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Boost WooCommerce Sales With Upsells,
Cross-sells & Order Bumps

Boost WooCommerce Sales with Upsells, Cross-sells & Order Bumps


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WooCommerce Upsell, Cross Sell, Order Bumps, Cart Upsells, One Click & Post Purchase Upsell

Create unlimited custom WooCommerce order bumps offers at pre-purchase, post-purchase, and frequently bought together product recommendations to encourage your customers to make additional purchases with just one click.

Easily create and manage custom order bump offers with unlimited options. Display them before or after purchase, or on both pages. Target specific products or categories for your order bump offers.


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14-day Money back guarantee.
Buy with confidence

Optimize Your Store with WooCommerce Upsell Options

Unlock the Power of WooCommerce Upsell and Order Bump  Strategies to Supercharge Your Average Order Value and Skyrocket Your Sales

Checkout Upsells

Boost Revenue with WooCommerce Upsell Offers on your Checkout page

Post Purchase Upsells

Sell more with Post purchase offers using one-click upsells

Frequently Bought Together

Increase sales with high-converting product recommendations on the product page

Cart Upsells

Suggest additional items in the shopping cart

Double the order

Helps store owners to increase 2x the revenue

Next Order Coupon

Send next order coupons to drive repeat purchases in your WooCommerce store

Thank you Upsell

On the thank you page, you can easily upsell by displaying products that will make the sale bigger!

Upsell Popups

Show additional products in Popups in every step of your customer's shopping journey.

Product Add-on

Show more products on the product page, before or after the "Add to Cart" button.

Our Customers Love It, You Will Too

Use WooCommerce Upselling and Order bump strategies at every step of your customer’s purchase and easily increase the revenue.

Drive Revenue Growth with Multiple Upselling Strategies

Multiply Your Sales with WooCommerce Upselling and Order Bump Strategies Increase your sales and revenue effortlessly by utilizing upselling and order bump tactics that engage customers at every stage of their purchase.

Checkout Upsells

Upsell Offer is displayed on the checkout page right before a customer places an order.

Checkout upsells

Post Purchase Upsells

Show additional products on the special offer page after the checkout process.

post purchase upsell

Frequently Bought Together

Recommend a combination of products that customers usually buy together on the product page.

frequently bought together

Cart Upsells

Display Order Bump offers on the Cart Page before the customer proceeds to checkout.

cart upsell

Double the order

Customers get the option to double their existing order instantly with a single click.

Double the order

Thank you Upsell

On the thank you page, you can easily upsell by displaying products that will make the sale bigger!

thank you upsell

Next Order Coupon

Show Coupons on the Thank You page and also in Order Confirmation Emails.

Next order coupon

Upsell Popups

Suggest additional products as Popups when customer click “Add to Cart,” “Proceed to Checkout,” “Place the Order” buttons.

upsell popups

Product Add-on

Recommend Upsells and Cross-sells on the Product Page right before or After "Add to Cart" button

product add on image

Cart Add-on

Suggest additional products on the cart page right below each product that customers have added.

Cart add on

Nearly 30% of profits comes from using WooCommerce upsell, Order bump and One Click upsell plugin.

Top features that our customers love

With All-in-one packed upsell features increase your store’s revenue never before.

Increase sales and average order value

Increase sales and average order value. These offers encourage customers to add more products to their purchase, resulting in higher sales and increased order value.

Post Purchase Upsell offers

Post Purchase Upsell offers are presented to customers after they complete a purchase, encouraging them to add complementary products to their order.

Personalized upsell offers

Personalize upsell offers using powerful targeting rules based on the customer's cart, product categories, order value, and more.

Conditional offers

Create conditional offers that only appear when specific conditions are met by the customers.

Boost Customer retention

With WooCommerce one click upsell plugin you can seamlessly offer complementary products to your customers which will increase customer retention gradually.

Increase Conversions

Creating an order bump, allows customers to add the upsell offer to their cart easily. Give your customers an amazing experience by saving their time, thereby increasing conversions.

Why use WooCommerce Post Purchase Upsell?

By using WooCommerce Upsell and order bump plugin store owners can make attractive offers at checkout page, enabling increase sales and average order value

Discount Types

Create a percentage or a fixed value discount for the upsell products.

