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5 Genius Urgency Marketing Hacks to grow your WooCommerce store

Urgency Marketing.

This is something that we all experience daily. May be you have not noticed it too close to realize it.

Well, here are some samples:

Hurry! Only 5 tickets left…
Book Now! and join the 143 Happy customers…
27 People added this product to cart today…
Exclusive Discount - Ends in a few hours…

Do you now remember experiencing this while shopping? This and a few other psychological marketing tactics are called Urgency Marketing.

Popular brands like Amazon,, Target, AT&T use the same Urgency marketing strategy to create a rush during the sale.

Looking for some urgency marketing hacks for your WooCommerce store? The read will justify the Title.

Urgency Marketing Hacks

Before getting to know the hacks to create Urgency and scarcity in your WooCommerce sale, What actually creates a sense of urgency?

A number of psychological triggers are working in tandem during the urgency marketing campaigns. Fear of Missing Out, Scarcity, Social Proof, Greed, Mental Accounting, and others.

Now, that you know what actually creates the rush, the read will brief you of How to perfectly use the proven psychological triggers to improve your sale campaigns.

Flash Sales

Flash sales are time-limited sale campaigns with exclusive product discounts. They can get you with high sales conversions as website visitors want to make the most of the available flash discount.

Flash sales can be made more interesting by fixing a WooCommerce countdown timer in the product and category pages of your WooCommerce store. Show the customers a countdown clock clearly indicating the end of the sale. Fear of missing out (FOMO) will motivate your website visitors to get converted into potential customers.

Well, many might say there is no special time to promote a flash sale but hear me, festival events are the best time to hit jackpot sales. Say, Valentine’s day, Easter weekend, Mother’s day, Halloween, Black Friday are times to create the best flash discount sale.

Sales Countdown Timer

Whatever be your online discount strategy be, your sale conversions can tremendously improve by just adding a product countdown in your category pages.

60% of online shopping fanatics make reactive purchases when they see a sale countdown timer. Fixing a woocommerce sale timer along the store discounts will increase FOMO. Your customers tend to make a quick buying decision thinking they might miss out on something valuable.

Say, you create a category based dynamic discount and fix a woocommerce sale countdown to it. I bet, the sale conversions will at least be 3X times that of any sale without a countdown timer.


The greatest desire to buy something happens when that so-called something is limited. Scarcity is a proven behavioral finance principle that drives shoppers to make an instant buying decision. Ask yourself,
How many times have you clicked on the ‘Buy Now’ button shopping at after noticing messages like ‘Limited Stocks (or) Only 4 stock Left!’

Say, you clicked and shopped at least once.
But, What made you click is more important in this context
Number 1- Fear of missing out
Number 2- Impatience to wait and buy if the product sells out.

That’s how it would have happened. You got influenced and hit the Buy button. Right?

Easter Egg- Here’s a coupon code “SAVE10” for the best WooCommerce countdown timer plugin that allows you to update scarcity automatically so that you need to have to edit every stock in the inventory.

Sticky Headers and Footers with Countdown Bar

Countdown bars are similar to sales countdown timers except the fact they can be stuck to the header and footer of your web pages. The biggest advantage of sticking countdown bars is that you can easily and quickly grab the attention of your customers. Also, this urgency strategy comes in handy when you are creating store-wide WooCommerce discounts. Because website visitors can actually know when the storewide discounts end and will be motivated to make quick buys.

Social Proof

What’s your pick?
Trust (or) Greed
Whatever be your choice, social proofing is the ace urgency marketing strategy to boost your conversions.

The Trust Way,
Usually, before making an online purchase I used to check the reviews of products. Why am I doing it? To know if the product is actually worth buying or not.
And, if I see something like “Buy Now! 176 People are Happy buying it”, I definitely will hit the CTA because 176 People is the social proof I needed.

The Greed Way, Customer look to purchase a product only when he needs to- High buying Intent. Such a customer intent is beautiful. Beautiful because you can easily convert the lead by influencing them by the Greed way. Example, “15 People are looking to book the suite now” (or) “180 Product copy sold in the last 24 hours” When a customer notices such social proof messages, it increases trust and also urges to buy the product. That’s all about using urgency marketing strategy to boost your online conversions. But, scrolling further will let you know how to make your marketing strategy more effective

What Color do you choose!

Ever thought that colors could influence your sale conversions? Well, colors actually do have an impact on customer buying behavior. So, choose the right background color for your product pages, CTA buttons and countdown bars, sales timers and have maximum online conversions.

Express authenticity

Customers buy from Brands that they trust. Creating false urgency campaigns lead to loss of in your online store.

Use Influencing Words

Influence your customer’s shopping behavior with specific usage of the language. In fact, How you write your discount is what actually converts your WordPress website visitor into a potential customer.

  • Now or Never
  • Hurry
  • Rush
  • Limited
  • Buy Today
  • High on Demand

Express urgency in your language to influence the buying decision of the customer. Above are a few words that might help you in making your customer sense urgency. Make them feel that they might miss something useful if delaying the buying decision.

Be exact with numbers

Hurry! Only a Few of the Stocks are left (or) Hurry! Only 5 of the Stocks are left Which among the above marketing campaigns express urgency to make a quick buying decision?
Definitely the second.
This is because numbers will quickly grab your customer attention than words.

Now, that you have reached the end of the post if you are certainly looking for the best WordPress countdown plugins for your eCommerce store. I suggest you check the listicle for Best WooCommerce product countdown timer plugins.