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New Look! New Name! - Now as Discount Rules for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Discount Rules is now Discount Rules for WooCommerce.

Sometimes, Change is the only thing to keep you moving!

WooCommerce Discount Rules is now re-defining itself. We are excited and thrilled in growing the business to new ventures from this Winter. Looking into future perspective, we like to start by re-defining the product name as Discount Rules for WooCommerce.

Well, it’s just the product name that has been changed and certainly not the discount plugin or its features :-)

Every discount rule and feature which your online WooCommerce store was using are still the same and will be the same until future upgrades.

The Journey so far,

We take this moment to thank all our WooCommerce customers who have made business with us on the journey so far.

  • Discount rules for WooCommerce got started to create simple discount rules like BOGO offers, percentage discounts, product price discounts for WooCommerce stores.
  • The ideology got expanded and the plugin was upgraded to set up dynamic pricing in your online store.
  • Now, discount rules for WooCommerce is one of the highly recommended plugins by many store owners if you want to have a dynamic discount plugin.
  • You can set up dynamic pricing in your online store. Create complex dynamic discounts like cart discount rules, bulk discounts, user role discount and much more.

With over 9000+ active and happy customers, We are pleased that our discount rules plugin has created smiles across many WooCommerce store owners.

In the Future Journey to go,

We have always valued our customer satisfaction as the biggest asset in our success. In fact, we take pride in having the best support team in the WooCommerce niche.

To all the dear customers, let’s travel together in the journey to make better eCommerce solutions.

Your questions answered

Well, we like to answer some of the common doubts that might come if I’m a customer myself.

  • Will I need to pay more for the plugin? Has the pricing changed?
    Absolutely Not. You don’t need to pay anything. The pricing is still the same with the discount rules PRO for WooCommerce.
  • Will I need to re-install the existing discount rules plugin?
    No. You’ll be good with the existing plugin. No re-installation is needed.
  • Are there any changes in the URL and site navigation?
    No. The site URL and navigation of the plugin is still the same.