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10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Gift Cards Plugin for Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce is an open-source platform for establishing your online business without limitations. It is an eCommerce platform that has 5+ million active shops and nearly 26% of global online stores use it. You can optimize your online store using the best WooCommerce extensions to boost your sales and conversions. One such marketing strategy is the WooCommerce gift cards where customers are allowed to buy and send gift vouchers.

This article is all about WooCommerce gift cards, benefits of selling gift cards, and the most suitable plugin to create gift cards at your store.

What is a Digital Gift Card in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce gift cards give your customers an opportunity to gift their friends with a certain amount that the recipient could redeem by purchasing products from your store. When you add gift certificates to your website it could bring in more benefits to your WooCommerce store.

It’s the right time to sell WooCommerce gift cards at your store. Configure it to your business by understanding the importance of gift cards.

Complete guide on the advantages of gift vouchers and the best WooCommerce gift card plugin

This guide will take you through the below topics to have a better understanding of the WooCommerce gift cards,

Benefits of selling gift cards at your WooCommerce store

WooCommerce gift vouchers simply give you the ability to expand your catalog. When WooCommerce sells gift cards it can deliver some significant benefits as follows,

1. Brings in new customers and new orders

WooCommerce gift cards play a major role in improving your customer base. It easily helps in attracting new customers whenever a gift card is purchased and sent to a recipient. The more the gift cards sold, the more the possibilities of bringing in new customers.

Usually, these vouchers are purchased by your regular customers to gift their friends and the recipient can redeem them from your WooCommerce store. Here is an opportunity for turning them into loyal customers.

When WooCommerce has been configured with gift cards, the probability of improving sales is higher due to the convenience available. Therefore, by adding gift certificates to your website you can bring in more orders and customers, leading to customer loyalty and advocacy.

2. Improves customer retention

The WooCommerce gift cards drag in your customers to purchase your goods or services. These gift cards allow partial redemption which means - if a customer has $200 in his/her voucher and only $50 has been spent, now, leaving a balance of $150. This strategy will bring back your customer to redeem the remaining value in the gift card.

Most of the time customers may want to use the gift voucher completely and even re-load the gift card for future use. This will often lead your customers to spend more on your business through these gift cards.

3. Seasonal sale booster with scheduled delivery

The gift vouchers are more useful during seasonal sales and special occasions. The gift cards can be customized with a suitable template based on occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more. The gift cards can also be delivered at the customer’s convenience. They are either delivered instantly or on the scheduled custom date.

For example, have a look at the Amazon gift card where they provide an opportunity for the customers to schedule the delivery date at the time of purchase,

4 amazon card

Scheduling the WooCommerce gift card will improve customer relationships with an increase in revenue. This feature draws more customer attention leading to more conversions during seasonal sales.

This is probably the best and most reliable for the customers, allowing them to use their gift cards effectively and also to purchase vouchers for their friends with scheduled delivery.

4. Reduces the risk of physical theft

The WooCommerce gift cards will substitute the need for physical movement in procuring gifts. It enables your customers to purchase and deliver the gift cards from anywhere without any time restrictions. Similarly, the recipients have the added advantage of being able to choose the products they need from your WooCommerce store.

This completely reduces the risk of physical theft as the WooCommerce gift cards are delivered as e-Gift cards through email either instantly or on the scheduled date of delivery.

5. Enables customer engagement

The WooCommerce gift certificates ensure repeated visits by your customers and also help build loyalty and improve the customer base. The gift card programs build deeper customer engagement and also provide marketing opportunities to reach globally.

6. Purchased/Gifted at customer's convenience

The WooCommerce gift vouchers are easy to purchase and can also be gifted easily to the recipients. It makes it simpler for the customers to spend money on your online store. The lesser the effort will bring in more gain.

For example, look at the website of Jamba. They offer gift cards in three types as it helps customers to purchase as per their convenience,

5 jamba cards

The gift cards give your customers excellent shopping experience as it can be purchased and gifted from anywhere around the world without any time restriction. It functions completely at the convenience of both the purchaser and the recipient.

7. Increases customer loyalty

Building a long-term relationship with your customer is essential for your development. So, it is important to maintain a personal brand connection and increase your customer loyalty. When customers feel secured and have a strong bonding they continue to enjoy your services with excellent user-experience.

