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Checkout Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce

Increase the average order value with smart offers at checkout. Add one-click upsells and order bumps to your WooCommerce checkout page and motivate customers to buy more. Create unlimited order bumps with the best WooCommerce Order Bump & Checkout Upsell plugin.

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Checkout Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce

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  • Display Upsell offers at checkout smartly and increase the average order value. Simple and easy to use order bump plugin for WooCommerce to drive your revenue

    A license entitles you for 1 year of support, updates & access to PRO downloads.

    What is Checkout Upsell / Order Bump?

    It is a simple way of encouraging your customers to buy more products.

    When customers are at the checkout page, they see an offer for a product, which is quite related to the items in their cart or simply an added value to their purchase. In one single click, they can add the offer to their order.

    Example: An extended warranty. You’ve probably seen so many examples at Amazon.


    When the customer click on the ‘Grab now’ button, the upsell item will be added to the checkout. 


    Why use WooCommerce Checkout Upsell and Order Bump Offers ?

    Increase sales and average order value. Excite your customers with tailor-made offers at the checkout page & motivate them to buy more, without affecting their checkout progress.

    No page refreshes or redirects. Customers can add the upsell products to their cart in a single-click and complete the purchase. Let customers have a seamless experience with the best WooCommerce Order Bump plugin.

    You can also personalize the upsell offers using powerful targeting rules. You can create offers based on the products in their cart, categories, order value and more. You can add conditional offers that show only when certain conditions are met by the customers.

    Unlock the revenue potential with the best WooCommerce one-click upsell and order bump plugin

    • Product based conditions
    • Category based conditions
    • Cart subtotal based conditions
    • Cart items count based conditions

    14-day Money back guarantee. Buy with confidence

    Top Features

    • One-click upsell offers at checkout page
    • Customizable, readymade upsell templates
    • Targeting rules and conditions
    • Flexible offer display locations
    • Conditional offers / personalized offers
    • Schedule upsell campaigns / offers
    • Offer limits
    • Upsell campaign priority
    • Reports & analytics

    Best WooCommerce Order Bump and Upsell Plugin

    Boost average order value & grow a loyal customer base with Checkout Upsell for WooCommerce

    One Click Upsell Offers

    One Click Upsell Offers

    Let customers add the upsell products to their order in one single click. No refresh or redirect required.

    Powerful targeting rules

    Powerful targeting rules

    Personalize and target the customers with offers based products in their cart, categories, order value and more



    Create a percentage or a fixed value discount for the upsell products. Example: 50% off on iPhone cover

    Display position

    Display position

    Choose where you want the upsell products to be shown on the checkout page

    Schedule campaigns

    Schedule campaigns

    Run order bump offers on scheduled periods. Create the offers beforehand and schedule when they should run

    Offer Priority

    Offer Priority

    Set priority for offers. You can have selected offers prioritized and shown to the customers

    Create a personalized shopping experience with offers

    Delight the customers with relevant offers and upsells.

    Percentage discount

    Make your customer’s day by upselling a premium or complimentary product with a percentage discount based on their cart items. 

    • Purchase jeans & get 15% OFF on the clothing category 
    • Get 10% OFF on Shoes by adding 2 products to your cart
    • 25% OFF on T-shirts if your cart worth is $100
    • Buy a Hoodie and get 10% discount on sunglasses 

    Fixed Price discount

    Delight customers with a Fixed price discount upsell. Take a flat amount off multiple products and let customers earn them by meeting the right conditions.

    • Purchase Polo t-shirt and get $10 OFF Belts
    • $10 OFF on clothing category if you purchase Hoodies with zip
    • Add 3 products to your cart & earn $15 discount on Caps
    • $25 discount on Shoes if cart subtotal is above 75$

    Unique features for a great customer experience

    Delver the best experience that your customers deserve with these unique features.

    Flexible conditions for targeted offers

    Set a variety of cart conditions to create a personalised experience for the customers. Upsell products to the customers when they meet those right cart conditions. Delight them at checkout, increase average order value and make them return to your store for more.

    • Product based conditions
    • Category based conditions
    • Cart subtotal based conditions
    • Cart items count based conditions

    ‘Display location’ for maximum conversion

    There is a time and place for everything, even for upselling products at checkout. Decide where you want to display the targeted offer without troubling the checkout process. Choosing the right location can yield maximum conversion.

    • Before payment gateways
    • After payment gateways
    • Before place order button
    • After place order button

    Offer customization

    Sometimes, the key to convincing customers is the visual content. Customize your offer card with tempting content & description to encourage customers to accept the deal. If you’re in doubt, use our pre-built offer templates & motivate.

    • Write an enticing offer title to grab attention
    • Persuade customers with a convincing product description
    • Make customers take action with a smart ‘ Get offer text’
    • Use high-quality product image to impress

    Simple, clean dashboard

    Check your campaign’s success. Get real-time data and analytics on your offers. See how many offers were used and the volume of revenue you’ve earned from those offers.

    • Total. No of offers used
    • Total revenue earned

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Upselling/Order bump is a time-tested technique to increase sales in WooCommerce stores. Get to know about Checkout Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce.

    What is an Order Bump in WooCommerce?

    It’s a time-tested way to increase conversions and order value. Customers are encouraged to buy more by showing relevant upsell offers at the checkout page. They can add these offers to their order in a single click

    How do I upsell with WooCommerce?

    To upsell with WooCommerce, you need a upsell plugin. Create upsell offers within minutes using Checkout Upsell with WooCommerce. 

    Increase Sales & Conversions with One-Click Upsell

    Start upselling products in your WooCommerce store and increase your sales with
    Checkout Upsell for WooCommerce.