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All About Opengraphs and Twitter Cards

There's nothing you won't stop at to achieve a good search engine ranking. You'll incorporate the right keywords in your copy, include the right meta tags and descriptions, so Google puts your site on the Search engine pedestal.

But there's something you may have missed. And that is making your posts or website links viable for social media.

How Open Graphs Help?

all about opengraphs and twitter cards opengraph image 01

Scroll through Facebook and you'll see marketers sharing all kinds of links for you to check out. A lot of the reason you might actually get interested and follow these links is because of the way they're presented to you.

An attractive thumbnail, a catchy headline and a relevant description. They're all contributing factors to better conversions on social media. And that's why you need the Open Graph Tags. OG Tags are what spruce up the links you're sharing with your facebook audience.

You have a bland unattractive post that sometimes even has the wrong images displayed on it. This put readers off and you won't see the required conversions. With Opengraphs you have control over the size of the thumbnail displayed, the kind of compelling description you create, and the catchy title you come up with.

Fact: Big companies like Quicksprout said that they saw 174% growth in their Facebook traffic after OG was implemented in the posts.

What's the deal with Twitter cards?

all about opengraphs and twitter cards twitter image 01

Twitter cards are opengraphs for Twitter. Again these cards are an attractive way to post your content to boost conversions. Again you can display attractive thumbnails, a compelling description, and an attention-grabbing title.

Another little inclusion in these cards is the Hide/Show summary option. The summary option is a short display of the content and image right beneath the tweet. This gives readers the choice to view what your content is about or continue scrolling on.

Now that you know why you need Opengraphs, you'll appreciate why we've designed Axis Meta to support the OG protocol. Axis Meta is a metadata management component for your Joomla website. It helps you gather your scattered meta data from categories and menus and manage them on a single page. With Axis Meta, you can also make your content viable for social media by using Opengraph Tags

Download Axis Meta here.