Tanya Austin

Tanya Austin

Whether you want to start a successful store to sell your stuff or a blog that acquires hundreds of thousands of readers, there are some common things you just have to take care off. Like putting in the effort to…
There are a lot of blogs on 'simple strategies to sell your subscriptions', '8 simple rules for recurring billing' or ' THE best ways to get more subscribers to sign up for a subscription'.

Creating a Subscription Box that Adds Value

  Thursday, 03 November 2016 10:44
Subscription commerce is the new way to leverage the online market and profit off it. One of our earlier blogs showed you essential steps you need to take so you can evaluate if a subscription box is good for your…

Why Marketers Love Opengraphs

  Thursday, 03 November 2016 07:43
Social media is a surefire way to get a large group of potential customers to notice you. And that's why marketers leverage Facebook to spread the word about their business. But of late, with the number of ads being posted…

Make your Joomla website more search engine friendly

  Thursday, 03 November 2016 07:41
A lot of users shy away from Joomla websites because they feel optimizing a Joomla website for search engines is tricky. It is true that getting a high SEO score for Joomla is a lot harder than achieving it in…
There's a reason why Unilever bought the Dollarshave club for a whopping $1 billion dollars. Dollarshave club was one of the pioneers at starting successful subscription boxes. For just a dollar they shipped razors every month to their customers. And…

How to Start a Recurring Billing

  Wednesday, 02 November 2016 08:45
What's the difference between selling a coffee mug and magazine? The answer is obvious- your customers won't purchase a coffee mug every month, but they might want the next issue of the magazine they just bought.
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