Conditional Offers/ Personalized Offers

Promotions based on specific conditions or personalized customer information

Display position

Choose where you want the upsell products to be shown on the checkout page.

A/B Testing for Better Conversions

Test different variations of offers to determine which ones yield higher conversion rates.

Customizable, Readymade Upsell Templates

Pre-designed templates that can be personalized to create enticing upsell offers.

Schedule Upsell Campaigns/Offers

Set specific times and dates for upsell campaigns and offers to be presented.

Create a personalized shopping experience

Delight customers with relevant offers & upsells and increase your average order value and sales.

Provide multiple offers

Offer different types of discounts like percentage discounts, fixed discounts or free gifts. You can also showcase products as a promotion without any discounts.

provide multiple discount
flex cart conditons

Set Flexible cart conditions for targeted offers

Create a personalized shopping experience by setting custom cart conditions. Upsell products to customers when they meet those right cart conditions. Delight them at checkout, boost order value, and encourage return visits to your store more. Tailored offers that make a lasting impression.

Choose Display location for maximize conversion

There is a time and place for everything, even for upselling products at checkout. Decide where you want to display the targeted offer without troubling the checkout process. Choosing the right location can yield maximum conversion such as before or after payment gateways, before the place order button, or after the place order button to set your targeted offers effectively.

choose display location
Customize upsell page

Customize your upsell page to make it attractive

Grab customers’ attention by customizing your offer card with compelling content and descriptions.Choose from our pre-built offer templates to motivate and create an eye-catching title that immediately captures interest. Compel customers with a convincing product description, encourage them to take action with a smart “Get offer” text, and impress them with high-quality product images.

Track and Analyze the Success of your Post-Purchase Upsell Funnels

Check your success of your campaign with real-time data and analytics. Track the number of offers used and the total revenue earned. see the duration users spend on the page before accepting or rejecting the offer. Check which of your upsells has generated the greatest revenue over a certain time period and consider scaling it for further growth.

purchase upsell funnels
ab testing landing page

A/B Testing

Eliminate guesswork with A/B testing. Find out which offer performs better, at what price point, and with what messaging. The A/B testing module enables you to split your traffic into customized percentages and display different variants to assess their effectiveness

Advantage of using
Post-purchase upsell plugin

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Helps Grow Extra
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow the steps below to create a WooCommerce Order Bump:
1. Install and activate the Checkout Upsell and Order Bump plugin
2. Create a Pre-purchase upsell campaign
3. Choose the offer product and configure the offer
4. Choose the offer display location
5. Save and set live.
Now your customers will see the order bump at the WooCommerce Checkout

Please following the steps below to create a WooCommerce One-click Upsell offer:
1. Install and activate the Checkout Upsell and Order Bump plugin
2. Create a Pre-purchase upsell campaign
3. Choose the offer product
4. Set up the conditions to display the offer
4. Choose the offer display location
5. Save and set live (You can also schedule it for specific period as well).
Now your customers will see the order bump at the WooCommerce Checkout

Yes. You can customize the template, change the text, background, colors, images and more to fit your branding.

When creating an upsell campaign, choose the “Items in cart” condition and choose the products. Now, the order nump will show only when the selected products are found in the cart.

The PRO version allows you to show more than one order bump in the checkout page.

The PRO version allows you to create multiple offers in the same campaign and choose the “A/B testing” mode to measure the performance of the offers.

The plugin currently supports displaying the offers in 4 different places in the checkout – Before the Place order button, after the place order button, bottom of the checkout page or before the payment methods. You can change the location in your upsell campaign settings.


WooCommerce Upsell and Order Bump Plugin is a powerful tool that allows you to increase your sales by offering additional products or upgrades to your customers during the checkout process. It enables you to maximize revenue by suggesting complementary items or enticing offers.

An WooCommerce Order Bump is a small, persuasive offer presented on the checkout page, encouraging customers to add an additional item to their order. It’s a simple and effective way to increase your average order value. Our plugin lets you create eye-catching and compelling order bump offers.

Absolutely! You have full control over the design, content, and placement of your upsell and order bump offers. You can tailor them to match your brand’s style and messaging, ensuring they resonate with your customers.

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