Target your visitors based on their visit to product pages, categories, cart contents, totals and a number of other fine-grained conditions.

Create unlimited scheduled campaigns, time-bound coupons and discounts, pre-launch offers, early bird discounts. All with one single plugin.

It just takes a five-minutes to create your first campaign and set it live. Double your conversions by adding urgency triggers.

Never let another customer leave without buying!

Join 3000+  marketers who used our plugins to increase conversions by 200%.

Create 8 types of High-Converting Sales Campaigns in minutes

A number of psychological triggers are working in tandem in these campaigns. Fear of Missing Out, Scarcity, Social Proof, Greed, Mental Accounting and others.

Biggies like Amazon, use these tactics to boost conversions

  • Flash Sales for Limited Period

    A limited time offer creates a psychological urge among the visitors to buy the products instantly. The fear of missing out the offer works as a motivating factor and leads the customer to convert faster.

    Create a flash sale campaign that ends after a period. And showcase a countdown timer clearly indicating when the offer is going to end.

  • Use counters for increase the fear of missing out

    Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a psychological trigger humans can’t help responding to. According to studies, FOMO is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.”

    60% of millennials make reactive purchases because of FOMO. In other words, they’ll buy something just because they feel they might miss out.

    When a Countdown timer is shown, the fear of missing out increases, especially when they see a less duration of the offer. So your visitors tend to make an action.

  • Introduce a Scarcity

    Scarcity is one of the top most behavioral finance principle that drives people to take immediate action. If you have shopped at, you would have noticed this “Only 2 items left in stock”. This scarcity principle drives more people to click the Buy button.

    The best part is that the plugin lets you create an artificial scarcity. You do not have to edit every product and change the stock. You can simply configure it in the campaign settings.

    The scarcity also bring in the fear of missing out. Because once the stock goes out, they will either not get that item or had to wait longer. And people hate waiting. So they open up their wallets to spend.

  • Grab the immediate attention of the customers by showcasing a sticky header. Add an urgency trigger by displaying a countdown timer in the sticky header. The moment the customer sees the Top Bar, he would know that there is a Sale and it is going to end soon. That will trigger an action.

    You can also give a push by showcasing a coupon code. Just like how Amazon does at its homepage and landing pages for fast selling products.

  • Schedule a recurring sale

    Run a campaign only during the weekends or run it every Friday (or any day when you usually have a higher traffic)

    You just have to create the campaign once and schedule it. Then it will run on autopilot mode and the campaign will be automatically be triggered on the schedule. No manual intervention. No coding required.

    Sounds great? Get your copy of the WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer plugin now

  • Reduce cart abandonments with Smart Coupons

    More than 68% of the visitors abandon their cart. It's a fact. We ourselves would have done it when shopping online.

    Reducing the cart abandonment is very important to increase the revenue. That is why we have Smart Coupons feature. You create a standard coupon in WooCommerce. We will turn it smarter by

    • Automatically applying the coupon (thus eliminating a trouble for the customer)
    • And apply the coupon with a fast expiring counter. The customer will see a running countdown timer that will remove the coupon after a certain minutes.

    This induces an urgency for the customer to claim the offer by completing the checkout faster. Smart isn't it?

    So turn your coupons into money making machines with WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer and Urgency Marketing Plugin.

  • Social Proof

    Get the features of to your website. If you have visited, you would have seen social proof messages like “10 persons are viewing this property right now”, “Booked 120 times in the last 24 hours”

    These messages have a huge psychological impact on the customers viewing the product. Because, it not only adds a social proof element, it also increases the trust. The message conveys - “So many people are looking / purchasing, so it is safe for me to buy it as well”

    The plugin helps you add the social proof just like the

  • Discounts that convert

    Apart from being an urgency marketing tool, the plugin also lets you create smart discount offers. You can create a simple discount to an advanced bulk discount.

Urgency Marketing Creates
Instant Sales

Simple, yet powerful!

Creating a Sales Campaign with the WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer is quite simple.You can create either a one-time campaign or a recurring sales campaign.

Example: Put up an offer that runs every weekend, on autopilot.

  • Choose if you wanted a one-time or a recurring campaign
  • Choose the schedule
  • Enable a discount if you want to offer one
  • Use the urgency marketing or inventory to drive scarcity
  • Publish it

You can fine-tune the display for countdown timer, or the flash sale banners in the display settings

Increase conversions with Powerful Targeting Rules

Use our advanced rules for targeting where you wanted the offer to be displayed. That way, you can increase your conversions and optimize the display depending on your audience.

  • You can target the customers who are visiting a particular product, category, stock and more
  • Target offers based on the pages visited by the customers
  • Target offers based on geography - country
  • Target offers based on user role
  • Offers can also be targeted using the day, date and time

The result? Your visitors turn into customers more quickly! And it happens with every visitor, automatically

FOMO Marketing Reduces Cart Abandonment

Is “Sales Countdown Timer and Urgency Marketing” for me?

