You Might be Killing Your Membership Program. Here's Why....

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Running a membership program is hardwork and you won't always see success. There's no rulebook that tells you exactly what will help your membership program succeed. It's all about understanding your audience and employing the right strategies. We curate a lot of strategies other successful subcription services use so you can try applygin them to your business.

So we've made this list of things you might be doing wrong and might actually be ruining your program. Check it out.

1) You started too early with not much momentum

You just formulated an idea in your head and thought it was great and you started off. The truth is you probably started even before you figured out whether you had customers or not. And it doesn't do to just have 4 or 5 customers craving your product. You should atleast have 50+ interested customers before you totally start selling memberships.

What you should do

  • Getting the first 100 customers to sign up. We have this decoded for you. You need to gather momentum to create interest in your products first. Discuss daily, comment, or keep blogging on product related topics. The idea is to stimulate a buzz so that enough people are interested.

2) You tried to monetize your membership too quickly

How many times have you hesitated to buy something just because its is new and unfamiliar to you? Your customers feel the same way when they see a new product from you in the market. They have no reason to trust you right away.

By immediately selling your membership and its actual value price you're closing the doors to more future sales. You can only monetize your membership when you have successful customers that are willing to pay for it.

What you should do

Try giving out free membership to your first customers. If doling out free memberships is not profitable, you can give them 30 day free trials. You can also tell them that if they join the paid subscription let's say a week before expiry they'll get an extended trial period.

3) You haven't increased the value of your offer with extra resources.

Customers love getting a great deal- paying less for more basically. If you have reached a stage where your product can be monetised, you've got to sustain it's profitability. You have to offer more informative resources freely so customers feel they're getting the best deal from your membership. Your customers should be well aware of what benefits come when subscribing to your service.

What you should do

  • Create quality digital material that your customers will be interested in. Whether it's in the form of blog, ebooks infographics and white papers create enough e-resources that get your customers hooked. These resources may be free but you should still promote them well on social platforms and via emails. Let your audience know exactly what benefits they receive from you by signing up.

4) You haven't used the right technology to manage your memberships

It all starts with the technology you use. When you start your subscription service, you've got to use the best technology to help you manage all your memberships and customers. By the 'best technology' you don't really have to go for subscription systems that do everything. They just need to do what you want them to do.

What you should do

  • Since you're just starting out you need membership systems that help you create membership plans quickly and bill customers easily. That's why we created Axis Subscriptions. You can create any number of membership plans and bill customers easily.
  • You can also try out different trial periods and set up free memberships. There's Axis Subscriptions for Wordpress and Axis for Joomla. This system is meant for folks like you who are just starting out.

5) You tried to please too much

Okay I'm all for great customer service. I'm all for fantastic discounts. But when a product i know is great is priced way too low, i become suspicious. Why? Obviously really great things don't come cheap. When something's too cheap I automatically think that it may not be of great quality, whether its a dress, or an online class for new skills.

The problem is you might think you're going out of the way to please your customer by pricing your products inexpensively. But you customer will end up actually doubting the quality of products/services you offer.

What you should do

  • The free trials I mentioned earlier are the best way to do this. Wait until you've got 100-150 customers hooked onto your products. Then begin slowly increasing prices. Try out prices of a batch of test customers, monitor if your sales are falling an if you're still be to sustain your program. With a slight raise in prices you'll realize which customers are actually loyal to your business and how you can keep the happy. Here are some Tips to see success with your membership service

So have you been making these mistakes with your subscription service. Try to rectify them with the solutions we've given you. Let us know how they work for you.