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Make your Joomla website more search engine friendly

A lot of users shy away from Joomla websites because they feel optimizing a Joomla website for search engines is tricky. It is true that getting a high SEO score for Joomla is a lot harder than achieving it in WordPress. But it isn't impossible to get a great SEO score and help your Joomla website top the Search Engine charts.

We've highlighted 5 great ways you can leverage Joomla SEO.

Site Speed

One of the major ranking factors for Google is site speed. This makes sense as Google is all about delivering a great website experience to users. Now obviously you want a visitor to spend time perusing your content not waiting for it to load. So you need to your site to load quickly.

  • Plugins like the JCH Optimiser improve site speed by combining HTML and CSS files so as to optimize bandwidth. This should give your website's speed a good boost.

Easy Navigation

With loads of products on your store, you'll need to make it easy for customers to locate an item they're looking for. That's why you need categories- Books, Clothes, Accessories, Gadgets etc. And to make it even more simple you'll need subcategories, like literature, fiction, nonfiction, history, Men's clothing Women's clothing etc. Your subcategories make it easy for customers to browse through products easily.

  • Don't create too many categories that confuse customers. Instead use filters that narrow down the search and give customers exactly what they're looking for.

Good Site Maps

Now for a good SEO ranking your website needs to be bot friendly. While easy navigation helps users crawl your website, sitemaps help bots do the same. Sitemap creation isn't difficult if you use plugins. And there are some pretty great ones you can use.

  • Sitemap generators like OSMap generate clean, readable XML sitemaps that can be crawled by bots easily.

Make use of SEO Plugins

To effectively keep tabs on broken links, and other technical glitches that affect your SEO score, it's best to turn to SEO plugins that keep you notified. You also need to make your URLs search engine friendly and these plugins help you create URLs that rank better.

  • Make sure you track down and get rid of all broken links. You can also check for broken links on Google Analytics

A Well Structured Footer

Now a lot of websites ignore the importance of a footer. The footer is not just a decorative element in your site. It actually facilitates easy access to important pages on your website. That's why it's best to always add links to contact pages, FAQ and career pages at the bottom.

Organize your Metadata.

Another struggle a lot of Joomla users encounter is managing metadata. This because meta data of your website is scattered under menus, categories, and articles, and you'll struggle to organize it. Metadata is crucial since that's search engines locate your website's content.

  • Axis Meta is a Joomla component that helps you manage metadata all over your website on a single page. Download it here.

See? Making Joomla search engine friendly isn't so hard if you have the right tools. Follow the solutions here and you'll see a boost in your ranking. Don't forget to tell us how they work for you.