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Axis Subscriptions – Latest Update Allows You To Apply International Tax Rates!

As you know Axis Subscriptions has constantly been bringing you some cool new updates that make it more easy for you to sell and manage subscriptions.

Axis Subscriptions for both Joomla and Wordpress have some cool new updates you're sure to love.

Axis Subscriptions has released a new app for International Tax Rules

This app lets you add international taxes to all your membership plans depending on where the user/customer is from.

The app detects the region of the customer and accordingly applies the relevant tax to the membership plan. This app also makes it easy for you to apply EU VAT rules to membership plans for European customers. EU VAT rules are automatically added to pricing plan and the customer can easily checkout and purchase his membership.

This cool new feature is available for Both the Joomla and Wordpress version of Axis Subscriptions.

Download Axis Subscriptions for Joomla / Download Axis Subscriptions for Wordpress