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Intuitive and easy to use
I tested the free version with the intention of buying the Pro version if I liked the plugin. Very easy to use and well laid out.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
We ran into a minor bug in the cart area of the site when a qualified BOGOF deal was added to by non-logged in users. I contacted support who were more than happy to assist… literally within no more than 2hrs I was provided with updates to the plugins to install, which I was very happy to see resolved the issue. Raj was detailed in his emails and I was kept informed throughout the support process.
Great Support – Great Product
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Viking Warrior
Works great & support is amazing
Compared to other similar programs I have tried, Discount Rules rules. Easy to use and does everything I need it to do, once I figure it our. And support is always there to help with those things I need help with.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Best support out there! And great plugin. Lovely support. Quick, fast precise. Great plugin.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Nordic Digital
Great plugin! Excellent customization! My client needed a Woo Commerce discount plugin that would apply a discount only under specific conditions. When I found this WordPress plugin, it had almost all the functionality we needed, except for one thing. I reached out to the developer and he was able to add on the additional feature for us. His quality of service and communication are excellent! I highly recommend this developer and this plugin. It has made my life easier and my client happy. Thanks you for being awesome! Keep up the great work!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
The plugin is simple and easy to understand and that is the biggest issue i find with plugins on wordpress. The Support were able to sort out my issue really really fast! and worked first time! I have worked a lot with all different supports and this is one of the best. Great job guys !
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
andrew bond
Andrew Bond
Thank you so much to the developers of this plugin for taking the time to understand my issue and help me through it. Does what it says it does and while there are some things that could be added that would make a a 6 out of 5 stars, it’s pretty magical as it is. Awesome stuff!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Bronwyn Slater
Thorough and helpful I was having some major issues with another deal plugin that created errors with my gateway. I went to flycart and asked for assistance. At first, I was met with an automated message letting me know I could ask for help so I did… I then was met with an automated message letting me know that they would be back tomorrow and I was discouraged. After a minute of reading I got a response to my message and help was spot on from this point. As I’m not english I had a bit of a struggle explaining my needs but Ramesh did everything he could to understand me and finally I bought the PRO version and we made things work and the weird error with my gateway is no longer happening. So I would definately recommend this plugin!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Patrick echer jensen
Patrick Echers Jensen
Echers Media
Best Support Ever! These guys mean business when they advertise fast support response time! The plugin works great and the customization (free!) is fast and very reliable. I highly recommend this product and the team behind it.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
gary strip
Gary Stripling
Plugin fantastic, support out of the world This is a wonderful plugin but the it’s the support that makes it absolutely stand out. Tried the free version first, loved it and upgraded happily to the very reasonably priced Pro version. It did 95% of what I wanted out of the box but client had a very specific requirement that wasn’t available. Contacted them to ask how I might be able to implement a workaround, including that we were happy to pay for custom work. Instead they did the work quickly, without charge, and documented every part of what they’d done in a very professional manner. I just cannot recommend this plugin highly enough.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Katherine Nolan
Inkk Design
An Amazing Discount Plugin with Stellar Support! Equally important as the plugin itself is the technical support. I had some questions configuring a complex Price Rule, and the support responses and solution help from Ramesh were pretty much real time. The plugin is nicely designed, and well thought out. Once you understand the capabilities, it is easy to configure complex discount rules on both the product pricing and cart side of things. A must have for any e-commerce site trying to enhance sales with seamless discount capabilities!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Gary Summers
Sage Business Systems
Excellent Service I was very impressed with all online consultants especially Ramesh. He was very helpful and knowledgeable.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Ophelia Gardiner
Way 2 Go Marketing
Amazing support. Fast and very attentive Support was replying within 3 minutes of a request for help. They held my hand through some newbie errors and helped me to get going straight away. Excellent!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Graham SaundersGriffiths
Very good support We bought this plugin and our customers are very happy with its features. We contacted their support for a new feature and the response time, professional reply and friendliness have been perfect.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Michael Welz
An awesome plug that lets you create incredibly flexible discount rules Very good indeed. Definitely worth paying for the premium version if the free one doesn’t already do what you need. A client wanted per-user per-product pricing on their online shop. Yes – an individual price for every customer for every product they sell. Really. I didn’t expect there would be a plugin available that would do this, but this does! Saved me loads of work – best $29 I ever spent on a WordPress plugin. Highly recommended.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Fantastic Support Ramesh was absolutely fantastic in helping us setting up a new discount rule that wasn’t functioning correctly on our website. He resolved everything really fast and I am more than happy with the support provided.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Paul howell
Paul Howells
Great Plugin It helps us a lot in applying different types of discount for our online shop! Great work! Keep it up!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Kevin Dam
Mothers en Vogue
Had some additional requirements needed for how the discounts displayed, and the guys were very helpful and added the new functionality within a couple of days. Great customer service!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Very satisfied using this plugin. Even the free version has good functionality for most of the business.- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Very good, versatile and funtional plugin. Also great support from the developers. Highly recommended!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
I really thank the team behind this plugin because it is extremly easy to use it. In few clicks you have your discount ready and works perfectly. I was looking for a plugin that permit very quickly to let me create a discount for all my shop simultaneously to apply a BOGO on all my products types : simple, variable, bundle, composite… And I found this one !

