Download the best WooCommerce discount rule plugin for free

Setting up an online store is made easy with WooCommerce,thanks to WordPress and its flexibility. When it comes to making profit, discounts are the key to success.

Now download the best WooCommerce discount rule plugin for free and run your WooCommerce store successful by offering a wide range of bulk discounts to your customers.

Discount for a specific day / time period

Now running a flash sale or seasonal sale is made easy. You can specify the duration for the discount be it a day or for a week,dynamically.

Product Quantity based discount

Encourage your customers to get more products by offering discount based on the number of quantity for a specific product. The discount can be in fixed amount or percentage.

Cart Total based Discount

You can increase your profit by encouraging your customer to purchase additional products by providing discount at cart level. It’s a win-win situation for store-owner and the customer.

Cart Subtotal

Eg: Order above $250 and get $x discounted

Number of

Eg: Order more than 5 items and get 10% discount

Total Sum of Item quantities

Eg: Order more than 10 of any items and get $5 extra discount

Bulk discount for category

Now boost your sales in a particular category of product by offering special discounts for a particular category or selected categories. Eg: Get 25 % off on all items under Summer Collection.

Bulk discounts to specific usergroup /customers

Let’s say you want to provide discount only for wholesale customers as 40% while other retail customers get 10% discount,it is possible where discount can be applied for specified customer roles.
Bulk discount for category

Flat Discount rate

This comes particularly handy when your are running a flash sale in your woocommerce store where all orders get flat $50 discount or 10% discount.

Discount based on Customer shipping locations

If you are targeting your customers from a particular location or country, you can make use of this rule where customers from Texas gets 25% discount while customers from Newyork gets 30% discount.

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