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Woocommerce discount rules

Discount Rules for WooCommerce - PRO

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Create Dynamic Pricing and Discounts in your WooCommerce online store easily. Bulk discounts, cart discounts, special offers, user role based discounts and more.



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Why you should have Discount Rules PRO
for your WooCommerce Store?

Discount is a time-tested sales booster. Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO is the most loved discount plugin with tons of features, easy to use interface and crafted for increasing your sales conversions.

There are a number of discount plugins for WooCommerce out there. But discount scenarios differ vastly from store to store. So just installing a discount plugin is not sufficient. You would need a professional help to achieve your discount strategy.

That’s why we have one the best customer support service.

Here is what you get with Discount Rules PRO…

Discount Types

100,000+ active installs
How Successful Entrepreneurs see us?

The plugin is simple and easy to understand and that is the biggest issue i find with plugins on wordpress. The Support were able to sort out my issue really really fast! and worked first time! I have worked a lot with all different supports and this is one of the best. Great job guys !
andrew bond
Andrew Bond
I was after what I thought was a simple addition. To add a percentage, storewide discount for 3 items or more. I tried several plugins that were all either bloated, way too sophisticated, required a premium version or just plain didn’t work. Finally, I came across this one and it worked great! Had it set up in less than a couple minutes and it worked like a charm. Easy to use, lightweight and it seems to play well with a plethora of plugins I already have on this particular site. Well done and a sincere THANK YOU for this plugin!
josh hall
Josh Hall
Fantastic support and great quality I have actually purchased the Pro version because that’s what I needed, but needed an extra feature to have Buy One Get One Free work on an individual product basis, not just say mark the cheapest as free. Once I recorded a video and explained it, they did a change and released the plugin, and it works awesome! Can’t ask for better support and help – highly recommended!
Mex ale
David Braun

And there are more conversion focussed features…

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts made easy

Convert visitors into customers instantly

How Discount Rules can help increase your conversions?


Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Made Simple

Launching an eCommerce store is quite easy. The hardest part is the scaling of the store. Having an effective discount / pricing strategy can help grow your store.

Because, dynamic pricing and discounts can

Here are some revenue-earning dynamic discount scenarios

In Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO, we have classified the discount strategies into two – depending on where they get applied.
  1. Product Price based Discount Rules – This works similar to Regular Price – Sale Price workflow in WooCommerce. You can set any type of conditions for the customers to get eligible for the discount
  2. Cart based Discount Rules – The discount is applied at the cart on a number of cart specific parameters like subtotal, line items, quantity, shipping address and more.

Let’s look at them in detail

Price Discount Types

As the title suggests, the discount applies to the Product Price. Customers can see the discounted price on the product page itself if the rules match.

Example: 10% off store wide rule can show the discounted price along with a crossed-out original price

  • Simple Percentage discounts
  • Fixed cost discount
  • Bulk quantity discount
  • Discounts based on categories, products, user roles, attributes, and more
  • Buy One Get One Free offers
Cart Discount Types

Cart discount rules apply on the cart page of your online WooCommerce store. The primary advantage of the cart based rules is that they help you reduce the cart abandonment in WooCommerce.

  • Order total based discounts
  • Discounts based on purchase history
  • Cart discount based on product quantity
  • Cart discount based on product line items
  • Shipping & Billing address discount
  • Cart offers based on User roles

Discount Rules PRO- Features with Examples

Discounts based on Product Category back to top

Set the offer valid only for a few selected categories of products in WooCommerce. Here are some examples

Discount based on product category

Discounts based on Quantity / Tiered Pricing discounts back to top

Buy 10 or more items, get 10% discount

Percentage Discounts in WooCommerce back to top

Percentage discounts

Buy One Get One Free Offers back to top

BOGO offers are the smartest way of upselling and converting more visitors into customers. Here are a few example discount scenarios you can create with the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin.

Product Specific Discount back to top

You can also set discounts for specific products in the store. The most common use case is setting a most popular product on sale.
Conditional discount

Conditional / Dependent Product Discount back to top

The discount applies on a condition of purchasing another product. Here are some discount use cases

User role based discounts back to top

WordPress offers user roles to group your users into different roles/groups. Example: VIP customers, Wholesale customers and more You can offer a user role based discount with the Discount Rules for WooCommerce
User role based discounts

Customer Specific Discounts back to top

Sometimes, you may want to offer customer specific discounts. The discount applies only to a few selected customers

Discounts based on Cart conditions back to top

Offer discounts based on various parameters in the cart. It could be based on subtotal, line item, categories in cart, user roles and much more. Here are some examples
Activated discount

Coupon activated discount back to top

There will be times when you wanted to activate the discount rules only when a coupon code is applied. You can do this easily with the discount rules for WooCommerce. All you have to do is create a coupon and associate it with the one or more rules

Here are some use case scenarios

The following is a smart coupon discount which offers multiple discount with one coupon code

Holiday Discount Campaigns back to top

How to attract more online shoppers to your online store during the Holiday season?

Create attractive store discounts and Coupon deals to boost your online sales during special shopping season like Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Boxing day.

Discount campaigns

Shipping Address based discount back to top

Create a shipping address discount to offer price and percentage discounts to customers from a particular shipping location.

