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Charge upfront

Unlock the revenue by charging the customers for a larger billing cycle (Example: Bill them yearly), while your delivery cycle can be different (monthly).

Custom Cycles

Let the customer choose the delivery cycles while purchasing the subscription. Useful for allowing multiple, flexible delivery schedules for your customers

Synchronise Delivery Dates

Let the plugin automatically syncronise delivery cycles to a selected date / day. Example: 5th of every month. Manage deliveries easily

Delivery / Order Record

Auto generate a delivery note/order record for each shipping cycle. That way, you know when to initiate the delivery, what to supply and whom.

Custom Delivery Schedules for WooCommerce Subscriptions

$99 $69 / year


Separate your billing and delivery cycles

Most subscription box businesses bill their customers annually, while delivering the product on a monthly basis. Some businesses deliver products every week, but bill monthly.

WooCommerce Subscriptions does not allow you to run your billing cycle and delivery cycle separately.

But using the Custom Delivery Schedules plugin, you can separate the shipping cycle from your actual subscription billing cycle.

Feature Highlights:

  • Charge your customer upfront for a year, deliver monthly
  • Shipping cycles can be monthly, weekly or daily

Multiple Delivery Cycles

Want to offer flexible delivery schedules and let the customer to choose? The plugin let's you define multiple delivery schedules. Customers can choose when he purchases the subscription

Example: You can have delivery schedules like

  • Every month
  • Once in two months
  • Quarterly

Customer can choose a delivery cycle and purchase the subscription.

Synchronise Delivery Schedules

Customers may purchase the subscription any day of the month. However, you may want to synchronize the deliveries to a particular day of the month (say, 5th of every month).

This is primarily for ensuring a better logistics / supply chain management.

Subscription box businesses wont be able to deliver all days in a month. So you can synchronize it to a day.

The example uses a month. But it can be adopted for any delivery cycles. For instance,

  • Every Monday of the week (if you have a weekly delivery)
  • Every quarter -  5th day of the quarter

Manage the Delivery Schedules in Single Screen

View and manage the delivery schedules in a single screen. View the upcoming delivery schedules, change and even cancel the schedules.

Auto Generate A Delivery Note/order record

The plugin can generate a delivery note / order record for every delivery cycle. This helps you manage your deliveries more effectively.

The delivery note/order is just a record for your store management. It will have the order information

Email the customer and store admins at each delivery schedule

The plugin can notify both the customer and the store administrators for each delivery cycle.

Example: Let’s say, you deliver the product on 5th of every month. The customer will get the email notification on the 5th.

You can turn on/off these notifications from the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emails section. You can even customize the email template.

Charge upfront, deliver monthly / weekly
Separate your billing & shipping cycles now

Why you need the Custom Delivery Schedule plugin?

WooCommerce Subscriptions does not allow you to run your billing and delivery cycles separately.

As a result, most of subscription box businesses bill the customer every month (based on their delivery cycle). As a result, you face a number of problems. Primary of them includes:

  • Customer often drop out the subscription because he is billing monthly. So the churn rate is higher and you lose revenue
  • You could not plan your inventory because you may not know how many subscribers are going to cancel their orders
  • Difficulty in managing the deliveries. Because customers can subscribe on any day. (Renewal synchronisation may be a solution. But then you end up NOT billing the customer right away. )

Separate your billing &
shipping cycles now


1. Product ships monthly, but you want to bill annually.

It is a classic use case of most Subscription Box businesses.

Product is delivered every month on a certain date (say 5th of every month). But you will be billing the customer annually (every year).

Example: In magazine subscriptions, the customer is charged upfront for a year. But the magazine is delivered every month.

In this case, you will have to

  • Create a Subscription product that bills every year
  • Set your shipping cycle to every month

2. Product deliverd every week, but billed monthly

It is the same use case as above. The only difference is that you supply the product every week, but bill the customer on a monthly basis.

Example: Vegetable Boxes. The vegetables are delivered every week, while the customer needs to be billed every month.

3. Product delivered on customer’s preferred schedule, but billed every year

Let’s say you are supplying cosmetics to your customers. Some may want it to be delivered every week. Some may need it once in two weeks. A few others would want it every month, while a couple of them would need in twice a month.

The best way is to let the customer choose their delivery schedule. Easy. Customer can pick the delivery schedule and purchase.


I want to Charge upfront. Separate the shipping cycle.

Pick a plan that works for you

Ready to Boost your Revenue?

Get Custom Delivery Schedules for WooCommerce Subscriptions!

Custom Delivery Schedules for WooCommerce Subscriptions

/ year
per Year

  • Charge upfront for a year, deliver your subscription products on a monthly / weekly or custom cycles. Perfect for Subscription Box businesses, which often bill the customer annually, but deliver the products on a monthly basis. Generate a delivery/order record for each cycle

    A license entitles you for 1 year of support and updates

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