Creating a Subscription Box that Adds Value

Subscription commerce is the new way to leverage the online market and profit off it. One of our earlier blogs showed you essential steps you need to take so you can evaluate if a subscription box is good for your business. Now if you've followed these and realized that a subscription box can really make money for you. Here's the next step.

What should your subscription box contain? Now no one's going to stop you from putting lollipops in, but if you want to create a sustainable source of income from your subscription service, you have to put in some thinking to create a great box.

Make sure your product is a requirement

Take a look at a lot of successful subscription boxes and you'll see that they cater to absolute necessities. Subscription boxes like Fab Bag (an Indian subscription service like Birchbox) sends a curated box of indigenous beauty products.

Whether it's a volume boosting shampoo, or a sea weed facemask, they make sure their customers receive products they're bound to require frequently. And that's why they have a huge subscriber list. read how to get your first 100 subscribers to sign up for your membership.

Deliver the promised value of products

When you've got an idea of what your subscription box should contain, make sure you set a uniform monetary value for it. You need your customers to know that you're giving them a box of items every month that is priced at a specific value.

This monetary proposition is key to helping customers feel like they're getting a value-for-money offer. And more importantly, deliver well on your promise. If you've promised them a $100 box each month, put in a card with each product's price to let customers know the entire value of the box.

Don't compromise on product variety

Subscription boxes are an economic way to let customers sample what's new in the market. So make sure your box calls for a curated list of different products. In fact before each month's subscription box is created, you need to research new products that have just entered the market.

Calculate how you can fit in samples of new products into your box to match its promised monetary value. And it goes without saying that even if your subscription box is economically valued, you still can't cut short on quality.

Limit Free Samples

If you're banking on just sending  free samples of all your products to your customers, stop now. While sending free samples may seem like an economical idea in the beginning, once your subscription box acquires a large subscriber base, you might not be able to supply free samples easily.

Most product vendors have fixed quantities they can give out as free samples. When your subscribers grow you won't be able to keep up with the demand. This will lead to a rise in your subscription plan pricing and customers may begin to opt out.

Packaging matters too

The way you present your box to your customer matters as well. Especially if your audience comprises mostly women, presentation matters too. If you're sending out beauty products, stationary or DIY art kits or anything for that matter, your packaging doesn't need to just be safe, it needs to look good too.

Flintobox is a subscription service that sends kid activity boxes every month. Since it is meant for kids, Flintobox sends beautiful kid themed designer boxes to their subscribers. This increases the customer's anticipation for your product.

Don't invest too much. Instead look for Subscription Services

Your subscription box needs to make your profits. So don't step into ventures that require you to spend loads of time and money on just sending a box of different items every month. Instead, opt for reliable subscription services, that help you create different subscription plans and manage your subscriber profiles with just a few clicks.

Joomla users have an added advantage. They can download Axis Subscriptions to manage subscription plans. Axis Subscriptions is free and you can create and manage any number of subscription plans.

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