Customization allows you to create a style that’s general but highly effective for your needs. Of all those I’ve consulted and tried, this is the one that allowed me to do it very quickly, and above all the option of choosing “on my whole store” in a single option and not by selecting all the categories one by one, encouraged me to choose this module. I find the interface very well designed, intuitive and really fast and efficient.

The support team helped me pinpoint a problem I was having with certain products in no time at all (it came from my product configuration), very responsive and the chat very well thought out too, I really thank the team for their great work!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Amazing support
Amazing support! They logged in and fixed a bug with the beta 2.0 version that caused by cart to empty with customer added items. I love the beta version features.
Thanks for the help. 5 star service & very high quality plugin!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Fast support very helpful
I needed help with a setting and they were back to me really quickly and were very helpful. Great plugin.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Amazing! Thanks for what i will call the fastest, most competent customer service ever. I created a ticket with a question regarding the rules og filters together with credentials for the woocommmerce shop, 5 min later my problem was solved and they even set everything up. No work for me at all! Awesome! 🙂
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Kim Fobian Olsen
Outstanding Support It’s not often I will leave a review for an extension but the guys here did us a solid and their customer support really couldn’t have done more. Highly recommended author and thank you very much for all your help!!!!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Orange drop
Orange Drop
I was after what I thought was a simple addition. To add a percentage, storewide discount for 3 items or more. I tried several plugins that were all either bloated, way too sophisticated, required a premium version or just plain didn’t work. Finally, I came across this one and it worked great! Had it set up in less than a couple minutes and it worked like a charm. Easy to use, lightweight and it seems to play well with a plethora of plugins I already have on this particular site. Well done and a sincere THANK YOU for this plugin!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
josh hall
Josh Hall
Recently installed this plugin on a massive woocommerce store with 5k products and hundreds of categories/subs and the discount rules are working perfectly. The support has been phenomenal AND fast (especially with regards to adding features in future updates). Would highly recommend to anyone that wants to boost orders by manipulating product discounts. Thanks again!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
For a client I needed to look after a highly adaptive discount plugin and I found this one. I´ve bought the pro version and in my opinion it´s the best plugin on the market right now. It has a lot of features and customization possibilities. The support reacts fast and is very friendly and willingly to help you. Keep up this great work!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Your product rocks! This is 10 times easier to use and set up than the other two was using. I can set up a new category in like 30 seconds with yours where as it took 30 minutes with theirs.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Daron Wall
Super plugin, best support This plugin is very nice. The developers and guys from the support did a perfect job. This is the fastest and most adequate support I have ever received. We exchanged more than 10 emails for 2 days. Perfect work. I am very pleased. Thank you!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Yordan Milenkov
Great product and super responsive support! I highly recommend this product. I wanted a change to how the display of discount worked (show new price instead of discount amount) and they had code already set to do exactly what I wanted! Support was fast and right on target with my needs.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Jeff Dean
Stand Out Custom
Easy to work with. This plugin was the most complete and simple I found among all the options. The panel is easy to understand, and with just a little effort you can already execute all the rules you want. The staff is very competent. They solve problems quickly.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Quick support Got a new string of code for customisation sent to me within minutes. Great!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Åsmund Sollihøgda
Only Discount Plugin for Woocommerce you need I own multiple stores on Woocommerce. And have been using another paid plugin for discounts. I have some difficulties using other plugins while setting up discounts and user interface etc. When I switched to this plugin, it’s completely amazing. Moreover, found out that there customer support is super great. It works with my theme and team is super fast in helping you out. Thanks guys! Will be awaiting for more products from you guys.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Mex ale
Mex Ale
Fantastic support and great quality I have actually purchased the Pro version because that’s what I needed, but needed an extra feature to have Buy One Get One Free work on an individual product basis, not just say mark the cheapest as free. Once I recorded a video and explained it, they did a change and released the plugin, and it works awesome! Can’t ask for better support and help – highly recommended!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Mex ale
David Braun
Works well WooCommerce Discount Rules was simple to set up and runs well. I have had no problems with it. The pro version will be worthwhile to me for user group discounts.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
The support offered and delivered by Flycart is truly outstanding. They were lighting fast to assist and resolve the small issue we experienced. The plugin works well and is simple to use. Thanks guys!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Great plugin. Works well.. awaiting for a reply from developer about a little bug Im experiencing.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
gaucho code
Great Support. We encountered a problem with plugin validation. The support was instant.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Compatible. Good! This plugin compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin https://woocommerce.com/products/product-add-ons/
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Excellent Plugin. We’ve used it multiple times for over 2 years and it does what is says it does.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Pro Dev
Simple to use and with very good features. All my e-commerce clients use this plugin.
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
Support from Flycart is excellent. Very fast and extremely friendly. Also they are very professional, they have a huge compendium of code snippets for common problems on github. Very handy!
- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
We had a couple hiccups with the codes but the team was there to resolve it in a timely manner. The plugin is an awesome resource and their customer service is top notch!- Written for WooCommerce Discount Rules
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