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Axis Subscriptions- why you need It

It's easy when you sell a one- time- product to your customer, bill them and receive the payment. But billing customers becomes a lot harder when you've got to receive periodic payments. Let's say you sell popular monthly magazines on your site. You have a lot of customers who subscribe to receive monthly issues.

This means customers would have to keep logging into your website, clicking the 'buy' button for each monthly issue, entering payment and shipping details. The whole process is tedious and it could discourage your customers from buying again.

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This is where Axis Subscriptions can help you. Axis Subscriptions is a Joomla extension that helps you manage your subscription/membership lists, and helps you set up a periodic billing system (recurring billing).

In recurring billing, a customer who subscribes to your monthly magazine for the first time, enters his payment details for the first time. After this each subsequent month the billing transaction takes place without the customer having to keep entering his details over and over again. This ensures that you have regular payments coming in without any inconvenience to your or the customer.

axisubs 2

Axis subscription also helps you manage memberships and sign ups.

  • Axis Subscriptions helps you create free/paid plans with any kind of expiration. Let's say your customer wants to purchase Vogue e-magazine for a year from your site. You can set up a plan where every month the purchase amount is transacted automatically. Your customer can then access the magazine. You can also set up attractive offers like offering two free issues.
  • You can also renew, view and update subscriptions. You can view your customer's subscription history and renew or update their memberships with you.
  • It also comes with configured tax rates based on zone/country.

So say goodbye to your subscription worries, because Axis Subscriptions makes it very simple. You can download it easily for your Joomla website and the best part its FREE.

Check out our entire list of features on our page.

Download Axis Subscriptions.