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How to schedule a recurring sale with countdown timer in WooCommerce

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Comprehensive Guide to add a Recurring Sale discount with Sticky Countdown bars and Sales timers

Before you start, download and install the countdown plugin- Sales Countdown timer for WooCommerce. The guide assumes that you already have the plugin installed and activated the countdown timer plugin.

  • Select Sales Countdown timer for WooCommerce plugin under FC Flycart plugins in your WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Click on Add new campaign


Sale Campaign Example created in this post-
The Flash discount sale campaign starts on 28-10-2019 and will be live ONLY on MONDAY. The customers will get a 5% discount on every store product only on the next 5 successive/ recurring Monday alone. The discounts and countdown timers will be inactive during the remaining days in the week.

Step 1- Scheduling the recurring sales timer campaign

  • Enter the title of your Urgency selling campaign in the ‘Enter Title here’ textbox.
  • Choose Recurring as the Type of the campaign.
  • Set the start date and time for the sale campaign.
  • Set the duration of the campaign to 1 day ( as sale is only on Monday )
  • Set the pause period of the campaign to 6 days.
  • Pause period pauses the campaign for the set duration and restarts the sale automatically after the pause time elapses.


  • Set the end of the sale campaign to ‘After Set Recurrences’. This option allows you to automatically end the flash discount sale after the set recurrence value.
  • Number of recurrences is set to 5. This is to stop the campaign after 5 recurring Monday.
  • The next option sets the rule for the sale timer campaign. Since this time-limited discount follows all discount condition, ‘Always’ is set as the sale campaign rule.


Step 2- Setting the discount condition

  • First, enable discounts to allow discounted prices on all WooCommerce products.
  • Next, fix the discount mode to basic, discount type as percentage and value as 5.


Step 3- Display settings of the woocommerce countdown timer

The following are the urgency marketing features that are to be displayed for the sale campaign,

  • Countdown timer in product pages
  • Sticky Header with sale countdown timer
  • Sticky Footer with sale countdown timer

Countdown Timer

  • Enable the visibility of the timer by switching it to the Show tab.
  • You can choose the position of the sale timer like above/below the product title, below the product review/ add to cart button/ price. For this campaign example, the countdown timer is fixed below the product price.
  • Then select the skin ( timer style ), label color, the background color of the countdown timer.
  • Use {{countdown_timer}}
    “Display Text for Timer”


Well, follow the above procedure for the sticky header and sticky footer timers as well. The following two screens will make it clear on how to display the sticky headers and footers on all web pages in your WooCommmerce store.

Screen 1 -


Screen 2 -


Well, it certainly looks great.
This WooCommerce page has got the best urgency marketing elements to create a rush in the sale.


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