  • Do you want to prevent customers leaving without buying?
  • Would you like to increase conversions?
  • Do you want to reduce cart abandonment?
  • How will your business change if you made even 10% more on an average order?
  • What if you could sell out your inventory quickly and customers actually felt better about buying more?
  • Don’t you want to use proven tactics that every big ecommerce businesses like Amazon is using?

If your answer was YES to even one of the above questions then WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer and Urgency Marketing” is a must try!

I want to Boost Conversions

Pick a plan that works for you


Good for beginners who are starting out

$99$69 / year
Save $30!
  • Unlimited Sales Campaigns
  • Urgency Marketing
  • One time / recurring campaigns
  • Countdown Timer
  • Discounts
  • Flash Sales / Scarcity / Inventory
  • Sticky Header / Footer
  • Single Site License
  • One year support


Essential for Marketers who are looking to grow their business

$199$139 / year
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Everything in PRO
  • Priority Support
  • Free installation for 5 sites
  • Free campaign setup for 5 sites
  • 25 site license

Common Queries ( Solved )

Let’s be realistic. We all wanted to get the best out of everything. So we would like to answer the most common questions you might have about our plugins

Unsure if this will work for you?

I fully understand if you can’t decide whether this plugin will fulfill your needs. My recommendation:

  1. review all information on this page,
  2. try our live demo – it will give you a good sense of how things will work,
  3. quickly go through our docs – we’ve answered many common questions there,
  4. feel free to send us your questions using the chat prompt at bottom right of this page. You will most likely get an instant response. If we are not in your timezone, then we will answer you ASAP.

Feel it’s very expensive? Have a cheaper alternative? Cheap = better??

Price becomes a big factor in any purchase decision. And it may block you as well. But here’s something I want you to think about…

What value will this plugin generate for you? How much money can it make you in next 3-4 months? How much can it save in a year? Can it improve conversions and customer satisfaction?

So make your choice based on potential value not price.

Even if you have a strong budget restriction, a $25 solution is most likely not going to be better than a $129 solution. No two solutions are equal. So dig deeper before making your choice. When in doubt, I would go with a trustworthy, proven vendor, even if their solution was more expensive.

Here is our own example:

When we wanted to implement a Live Chat and Customer Engagement tool, we chose Intercom - the best in quality and also expensive in the market. There are cheaper alternatives available too… But we wanted to use a quality tool because we want to serve our customers better. So for us, the value we get out of Intercom is quite higher when comparing to its cost.

How much effort will it take to achieve what you want?

Buying the plugin is one step in completing the job at hand. Think about the setup / configuration / learning / maintenance time and cost as well. We design our plugins with utmost focus on your productivity. We want you to get the job done – faster and easier.

If you need any assistance, just feel free to reach out. Leave us a message using the live chat button at the bottom right corner.

Your plugin does not have “x” feature…

Developing, maintaining and supporting complex features is costly. Why do you want to pay for things you won’t even need? More options means more choices to make. Bloated features mean more things that can break. We consciously choose what is and is not included in our plugins.

So check if you need all the bells and whistles… It may be wiser to go with something that may not do everything, but whatever it does, it does well.

Your time is more valuable than you think…

We assume our time to be cost-free. But instead of spending an hour going here and there within WooCommerce, you can use a plugin that makes things simpler. Then invest the saved time in crafting better products and offers. Engaging customers and growing traffic.

Why annual subscription?

WordPress and WooCommerce update often. We keep improving our plugins and help customers grow their businesses. Your recurring payments help us continue serving you for a very long time. That’s the reason for annual renewals. Subscriptions renew automatically and you can cancel anytime.

Does this work with Subscriptions / Memberships / other plugins? Will it work with Storefront / Divi / Astra / ThemeForest / my theme?

We develop our plugins with compatibility in mind. And over the years people have used our plugins in all sorts of setups. So yes, our plugins should work with most themes and plugins out there. There may be exceptions though – especially if you’re using something that overlaps in functionality.

In case you find something incompatible, let us know and we will resolve it. Or provide you a refund if we can’t solve it.

Money back if broken / incompatible / defective…

We invest ton of time and money researching, developing and improving our plugins. We follow the best coding practices and are proud of our plugins. Our support will also solve any problems you may face.

But if the plugin is broken, defective or incompatible with your setup, we will verify your claim and if found legit we will gladly refund your money within first 14 days. We don’t want cursed money!


Scale up your conversions by 10x

Frequently asked questions

How long does my license last?

Your license is valid for 1 year to receive support and updates. Upon renewal each year, you can continue to receive support and updates to the plugin.

How do you provide support?

We provide support through support desk and live chat. Shoot us an email in case you need any hands-on support. Go play, we have your back.