Discount Rules for WooCommerce - PRO

Discount Rules for WooCommerce - PRO

Create Dynamic Pricing and Discounts in your WooCommerce online store easily. Bulk discounts, cart discounts, special offers, user role based discounts and more.
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Quick info

Requires: WordPress 4.x +
Requires: WooCommerce 2.x / 3.x +
/ year
Subscription options:

  • A license entitles you for 1 year of support and updates

    Renew support & updates with 30% discount after 1 year

    14-day Money back guarantee. Buy with confidence

    Looking to offer dynamic pricing and discounts in WooCommerce? Just download and install the WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin and start creating dynamic discounts like a PRO within minutes. It just takes 3 simple steps to create discount rules in your Woocommerce store.

    You can provide bulk discounts, cart total based discounts, user role based discounts, category specific discounts, shipping / delivery address based discounts, Buy one Get one free offers, product dependant discounts and more.

    Discount Types

    • Percentage based
    • Price based
    • Product based
    • Category based
    • Dynamic pricing
    • Option to set discounts for each variant
    • Buy One and Get One Free
    • Cart total based
    • User role based dynamic pricing
    • Dependant product based (Buy Product A and get 20% discount on Product B
    • Number of
    • Total Sum of Item quantities
    • Shipping / delivery address based
    • Global, store wide discount for all products
    • Sale badge for discounted products
    • Date range based


    Category Discount Rules:

    • Buy T-shirts from Category Apparel and save 10 % – Video
    • Get 30% off on Category A & Category B

    BOGO deals:

    • Buy one get one free of the same product
    • Buy X get Y product free Eg: Buy 3 product and get a pendrive free
    • Buy Any 2 items from Category X, and get a Product free Category B

    Product Dependant rule:

    • Buy Product A and get 50% discount in Product B
    • Buy 2 quantities of Product A, 2 quantities of Product B and get 30% discount in Product C
    • Buy 3 quantities of Product A and get flat $10 off in product B
    • Buy a Mobile and get 20% off on headphone

    Cart Discount Rules:

    • All orders above $500 will get 15% discount – Video
    • Buy 5 products and get 10 % discount – Video
    • shipping country list

      eg: Users in "US - Texas" can get 25% off

    • Number of

      eg: Order more than 5 items and get 10% discount

    Product Specific Discount

    • Shoes get 20 % discount, T-Shirts get 5% discount
    • Adidas Special Edition Shoe (A specific product) gets 15 % discount for 10 days
    • Buy 10 mugs or more and get 5% off – Video

    User Role based Discount

    • Members of Wholesale customers group gets 40 % discount, while Retail customers get 5 % discount

    Global Discount Storewide

    • 20 % discount on all items in the store till December 25 – Video
    • All Products get 10 % discount

    Shipping Address Based Discount

    • Flat 25% discount at Cart for Customers from New York
    • Customers from California get 10 % discount while those from Texas get 5 %

    Product Variant Discounts

    • Get 50% off on Nike T-shirts Small and Large Sizes
    • Buy a Small Size Tee and get a small Size shorts free
    • You can customise the Variants discounts in several combinations

    Rules apply based on

    • Product Line items in the Cart
    • Products
    • Line
    • Cart subtotal
    • Line item quantity
    • Total cart quantity

    Conditions based on

    Conditions can be based products, categories, customers, customer roles, shipping location and more.

    • All products
    • Specific products / Selected products
    • All categories
    • Selected categories
    • All customers
    • Selected customers
    • All customer roles
    • Selected customer roles
    • All Shipping locations
    • Selected shipping locations
    • Customer purchase history

    Discount types and features

    • Percentage based Discounts
    • Price based Discounts
    • Product based discounts
    • Option to set discount for each Product Variants
    • Buy One and Get One Discounts (BOGO Deals)
    • Option to set discount for each product variant.
    • Option to set Discount for All Products or Global Discount
    • Display or hide the Discount table in Product Page
    • Option to show or hide the discounted price
    • Multiple Discount rules can be created
    • Set Discount expiry date
    • Priority support for PRO version


    Storewide Bulk Discount

    Create bulk discount for all products in your WooCommerce store. Specify the quantity range and the discount. (Percentage, fixed Price) eg: 20% off for all Products

    Bulk Discount for specific category

    Create bulk discount only to specific or selected category. Eg: All products in electronics gets $20 off.

    Buy One Get One Deals

    Offer same or other products as free when customer buys a certain product. Eg: Buy Laptop and get the backpack free.

    Product Dependant Discounts

    Offer discount for specific product based on the previous product. Eg : Get 10% discount in Product B on purchase of Product A.

    Discount at Variant Levels

    Now you can set discount for each variant at all levels.

    Product Based Discounts

    You can Customise the product based discounts. Buy 2 selected products and get a discount on 3rd product or the cheapest product in cart.

    User role based discount

    Create user role based discount and provide percentage or product for selected user roles. Eg: Subscribers gets 25% discount

    Discount based on Cart Item count

    Now offer discount if the number of items in cart is more than a certain quantity Eg: Shop more than 5 products and get $10 off

    Discount based on Cart Subtotal

    Offer either price or percentage discount based on the Cart subtotal value. Eg: $10 off if the cart value is above $150

    Discount based on Customer Billing City/Country

    Offer discounts targeting specific countries/cities to increase sales in particular region. Eg: Customers from New York gets 15% discount.

    Multiple Discount Rules(Combined)

    It is possible to create multiple discounts with multiple conditions for a rule or the combination of rules.

    Offer free products

    Now add your slow moving products as free to the cart if the customer has purchased certain product.


    Price Discount rules

    Cart Discount rules


    Compare features

    Discount at Product level Yes Yes Yes
    Discount at Cart level Yes Yes Yes
    Bulk Discount Yes Yes Yes
    Multiple Rules in a single Order Yes Yes Yes
    Discount for selected User roles - Yes Yes
    Category Specific Discount - Yes Yes
    Discount based on Cart Item Count - Yes Yes
    Discount for Selected customers - Yes Yes
    Fixed Cart Discount - Yes Yes
    Discount based on Country - Yes Yes
    Discount based on Billing city - Yes Yes
    Buy x Get y offer - Yes Yes
    Updates - Yes Yes
    Priority support - Yes Yes
    Support for - single site 25 sites

    Frequently asked questions

    How long does my license last?

    Your license is valid for 1 year to receive support and updates. Upon renewal each year, you can continue to receive support and updates to the plugin.

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