Sample Shipping Address discount examples

Grow Sales by 10x

Bulk Discount
Create bulk discounts in three simple steps. The discount can be for the entire store / categories / products / attributes. It can also be based on the order total. You can create unlimited bulk discount rules.
Store-wide discount
Offer a 10% discount across the store and go live within a few minutes. It just takes 2 steps to create a discount.
Quantity based tiered discounts
This is same as the bulk discount. You can create a tiered bulk discounts. Example: Buy 5 quantities, get 10%, Buy 6 to 10 quantities, get 20%, Buy 11 to 15 quantities, get 25%.
Buy One Get One offers
Create any type of BOGO offers. The plugin supports Buy X Get X, Buy X Get Y types and also conditional BOGO offers like Buy product A and get 50% on cheapest in cart. So the discount can be either free or a limited percentage as well.
Percentage discounts
Both the price based and cart based rules support percentage discounts. You can create any type of percentage based discounts including a conditional, dependent rule.
Fixed cost discount
The fixed cost discount can be offer per product / category. You can also set up a fixed cost discount that applies to entire cart.
Discount for Product Variations
You can configure a discount for a single variation or for multiple variations. You can also choose to provide discount for one variant across products. Example: Blue colour gets 10% discount.
Attribute based discounts
Offer discounts based on the product attributes (which were created using the WooCommerce Attributes and associated with the products).
User role discount
Discount rules can be limited to specific user roles. Example: Wholesale customers get 10% discount across the store / categories / attributes / cart.
Free Shipping
Offer free shipping to customers if they meet certain conditions. Example: Free shipping for orders over $500.
Order total based discounts
Create offers based on the total order value. Example: 5% discount for all orders above $1000.
Shipping Address based discount
Offer discount based on the shipping destination of the customers. Example: Customers from US get 10% discount. It could also be based on the zip/postal codes.
Coupon activated discounts
You can create a normal WooCommerce Coupon code and associate it with any discount rules. So whenever that coupon is applied, the associated discount rules will apply. This way, you can just activate multiple discount rules with a single coupon code.
Combo offers
Club two or more product category and create an advanced product combo discount. Buy One quantity of Product A and One quantity of Product B to get $50 Flat Price discount.
Purchase History Discounts
Create discounts based on the purchase history of the customers. Example: 10% discount for all customers who have purchased for over $1000 in their previous orders.
First Order discount
Encourage first time customers to purchase with a coupon code and an associated discount rule, which checks if the customer has not made any previous purchases.
Flexible Discount Display
Use our advanced layout for discount table to showcase the discount on product pages in the way you wanted. Use your own wordage instead of the built-in default texts. That way, you have a better control over what you express.
Showcase an alert when the discount is applied at the cart page and bring a smile! People love when they receive a discount.
You saved - text
Show a “You Saved” text at the line item and/or the total column in cart and checkout. People love when they save money! Add more reasons for smiling and improve the checkout experience.

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Frequently asked questions

Your license is valid for 1 year to receive support and updates. Upon renewal each year, you can continue to receive support and updates to the plugin.
The plugin will continue to work with the PRO features as it is. However, you lose access to support, plugin updates and PRO version downloads.
Your license is valid for one year from the date of purchase. You need an active license key for continued access to automatic updates and support. License keys automatically renew after 1 year. Although you can easily cancel the auto-renewal on your account page.
Yes! Your satisfaction is most important to us. Put different features to use for full 14 days. If there’s even one feature that doesn’t work as expected and we’re unable to resolve your ticket in 48 hours flat (yes, that fast)- get a complete 100% refund on your purchase. Note: New feature request will not be entertained as a ground for refund requests.
Absolutely! We are happy to help. Drop in your questions via Support Page.

We provide support through support desk and live chat. Shoot us an email in case you need any hands-on support. Go play, we have your back.

Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at any time from your My Downloads page. You will retain access to plugin updates and support until your licence expires, one year after the purchase date.

No, each license is valid for one calendar year from the date of your purchase. Licence keys automatically renew yearly.




Fast and professional support

I had a problem caused with Discount Rules in addition with another plugin where the calculation in the shopping cart was wrong. The support helped and i am satisfied! Thanks a lot!


Excellent Support!

The addition is great. SUPPORT is more than excellent! Thank you!


Good plugin, good support

The plugin works as described.
We had one issue and reported on the support forum and to support LIVE chat.

We had to explain the issue about 5-6 times and after many tries the support took full control of the issue and solved it in the end.

Ps. Please do not call it “LIVE chat” – it takes 24 hours to receive a reply so it is not really “live”. Using email makes more sense.


Issues with Discounts & Conflicts

Found the support of this plugin very helpful and speedy in their response. I would highly recommend this plugin and the comfort to know support is swift and extensive.
Andre V.

Fast and great Support!

I was facing an issue with the free version of Woo Discount Rules, I wrote to the customer care via chat on their website and they got in contact with me in few hours. Today, the day after, I’m able to continue to test the integration of this plugin in my woocommerce, thanks to the support!

Best discount plugin for wordpress

In my opinion this is the best and most sophisticated promotions and discounts plugin for wordpress have ever been created. Also, they have the best support I have came across so far. I had a glitch/bug in my website and they step in and helped, checked the issue and wrote their own code to match their plugin to a custom code that i have on my website.

Please keep up with your amazing work, I’m very happy with the purchase of your plugin.


Great plugin

This plugin is fantastic. Even more fantastic is the level of support. Even using the free version the support is second to none. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Keep up the great work guys.


Awesome Plugin and Support

Powerful plugin with features that suit exactly to our needs. We had some issues like every other plugin but it was sorted out quickly and properly.


Nice Plugin and Very good support!!!

Nice plugin does what it supposed to do… and support is awesome. immediate response and helpful.


Reliable module and good support

Reliable module and good support. We have been working for two years. I recommend.

Well done!

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