Like many other incentive programs, offering WooCommerce gift cards to your customer is another way to develop a strong customer relationship. If you want to offer gift cards for a certain amount spent, then customers are likely to approach you in order to reach the required amount.

These redeemable gift cards can also be used even at your difficult times. If a customer ever faces an undesirable experience at your store you can offer them the gift vouchers which would improve the situation and also helps in customer retention.

8. Used for promotional Campaigns

Incorporating the WooCommerce gift cards into your promotional campaigns would be a smart move. Gift vouchers for a fixed value can be offered to regular customers with a cumulative purchase record. The gift cards can also be offered at discounted prices for increasing customer base and sales.

9. Easy Stock Clearance

The gift certificate is a guaranteed form of stock clearance, post-sale period. The sale volume and the redemption of the gift card will be a reflection of the customer base allowing the store to implement suitable strategies.

10. Improved cash flow

Gift card sales generate advanced revenue ensuring better cash flow in comparison with other traditional marketing strategies. Return on investment under the gift card programs is higher with quicker sales.

Best plugin to set WooCommerce gift cards

To create gift cards for business there are various WooCommerce plugins or extensions in the market. One of the best WooCommerce gift card plugins “GiftPress PRO - WooCommerce Gift Cards” helps in configuring gift certificates to your store and brings in great results.

Let’s begin with the installation process of the plugin.

Download the GiftPress PRO version plugin and grab the license key.

Step1: Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to the plugins section.

Step2: Click the “Add New” button as illustrated below,

1 add new plugin

Step3: Search for the plugin “GiftPress - WooCommerce gift cards” as shown below,

2 install activate plugin

Step4: Click on the “Install Now” button to install and activate the plugin.

The WooCommerce gift card plugin can also be installed manually to your store by downloading GiftPress – WooCommerce Gift Card and Store Credit from the WordPress repository.

Thus the plugin has been successfully configured to your online store. Next, let us look into some of the salient features of the WooCommerce gift card plugin that could bring more conversions and sales.

Special features of the WooCommerce gift card plugin

Below are the features of the WooCommerce gift card plugin that helps to add gift certificates to your website and also increases the store’s efficiency,

  • The purchaser is allowed to choose the amount for the gift card within the range pre-set by the store.
  • The gift card email can be customized easily using the WordPress Email customizer.
  • The plugin enables your customers to schedule gift card delivery suited to their requirements for special occasions.
  • The expiry for the gift cards can either be set automatically or manually.
  • The gift card numbers can be imported using CSV.
  • The gift cards are managed easily from a friendly dashboard.
  • Your customers can manage their gift card balance.
  • Your customer can reload the balance of the existing gift cards.
  • Your customers can send gift cards through personalized emails.
  • Each time a WooCommerce gift card is purchased, it brings in a new customer and increases your revenue.
  • You can boost your sales by selling WooCommerce gift cards during seasonal sales.
  • The plugin brings in great revenue and traffic to your WooCommerce store.

Through this guide, we have discussed the advantages of gift vouchers and how do gift cards work using the WooCommerce gift card plugin. This is the right time to start. Today’s market has various gift card extensions which could bring benefits to your WooCommerce store.

Offer WooCommerce gift cards to your customers which would make them aesthetically pleasing. The WooCommerce voucher plugin “GiftPress - WooCommerce Gift Cards” helps you to grow your revenue and increase customer management on the go.

Wishing you Good Luck.

FAQS on WooCommerce Gift Cards

WooCommerce gift cards are redeemable digital gift cards that can be purchased and gifted to your friends. The Gift certificates can be delivered either instantly or on a scheduled date through personalized emails.

The simplest way to sell gift vouchers in a WooCommerce store by configuring the best suitable gift card plugin from WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce gift certificates can deliver some significant benefits as follows,

  • Brings in new customers and new orders.
  • Improves customer retention
  • Seasonal sale booster with scheduled delivery
  • Reduces the risk of physical theft
  • Enables customer engagement
  • Purchased/Gifted at customer's convenience
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Used for promotional Campaigns
  • Easy Stock ClearanceImproved cash flow

eGift cards can be promoted through a wide variety of networks very easily as it can be shared through emails or any digital medium. The WooCommerce gift cards will substitute the need for physical movement which makes it more convenient for the customers to purchase.