurpose wordpress theme. But it contains a bundle of templates for different industries. It's template for fashion websites is striking which is why we decided to put it on this list. Comes with an extremely attractive home page banner. You can add rich media like videos over here to make your home page more beautiful.

  • Integrated with visual composer so you can drag-drop and build your site quickly.
  • Integrated with Yoast, MailChimp, Contact form 7, Events Calendar and more.

Demo Download



Aurum is a theme you should consider if you really don't too much design on your sie. Aurum is the ultimate minimalistically designed theme. Its pure white with great layout sectioned out for your products. The beauty of the website is maintained on all device screens since it is hughly responsive.

  • Comes with a drag and drop builder to create a website quickly.
  • Comes with a transparent header, a simple and neat welcome page and an organized mega menu.

Demo Download



Shopy just released and its a cool template for a fashion website. It is another minimalistically designed template, with lots of white space that lend focus to the products in your store. You can create an attractive catalog of products and even start a blog in your Shopy themed store. The theme is easy to set up and offers great support if you run into problems.

  • The theme is FREE so you can straight away download it and set it up for your store. Integrated with Woocurrency switcher.
  • Your store will automatically recognize which region your customDownloader si coming from and display the currency of that region.


6)Fashion Cast

fashion cast

Fashion Cast is another colorful fashion theme for Wordpress. It is designed well with a large beautiful banner on the home page for special products to be displayed. It has beautiful shop pages and categories for different products. It also comes whith a whole range of website elements like buttons, modals, tabs, badges icons and much more that can be add easily to your site.

  • Integrated with social media icons and contact forms.
  • Comes with multiple notification bars and product shows.

Demo Download

7) Zorka


Zorka is a multipurpose theme that has some really good features that will be useful for a clothing website. It comes with 11 homepage layouts and 10 diffeerent header styles. The Zorka theme looks stylish and gives you great customization options. It comes integrated with over 500+ Google fonts.

  • Comes integrated with Visual Composer so you can drag drop and create a website quickly.
  • Comes integrated with a revolution slider for your images.

Demo Download



Herringbone is a feminine template that comes default in a pretty shade of pink. It's gives your website a cozy look. However if you want to change it, Herringbone gives you unlimited olor options to try out. You also have flexible layout options to choose the best layout for your site.

  • Comes integrated with 3 page builders and you can choose from them – Divi, Site Origin Elementor
  • Comes with custom widgets for different social platforms.

Demo Download

Tell us which fashion theme you fell in love with! You can also check out these cool marketing plugins for Wordpress.

Friday, 25 November 2016 08:31

8 Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes


We are back with a new list for you. This time we are giving you the scoop on the best free Wordpress themes of 2016. that are integrated with Woocommerce. This is a jumbled list of multipupose themes, and specific industry related themes.

1) Illdy


Illdy looks sleek, and elegant and is multipurpose. So this theme is applicable to any kind of website. Illdy looks great with enough whitespace to balance out textual and visual content equally. We'd recommend you use Illdy for professional websites. It'll be great to display services of your corporate business.

  • Packed with popular plugins and addons, widgets, shortcodes, features, tools layouts and templates.

Demo Download

2) Allegiant


Allegiant is another great template with a clean modern design. Allegiant while it is multipurpose, is ideal for an electronics or tech site thanks to its sleek design. Again this template has lots of white space with a medium sized homepage banner. You can add some simple transitions to your website images to add some spice to your website.

  • Great customization features. You can tweak your headers and footers and customize your sidebars to organize and make your website more attractive. Also comes with AJAX powered tags.

Demo Download

3) Mystile


Mystile is a spacious template with very minimal design. It offers a large white space so as to highlight your products. If you're looking for a lot of artsy kind of design for your site this theme may not suit you too much. Mystile is great to showcase ecommerce products in an uncluttered layout.

  • Good customizing abilities with Theme options. Also comes with a neat blog layout and template styles for essential pages on your site.

Demo Download

4) Shopy


Shopy is the latest ecommerce theme for Wordpress created by Themeparrot. It is essentially a fashion theme but can be customized to suit other kinds of website too. This is again a clean minimalistically designed template that will highlight your accessories. Shopy gives easy-to-use navigating options and some cool menu styles.

  • It comes integrated with the Woo currency switcher. This helps your website automatically detect where a user is coming from and switch the store currency to that of the user's local region.


5) SKT Bakery


SKT Bakery is a beautifully appetising theme that's ideal for a food website and even better a confectionery website. The theme comes with attractive fonts and beautiful slide banner and a clean layout where you can display your food and confectionary items.

  • You have a neat blog section to post interesting food-related topics. You'll also like Bakery's pretty pink an brown large sized footer.

6) Shopisle


Shopisle is a fashion ecommerce theme that comes with an eyegrabbing slider banner on the homepage. You'll love the homepage and the easy navigation capabilities it offers. You'll also love the clean organized blog space Shopisle gives you. It comes integrated with Contact Form 7 so your website's visitors can get in touch with you easily.

  • You'll love the attractive styling option from Shopisle like page templates, animation icons, a beautiful slider banner, and different menu styles.

Demo Download

7) RetroTale

retrotale theme

RetroTale actually does sport a retro design that pulls of the vintage look with style. It has a stylish and simple slide banner. It follows the layouts of earlier web designs with simple sidebars without too many animation effects.

  • You'll like the old style of displaying posts in a columned format. The theme is great for magazine and blog sites but can be customized to suit ecommerce and corporate sites as well.

8) Terrifico


Terrifico is a clean and modern Wordpress theme to suit any kind of website. It comes in unlimited colors and loads of typography options for you to experiment with.you can use it for a blog, business or ecommerce website, but ideally the look and feel of Terrifico would suit a business website the best.

  • Comes integrated with Contact Form 7, and loads of styling options like header/footer editing, homepage options, widget columns and social links. 

Demo Download

These are the best themes currently available for Wordpress and are integrated with Woocommerce. They're all free and easy to setup. Tell us which one you chose and how it's worked for you. You should also think of marketing for your website. Check out these Marketing plugins for Wordpress

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