Recap: Essential Plugins Your Wordpress Website Should Have By Now!

We've been continuously giving you lists of some of the best Wordpress plugins that will help you manage your website better. So we thought we'd just checkup to see if you've got them. We've picked out the best essential wordpress plugins from our earlier lists that you should absolutely download for your wordpress site.

1) For Security: Bullet Proof Security

So we did give you an introduction to Bullet Proof Security. This plugin helps run a check on logins, files and databases and also detects the entry of bad bots. Before it runs a scan on your files you can create a backup of all your files easily. Bullet Proof also doesn't let your servers suffer from an overload.

Want to know some other security plugins?

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2) For Search Engine Ranking: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the easiest plugins you can use to help you with your Wordpress website SEO. Yoast helps you achieve a high search engine ranking score. It checks where your site or your content can be improved to get a higher ranking. It supports open graphs and xml sitemaps.

Some other marketing plugins you will find useful......

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3) To customize your woocommerce emails: Woocommerce Email Customizer

Your ecommerce store should also send out professional business emails. The Woo Email Customizer helps with this. You can customize the design of your email, incorporate your logo, and company header, and also add your own custom CSS files. You can also preview your design before the email is sent out.

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4) To create discounts/offers in your store: Woocommerce Discount Rules

If you're running an ecommerce store, discounts and offers are important for your marketing strategy. Woocommerce discount rules makes it easy to setup discounts on your woocommerce store. You can create quantity based or cart based discounts, and assign different discounts to different customer groups.

Other discount plugins for Wordpress

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5) For Creating Forms on your site: Contact Form 7

Contact Form is currently one of the most used form building plugins for WordPress. A lot of Wordpress themes also come integrated with it so you can easily create some pretty great sign up forms for your website. It allows you to include a captcha in your foms and also filters spam.

Other Form Building Plugins that are great too!

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6) To Display Prices On your Website: Easy Pricing Table

Easy Pricing Table is a great plugin to help you create a pricing table that looks good on your website. It has an easy drag 'n' drop builder that makes it easy to create pricing table. It gives you lots of layout options you can choose from and also support custom CSS files so you can create your own design.

More cool pricing table plugins for WordPress....

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These WordPress plugins are extremely necessary for your website. They'll make it easier and safer for you to manage your site.