Axis - Joomla Membership & Subscription Extension

Sell memberships and subscriptions in your Joomla website. Create unlimited membership plans, restrict content and do more.



Create as many plans as you want

Create unlimited subscription plans (free, gold, silver, platinum, etc.). Plans are completely flexible. Even you can create a free forever plan.

Plan Types
  • Free Plan
  • One-time plan
  • Life-time plan
  • Recurring
  • Recurring with Trial Period
  • Non-recurring with trial period
Recurring plans

You can create recurring plans, for which customers will be billed at periodic intervals. For instance, $10 every month. The customer will automatically be billed $10 every month.

Non-recurring plans

You can also create non-recurring plans. Say for example, $50 one-time for accessing premium content for just one month. In this case, customer will be charged just $50 once and he can access your premium content for a month.

Plans with trial period

Add a trial period to the plans. For example, 14 - day free trial. This is a great way to get the customer to sign up. The customer will be automatically charged after 14 days. You don't have to move a muscle. Let Axis subscriptions handle it for you.

  • Customer can purchase multiple membership plans
  • Assign Members to specific user groups upon purchase
  • Charge members after the trail period

Dashboard Reporting and Analytics

  • Get sales statistics in your dashboard
  • Google charts to help you analyse the sales volume
  • Intutive dashboard, quick links to access subscriptions, customers and more
admin dashboard

Membership Management

Front-end (for Members)

  • View subscription / membership history
  • Renew subscription / membership easily
  • View / Edit / Update member data like address

Backend (for Administrators)

  • Create subscription / membership from the backend
  • Manage memberships / subscriptions easily
  • Activate / de-active memberships
  • Manage customers under a single screen
  • View all subscriptions from a member
  • Manage invoices
user profile

Pricing and Tax

  • Plan prices can be based on Days, Weeks, Months, Years. Example : $19 per month for Silver membership
  • A fixed set up cost can be added to the plan price. Example: $50 for installation
  • Tax rates based on country / state / postal / zip code
  • Multiple tax rates
  • Flexible price display options ( Display price with tax / without tax )


basic pricing and tax configuration

Member Access Restriction

  • Natively integrates with Joomla User management / User groups

  • Assign members to a specific user group or more groups upon successful payment. Example: Upon purchasing Silver plan, customer is assigned to Silver members group
  • Remove members from user groups upon expiry of subscription automatically. Example: When membership expires for a customer, he will be removed from one or more user groups. So he wont be able to access to your member-only areas
  • You can select which user groups to assign on successful purchase and which groups to remove upon expiry. Example: Assign customer to Silver member group, Registered on successful purchase. Remove him from Silver member group upon expiry.

Access Restriction

Say, you have a few articles in your website which are accessible only to members of the Silver plan. All you have to do is create a Silver member user group and set the articles accessible only to its members. That's all.

Now only when customers purchase the Silver plan, they will be able to access your content. Upon expiry of the membership, they will lose the access. You can configure it in any way you like.




Payment Integration

  • PayPal. Accept recurring payments & one-time payments
  • PayPal Recurring Profiles
  • Authorize.Net AIM Integration
  • Test your plans with the built-in test payment gateway
  • Cancel recurring payments easily
payment gateways

Powerful App / Plugin API

Axis subscriptions comes with a powerful Plugin API structure. So it can be extended to do more without editing the core files.

The Plugin API makes it easier to develop plugins to connect to your external software or servers. For example, you will be able to connect to your accounting software's API with a plugin.

powerful app structure

Email Notifications

  • Send cuztomized emails to your members
  • Emails can be sent on all the events and actions in the membership workflow. For example,
    • On successful purchase
    • On update of membership data
    • On renewal
    • On expiry
    • On prior to expiry
    • On start of Trial period
    • On end of Trial period
    • and more
  • Design your emails the way you wanted
  • Emails are completely customizable
  • Use shortcodes to show dynamic data like customer information, subscription information
  • Separate emails for customers and website administrators
  • Emails are multi-lingual
  • You can create one email template per language
  • Translations can be entered in a single screen
  • So enjoy sending emails in the language of your customer
email notification

Authourize.NET Payments (PRO version)

Allow members to pay for their membership using their credit card

Customer wont have to leave the site. They can pay within your website itself

The plugin securely communicates with Authorize.Net payments

Supports recurring payments

Supports one-time, single payments as well



Invoice App (PRO version)

Design your invoices the way you wanted. The invoice templates make it easy for you to customize your invoice

Add a logo, add some custom information and send beautifully formatted invoices.

Use short codes to display dynamic data like customer, membership information

WYSIWYG editor for designing the invoice template




Migrate from Akeeba Subscriptions

Stuck with the Akeeba Subscriptions. You can now migrate to Axis Subscriptions with a single click.

We have included an automated migration tool to migrate your subscriptions, customers from Akeeba to Axis.



Installation and setup guide

Quickstart Video Tutorial

Get Axis Subscriptions

Subscription and Membership management system for Joomla




100% Money-back

Buy with Confidence

If you are unhappy with our service, we will refund full amount, no questions asked.

Compare features

One-Time Price

Create Free and Paid Plans

Offer $0 subscriptions to your customers. setup fee can be collected.

Recurring and Non-Recurring Plans

Collect Automatic payment on a recurring basis. Non-recurring plans is a one time purchase sbuscription but they also have renewals

Trial period on Subscriptions

Offering Trial increases your sign up rate. Offer a paid and free trial period on your subscriptions.

Admin Dashboard

Dashboard with basic analytics to track daily activity in the sales along with subscription statistics.

User Profile

View / Edit / Update profile data

Basic Pricing and Tax configuration

Configure Tax based on your country, zone and postal code in a table rate. Flexible price display options ( Display price with tax / without tax )


Integration with native Joomla user group on activation of subscription and expiry.

Paypal payment

Get payments through Paypal standard payment, a simple and universal payment option.

Paypal Recurring Profiles

Paypal recurring profiles enable customers with an intial agreement during purchase and a fixed period repeated automatic payments. Also safe and trusted by your customers for recurring payments.

Email Templates Designer ( Free App )

Design your own email template for any action such as customer sign up, subscription activated, subscription expired etc.

Coupons Discount (App)

Offer discounts through simple Coupons. Useful while marketing / promotion.

Authorize.NET Payments

Collect payments via card through this Authourize.NET payments app. Supports Authourize.NET recurring payments too.

Invoice App

Design your own invoice layout using a WYSIWYG editor for supscription.

Akeeba Subscription migration

Simple Migration Script to migrate Plans, Subscriptions, Customers and Coupons from Akeeba Subscription.

All Apps added in future

Gain access to all the apps to be added in future.

Access to priority support

Struggling with something in your subscription selling ? Open a private ticket and our super support team just takes care within hours your problem is solved.

6 months

1 year


100% Money-back

Buy with Confidence

If you are unhappy with our service, we will refund full amount, no questions asked.

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