What - How- Why’s of Email Customization in WooCommerce

Making a sale in your WooCommerce store is pure joy. So what’s the immediate task you do once you receive an order. You draft an order confirmation email to the customer.
And similarly, WooCommerce emails are sent every time there is an active engagement with your customer. You’ll be sending New order emails, Cancelled order emails, Customer invoices, and many more.

And now, there is something to be answered. How do you want your WooCommerce emails to look?
Plain looking general templated emails or customized emails.
How do you rate a brand when you receive a plain looking and generic email?
Definitely will not be impressed by the brand.
This is where you got to understand the importance of customizing your WooCommerce emails.

Why should you edit WooCommerce emails?

What is the first thing a customer receives on signing up with your online store?
A Welcome email.
And how do you share order details and invoices with your customers?
Transactional emails. Right?
So, your WooCommerce emails are the frequent channel of communication with your customers.
Shouldn’t those emails look impressive?

Well, here are the reasons why your WooCommerce emails should be customized,

  • The default WooCommerce emails aren’t that engaging.
  • Your emails such as Welcome emails, order and transactional emails are one-to-one conversation your customers. So, don’t send them with default email template. Personalised emails improve customer engagement.
  • Your store emails express the credibility of your online brand.
  • WooCommerce emails are the face value of your online store.
  • Your online store can perform better if the emails are customized.

Customizing Emails with default WooCommerce

Can’t emails be edited using the default options in WooCommerce?
Of course. You can definitely edit emails in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce> Settings > Emails

Have you tried editing your emails with the default options? If not pay attention to the following
Default WooCommerce only allows you to edit header image, font color, background color and footer text. And if you wish to customize more features like logo images, order tables you need to work it through the codes.

That’s definitely not cool.
And I agree that working with codes is highly tiring.

Now, the most obvious solution is to look for an email editor plugin.

What is Email Customizer for WooCommerce

What if you get a simple drag and drop email builder?
That is what you get with Email Customizer for WooCommerce. The plugin allows you to create all types of email templates including your order and transactional emails in just few clicks.


Following are the features of the email customizer plugin

  • Simple and powerful drag and drop email builder.
  • Add logo, images, header, footer and custom body text
  • Look how your WooCommerce emails are viewed by the customer. Live preview of your email.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Compatible with WordPress websites.
  • Short codes will dynamically replace the corresponding data before your emails are sent to the customer.

How to create & edit your WooCommerce emails?

Before you start, kindly download and install WooCommerce Email Customizer. The guide assumes that you already have the plugin installed and activated.

Email customizer plugin offers you with 15+ elements to customize your emails. The following screens shows you the detailed view of the various features to customize the emails.

  • Logo images/ banner images
  • Product and Order table
  • Customer information
  • Shipping and Billing addresses
  • Featured Header and Footer
  • Attractive social icons to connect with your store
  • Call to action buttons
  • Easy to use Shortcodes

screenshot demo.flycart.org 2019.03.06 13 59 14

Quick guide to create WooCommerce emails

  • Select Email customizer for WooCommerce in your WooCommerce dashboard
  • Choose the email type to be created. Whether it is a new order email, welcome email or so.
  • Drag and drop the features to be included in the email.

The below screen is the live preview of creating a New order WooCommerce email using the email customizer plugin.

screenshot demo.flycart.org 2019.03.06 14 12 40

Now that you know why and How to create and customize your WooCommerce emails, hear the advantages of customizing your order and transactional emails.

  • Improves Upsell opportunities by adding product suggestion images in transactional emails.
  • Boost social metric by making your customer connect with your store’s FaceBook, Twitter pages
  • Repeated customer engagement by adding Next-order coupons along your emails. Here is a FREE plugin- RetainFul compatible with the email plugin to boost customer retention.
  • Advertise your latest and best selling products in your email banners
  • Gain customer interaction using the Call to action buttons.

Well, that’s how you’ve to grow your WooCommerce revenue. You got nothing to do much.
Just go smart in using the right email customizer plugin and customize your order and transactional emails.