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Axis Meta

Struggling to manage all that metadata scattered all over your website? Don’t worry anymore. Axis Meta organizes your Joomla metadata in a single page so you can modify and manage it easily.

for 6 Months

Axis Meta for Joomla

Axis Meta is the new way to manage your metadata on your Joomla! website. Now you have the power to access and modify all your meta tags on a single page. Take control of your Joomla! articles and K2 items with AxisMeta.

Axis Meta features
  • Better SEO and Metadata management
  • Open graph support
  • Bulk edit meta titles
  • Bulk edit meta descriptions
  • Support for Articles and Categories
  • Menu Item support
  • Search filters
  • Canonical urls
  • Priority support
  • Meta tags for K2 Items
  • Twitter cards for Joomla article and K2
  • Easy Front Edit

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