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Why use Axis meta to create Twitter Cards

Ask anyone what the biggest drawback of a tweet is and they'll say its the 140 character limit. But that's what's Twitter's USP. The infrastructure of a tweet is to encourage micro blogging- a more challenging task for the user. But if you want to leverage Twitter to share your links/posts with your followers, the 140 character limit is a HUGE drawback.

You stand the awful chance of your followers overlooking a plain, boring looking tweet. And that's why you need those extra frills to grab attention. You need to throw in an image, an attractive title and a description that compels users to read the entire post. That's why Twitter Cards were invented.

Twitter cards help drive more engagement from your tweets. And that's why Axis Meta supports the creation of Twitter cards for your tweets. Axis Meta allows you to create.

  • Summary Cards with Image, Title, and Description

  • Summary cards with Large Image, Title, and Description

Axis Meta allows you to create/edit Twitter cards in the article section, menu and category section. Read the entire documentation on how to do this here.

Want to see more engagement from Twitter? Download Axis Meta to create beautiful attractive Twitter Cards.