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GiftPress Sell Gift Cards in Your WooCommerce Store.

Gift Cards for WooCommerce

Start selling gift cards and vouchers in your WooCommerce store in minutes with GiftPress. Let your customers buy gift certificates for their friends and loved ones.

Create, sell and manage gift cards easily with this WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin. Grow your revenue and increase customer engagement on the go.


Features to Grow Your Revenue

More than 60% of recipients choose to give gift cards over any other gift options. Give your customers the opportunity to gift their friends and boost sales eventually.

Customize Emails Easily

Use WordPress Customizer to edit and customize the Gift card email

Import Gift cards / voucher codes

You can import existing gift card numbers and balances using CSV


Automatic expiry date setting for gift cards. You can also manually specify the gift card expiry from the backend.

Personalized Gift Cards

Enable customers to send gift cards directly to the recipient’s email with a personalized message.

Schedule gift card sending

Let the customer to schedule a gift card be delivered at a particular date. Useful for birthdays, anniversaries, special events.

Mass generate gift cards

Manually create one or more gift cards from the backend. Just enter the number of gift cards to generate and let Giftpress take care the rest.

Re-use coupon field

Let the customer to enter their gift voucher code in the default WooCommerce coupon field itself. No additional fields necessary.

Custom Amounts

Allow customers to specify the amount and purchase gift cards. You can set a minimum and maximum limit for this.

Balance Management

Let customers to manage their gift card balance. Create the balance page with a short code.

Email CC and BCC

Get a copy of the gift card emails delivered to you automatically in CC or BCC.

Pre-selected amounts

You can pre-define the gift voucher amount. And let customers easily select and buy.

Re-load / top up gift card

Allow customers top-up the balance of existing gift cards easily.

Intuitive gift card management

Easily manage the gift cards from a friendly dashboard.

Why You Should Sell Gift Cards in Your WooCommerce Store?

Send and sell customer WooCommerce gift cards. Allow customers to buy and send gift vouchers.

Discounts based on Product Category
Round the Year Shopping

Order delivery days cutoff around 40 days of online shopping a year. Since e-gift cards are delivered instantly, you can give those missed shopping days back to your customers and generate revenue along the way.

Discounts based on Product Category
People Like Receiving Gift Cards

A survey showed that “six out of ten people would love to receive gift cards as a gift during holidays. Also, gift cards have topped the list of the most requested gift items ninth time in a row”, stating that gift cards are evergreen.

Discounts based on Product Category
People Love to Buy Gift Cards.

In the year 2017, people bought gift cards worth $27.6 billion for the holiday season. In the year 2021, the sales figures are projected to skyrocket to $500 billion. Which means that people love to buy gift cards and it’s only increasing every year.

Discounts based on Product Category
People Buy a LOT of Gift Cards.

People have been buying gift cards for a very long time. Stats say that during the holiday season an average person would spend $44. And by 2024, global gift card sales is projected to reach $700 billion. It’s more like people will buy gift cards every day by then.

Sell Gift Cards Effortlessly

Create Woo Gift Cards. Tweak them Endlessly.

Create and sell beautiful gift cards in your store. Diverse add-on options to make your WooCommerce gift card sophisticated and just the way you want.

  • Pre-built Gift Card Templates
  • WooCommerce Gift Card Customizer
  • Fixed/Flexible Gift Card Values
  • Custom Gift Card Delivery Schedule

Unlimited Features. Seamless Growth

Don’t just create any gift cards. WooCommerce Gift Cards PRO comes with power-packed features. Create dynamic gift cards on the go with ease.

  • Custom Gift Card Expiry Date
  • Supports Multiple Currency
  • Add Bonus Gift Cards

Clean Dashboard. Deeper Insights

Know what’s happening with gift cards on your store in one place. View crystal data with a dashboard that’s easy to use and manage.

  • Total Gift Cards Created
  • Available & Redeemed Balance
  • Graphical Representation of Activities
  • Custom Timeline Insights


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version available?

No. There’s no free version available. Check out our pricing plans for WP Gift Cards.

I need more clarification. Can you help?

Our team is always on board to listen to your queries. Drop in your questions via Support Page and we’ll get back to you at the earliest. 

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