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Great Ways To Grow Your Membership Program Quickly

Started your membership program? Check. (If You Haven't Started it here's why you should)

Do you have a minimum viable product ready to send out to customers? Check. (If you don't here are some great tips on creating the perfect subscription box)

Got a few customers? Check. Well few isn't going to be enough isn't? Take the leap and get the first 100 subscribers easily.

Now if you answered “check” to all the questions I just asked you, you'll find the tips in this post easier to apply.

Pre requisite: Make sure you have chosen the right membership/subscription plugin

It might seem like we are trying to drone on about this, but getting the right plugin to help you set up a membershipsprogram is essential. And the thing is you don't need best plugin there is. The best plugins will give you a ton of features most of which you wont use. So choose the right plugin.

  • The membership plugin should be easy to set up in your store and will give you just the features you need. - the ability to create any kind of plan you want, an ability to customize your subscription page, some reliable payment options like Paypal and Stripe, and the ability to control content access.

For a person just starting a membership program these features should suffice. That's why we recommend Axis Subscriptions for both Wordpress and Joomla.

(Download Axis Subscriptions for Wordpress / Download Axis Subscriptions for Joomla)

This plugin give you the necessary features and a simple neat dashboard to help you track you membership sales stats.

1) Reach out to ex-members in different ways to get them to renew

By ex-members I mean members who haven't renewed their subscription in some months. You won't make much progress with these customers with just renewal notices. They'll just end up in the trash can both online and offline.

  • Take a more personal approach with customers who need to renew their memberships. Contact them via phone or send a personalised email. When you talk to them you can go like this “ Hey Sam we've noticed that you haven't renewed you premium membership for our accounting services. I know you have your reasons for not doing so, but I'd love to know if there's anything we can do to make you feel more valued as a member.”
  • The trick is to first get your customer to talk about his problem and why he doesn't want to renew his subscription. Try to see if you can help him out. Make the effort. And only after that do you ask him if he's ready to seal the deal by renewing it. You can also try downselling and suggest a plan that suits his needs better.

Read: What You Need to Know About Selling Paid Memberships on Your Website.

2) Resort to time tested marketing techniques


Every business is different. And yes it is important that you and your team brainstorm on some particular marketing solutions that can be applied to your memberships and audience. But it still remains that some well-known techniques cannot to be eliminated from your business strategy.

Here are essential strategies to focus on to get the large part of your target audience to sign up.

  • Determine your audience and their needs. Don't refrain from creating a clear buyer persona.
  • Align your message with the tone and style of your brand. If your brand is focussed on being edgy then your message should give out the same feel and tone.
  • Craft a membership offer with clear benefits. Make sure these benefits are outlined on all your landing pages, home page and social media pages.
  • Identify various channels through which different customer groups in your audience can be reached.
  • Assess your membership program based on subscriptions system KPIs. This post outlines subscription KPI to assess.

3) Get customers to engage with you more often


Make friends with new members who have just signed up for your product/service. You can send them quick surveys and feedback forms and even contact them for some follow ups. Reach out to them and ask them if they need any help with their new subscription. Ask them if they re happy with it. Be interested in knowing whatelese they might like you to offer.

  • Its not really necessary that you fulfill every demand of your customer if it means that it's going to affect your profits in a big way. Most of a good customer relationship is established when you genuinely listen to any problems they migth be having. If you can solve it with no damage to your plans, then go ahead, otherwise its okay to suggest alternatives.
  • When a customer shows signs that he might not be happy with the plan, don't let him leave. Suggest downgrading their plans. Explain the benefits of maintaining his membership and suggest a lower priced plan that will convince him to stay.

These tips are simple but require a lot of effort on your side to implement. You also need the help of mraleting tools to keep track of your customer, send them useful emails, and give them some cool offers. (Check out these Best Marketing Plugins For Wordpress).

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