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How Your Blog Can Benefit From A Membership Service

As a blogger, you probably resort to attracting ads to create a revenue stream from your blog. But that's a hit and miss strategy that depends on the amount of traffic you can drive to your site. A better strategy that improves the odds of success for your blog, is to sell memberships for premium content that you create.

If you've already decided you want to start a membership for your blog/product/service check if your idea can be monetized successfully.

1) Memberships provide a more reliable stream of revenue

If you're still dependant on ads to bring in income from your website, you may not see success for long. After all income from ads depend on the trffic your site witnesses. And if there is a drop in traffic for some reason, your earnings come to a halt.

  • Now offering premium content along with loads of free content will ensure that a steady flow of income comes in from repeated consumers. You just need to work on building a memberbase and then your content can be montized easily. Of course its important that you still have free content on your site so your search engine rankings don't suffer. (Read: How to Get Your First 100 Customers To Buy Paid memberships).
  • You can begin building your membership program on your store with this easy Wordpress plugin. Download Axis Subscriptions for Wordpress. You also have a Axis Subscriptions membership plugin for Joomla as well. These plugins give you content restriction features that let you choose which group of users you want to share a particular piece of content with. You can easily create different membership plans, set up different user groups and choose to share only crtain content with certian usergroups. This is an important feature if you're thinking of starting a membership service for your blog.

2) Memberships programs allow you to spend more in creating diverse content

The concept of releasing a free ebook is now outdated. Ebooks only serve a target demographic that is comfortable with learning skills through reading. However a large portion of users prefer other forms of educational content like videos, live classes, pre recorded tutorial sessions and also the chance to interact with you through forums and gain support.

  • Since you will be seeing cash coming in, you can stop cutting costs and spend a little more on hiring the right people to conduct classes, and create video material for paying customers. By all means you must keep your free content running. But membership programs also open up an avenue for you to spend more oncreating special material that is more informative and in tune with the needs of paying customers.

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3) Memberships programs increase the value of your content.

Believe it or not customers pay more attention to content offers that have a price tag on them. They know you're charging them because of the better benefits they receive. Another reason why ebooks aren't so popular is because they're normally free and people don't deem them as valuable anymore.

  • Paying for a access to your premium content, makes customers sit up and really use it. They'll be more serious in participating and deriving the best value they can from your product. After all since they've paid for it they won't let your hard work of creating good content, and their hard earned money go down the drain.

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4) You can build a fanbase with loyal members who enjoy your product

The more customers keep interacting with you through their special membership forums, you'll begin to see a lot of engagement with your blog. More users will comments, debate and interact with you on your blogs. You'll have an audience, and a huge influx of traffic as well.

  • Memberships that provide some strong benefits to users are known to have a superior online presence. They have a lot of free subscribers, a loyal fanbase of paying members, better search engine ranking, greater amount of traffic, and consequentially a whopping income from advertisements.

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So? You think you're ready to start selling paid memberships for your fantastic content? Download Axis Subscriptions  and get started right away. This plugin comes integrated with Stripe payment pluign so you can enjoy receiving incoming payments smoothly.  No coding, no technical expertise needed and our support team will help youy set it up. Before you leave, Read: Why Some Membership Programs Sink so you don't make these mistakes.