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How to fix cart abandonment with payment based WooCommerce discounts

Payment based discounts in WooCommerce

No sale is complete until the payments are done. And with cart abandonment rate increasing in recent times, every WooCommerce store owner is looking for ideas to make successful sale conversions.

So to convert every possible sale into a successful conversion, you can create discounts based on the payment method selected by your customers.

WooCommerce supports popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Stripe checkout, Direct Bank transfer, and even Cash on delivery. Payment based discounts allow you to offer either percentage or flat price discounts based on the payment method selected by the customers during the checkout process.

Interested in knowing how to create payment based discounts?
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Simple Guide to create Payment based discounts in WooCommerce

Before you start, kindly download and install the Payment Methods based Discounts and Fees. The guide assumes that you already have the plugin installed and activated.

The best feature about this WooCommerce plugin is that it’s totally a FREE plugin.

Step 1 - Adding a New Payment based discount campaign

  • Select Payment methods based discounts and fees plugin in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Choose Discount Settings tab
  • Click on Add Row to start creating your payment discount

payment method based discounts

Step 2 - Adding the payment discount conditions

  • Select the type of payment method for which the discount has to be offered from the Choose the Payment Gateway drop down.
  • Choose the Discount Type as either Percentage or Flat price discount.
  • Set the Discount amount.
  • Enter the discount campaign name which needs to be shown to customers in the checkout page. Discount Label is the coupon name that is applied automatically when a customer selects the set payment method.
  • The following fields allow you to set the Minimum and Maximum Spent for the coupon to get applied automatically.
  • Enter a Discount Message to be shown next to the payment gateway in the checkout section.
  • Click on Save to make the discount campaign active.
  • To continue creating more payment based discounts click on Add Row.

payment methods based discounts fees

Customer Checkout page

  • The customer is in the checkout page ordering a book worth $450.
  • Also, the customer notices the Payment Discount message ( 10% OFF ) near the payment section.
  • So when he selects PayPal, the coupon with name Paypal discount gets automatically applied to the cart total.

payment gateway based discounts checkout page

Advantages of Payment based discounts- Reduces cart abandonment

We’ve to agree on the fact that cart abandonment seriously affects the sales conversion numbers.
So, What makes a customer abandon shopping cart most time?
Maybe the customer finds some extra charges like Shipping Charges, Tax amounts, and payment fees.

Well, that’s actually true.
55% of online shoppers abandon cart when they notice extra costs like shipping fee and taxes.

What can be done to make the customers complete their checkout process?
The customers should be given something extra during checkout. By extra, I meant discounts and coupons in the checkout page.
And such a discount idea is Discount based on Payment method.

Payment is the last step in the checkout process. So when a discount is offered with the payment method, customers will definitely complete their checkout successfully.

Now, What’s the biggest take for WooCommerce store owners here?
Cart Abandonment rate is considerably reduced.

Trust me. Creating payment based discounts costs you ZERO as this Payment discount plugin is FREE.
Make the best use of this WP plugin rather than spending on some ordinary plugin which offers the same discounting option.

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