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3 Easy Steps to Create a Fanbase with a Subscription System

There's a reason why Unilever bought the Dollarshave club for a whopping $1 billion dollars. Dollarshave club was one of the pioneers at starting successful subscription boxes. For just a dollar they shipped razors every month to their customers. And they saw instant success.

Customers became huge fans of the Dollar Shave club and their subscriber base was huge. And that's exactly why a few years down the road, the company was worth a billion dollars!

Here's how to make your subscriptions a rage amongst customers. If you're just starting out and don't have a customer base yet, you should read how to get your first 100 customers to sign up for your membership.

Scratch their itch

To get your customers to really love you, you have to address a pain point they're facing. Take Blue Apron for instance. This company has a subscription service that parcels fresh ingredients to the doorstep every week. A lot of customers hate going to the grocery frequently. This is a pain point Blue Apron addresses.

  • Before creating a subscription service find your problem statement. Ask yourself this- Is my product addressing an actual need/ pain point of a customer? Is my stationary kit saving them the trouble of shopping for pens/pencils/notepads every other day?
  • Move forward only when the answer to this question is yes. If you think it's a no, hone your subscription idea so it becomes an actual solution.

Give them a shiny new toy

Flintobox is a recently launched subscription box that has seen huge success. How? They focus on adding something new to their subscription box each month. They set a unique theme for creative child activities each month. They send the required material to help children learn something new every month.

  • Your customers will have something to look forward to. If it's a stationary kit, add a new kind of notepad or a pen that customers will be curious to try out.
  • If you think your customers might be interested in trying out a new product you just launched, send them a sample. If they really love it, they'll opt to buy more from you.

Create an educative online community

To really get your customers to love your subscription box, teach them how to leverage the contents of the box each month. Whimseybox sends a monthly shipment of DIY supplies to its subscribers. But the creativity doesn't end there. After the month's supplies are released, subscribers can log on to the Whimseybox community online. There they can check out creative tutorials on what they can do with the materials.

  • The best way to start an online community is on Facebook or Youtube. Create tutorials that teach your customers how they can get the best of your products. Encourage customers to share ideas on your forum.

And that's it. It's not that hard to win loyal customers over with your subscription box. Checkout How to sell paid memberships on your website. Market your memberships easily with these fantastic Wordpress marketing plugins

But first you need a top notch way to handle your subscriptions and the plans your subscribers have opted for. And you'll want to manage them easily. Well here's a real easy solution that you can use without any effort. Axis Subscriptions is a Joomla extension designed to cater to your subscription needs. You can check out the entire features list and download it here.