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Discount Rules PRO - A Powerful Smart Coupon Plugin for WooCommerce

Create smart coupons with Discount Rules PRO plugin and offer WooCommerce BOGO coupons, free gifts, combo coupons, festive coupons, and more.

Easily Create 100+ WooCommerce Advanced Coupons with Discount Rules PRO


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What is a Smart Coupon in WooCommerce?

A smart coupon is an advanced coupon that you can customize based on the customer’s needs and preferences. Unlike the default coupon, which is basic, Smart Coupon enables you to offer different types of coupons.

The types include Next Order coupons, free gift coupons, auto-apply coupons, BOGO coupons, Bulk discount coupons and more.

Why Should you Consider Creating Smart Coupons for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Advanced Coupons are a proven marketing strategy to increase your store’s revenue. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce help attract more customers, increase sales, enhance the shopping experience, improve customer loyalty, and provide valuable information about customer behavior and coupon performance.

Types of Smart Coupons

WooCommerce BOGO Coupons

Offer a Buy one get one free coupon for specific products, categories, or attributes and promote your products easily.

Flash Sale Coupon

Create a sense of urgency by scheduling coupons with a specific time and date so your customers can quickly purchase.

Free Shipping Coupons

Reduce abandoned carts and Increase conversions with free shipping coupons

Purchase History Coupons

Create first-order, next order or nth-order coupons to build customer loyalty.

Combo Coupons

Offer coupons for specific combinations of products or categories to clear out stock soon.

Free Gifts

Easy to attract your customers with free gifts and drive more sales in your store.

Auto-apply/ URL Coupons

Easy to attract your customers with free gifts and drive more sales in your store.

Subtotal Coupons

Encourage your customers to make a purchase in your store by offering coupons for the minimum amount spent by the customers.

Bulk Discount Coupon

Make your customers spend more with Bulk discount coupons. The more they purchase, the lesser they have to pay.

Send Targeted Discounts for First-time Buyers and Attract New Customers Quickly.

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I was after what I thought was a simple addition. To add a percentage, storewide discount for 3 items or more. I tried several plugins that were all either bloated, way too sophisticated, required a premium version or just plain didn’t work. Finally, I came across this one and it worked great! Had it set up in less than a couple minutes and it worked like a charm. Easy to use, lightweight and it seems to play well with a plethora of plugins I already have on this particular site. Well done and a sincere THANK YOU for this plugin!
josh hall
Josh Hall
Only Discount Plugin for Woocommerce you need I own multiple stores on Woocommerce. And have been using another paid plugin for discounts. I have some difficulties using other plugins while setting up discounts and user interface etc. When I switched to this plugin, it’s completely amazing. Moreover, found out that there customer support is super great. It works with my theme and team is super fast in helping you out. Thanks guys! Will be awaiting for more products from you guys.
Mex ale
Mex Ale
Fantastic support and great quality I have actually purchased the Pro version because that’s what I needed, but needed an extra feature to have Buy One Get One Free work on an individual product basis, not just say mark the cheapest as free. Once I recorded a video and explained it, they did a change and released the plugin, and it works awesome! Can’t ask for better support and help – highly recommended!
Mex ale
David Braun

Why choose Smart Coupon over a Default Coupon?

You can only create simple coupons with the default WooCommece Coupon feature. If you want to offer simple to advanced coupons like Bulk or user-role-based coupons, then Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is the perfect solution. You can create a wide range of coupons to satisfy all your customers without compromising your profit.

Create Different Coupon Types Easily

Create different types of coupons like BOGO coupons, bulk discount coupons, Bundle discount coupons, Free Shipping coupons, user-role specific coupons, Nth order coupons, Festival coupons, and more.

Offer coupons based on specific products, categories, attributes, Tags, SKUs, and more.

Offer percentage, fixed or fixed price per product discount for the coupons.

Create different types of Smart Coupons with a few simple clicks.

Easily Convert your Visitors into Lifelong Customers.

First-order coupons can grab your potential customer’s attention to make their first purchase with your store.
Give exclusive offers for new users, like free shipping, gifts, or special discounts, which encourage them to purchase immediately.


  • 10% discount only for the New Users
  • Free Gifts for first-time buyers.
  • Enjoy Free Shipping on your First Purchase

Offer Coupons based on Customer Behavior and Earn Customer Loyalty.

Create different types of coupons based on customer behavior like Shipping/Billing Addresses, Payment methods, and the number of orders made by your customers to gain customer satisfaction.

Gather information, segment, and give relevant offers to customers to increase customer engagement.

Build loyal customers with WooCommerce Smart Coupons.


  • Pay with Paytm and Get a 10% discount.
  • Enjoy 15% discount on your 2nd order.
  • Exclusive 10% offer for Indian users.

Reduce Abandoned Carts and Increase Conversions

Give Popular offers like free gifts, BOGO Coupons, and Free Shipping coupons to reduce abandoned carts easily.

Example Scenarios:

  • Purchase above $200 and get a Cap for free.

Increase conversions with subtotal-based coupons for the minimum amount spent by the customers.

Example Scenarios:

  • Enjoy Free Shipping for a purchase above $200

Convert Visitors into Customers Easily

Increase Average Order Value with Bulk Discount Coupons.

Bulk Discount Coupons encourage customers to make larger purchases which will increase the cart subtotal value.

Tiered pricing discounts encourage customers to add more items to their cart.

A bulk discount coupon is a Win-Win situation for you and your customers.

Benefits bulk product buyers like wholesale customers and Shop owners.

For example:

  • Buy 50 to 100 T-Shirts and get a 10% discount.
  • Buy 101 to 150 T-shirts and get a 20% discount.
  • Buy 151 and more T-Shirts and get a 30% discount.

Provide a Quick and Best Shopping Experience for Customers with Auto-apply/ URL coupons.

Customers no longer need to manually apply coupon codes to get discounts.

They can enjoy discounts with a single click.

Help Customers save their time and give a smooth shopping experience.

URL coupons can increase customer satisfaction and make customers return to your store for more purchases.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with BOGO Coupons.

Offer free products and give a satisfying shopping experience for your customers.
Offer BOGO for products, categories, attributes, SKUs, and tags.
Give the same or different products as free gifts.
Promote newly launched products using BOGO coupons.

You can create unlimited BOGO coupons like:

  • Buy a T-Shirt and get one for free.
  • Buy a T-Shirt and get a cap for free.
  • Buy 5 T-shirts and get a sunglass for free.
  • Buy 2 T-Shirts and get the second one for half-price.

Offer User-role-specific Coupons and Attract a Diverse Range of Customers.

Target and satisfy different types of customers like wholesale customers, Subscribers, New customers, Guest Users, Retail Customers, and more.

Customize coupons to match customers’ individual needs and preferences.

Offer appealing coupons for each customer group and enhance customer experience.


  • Exclusive 10% discount for Wholesale Customers
  • Limited-time 25% off for New Customers.
  • Extra 15% off for Social Media Followers.

Encourage Customers to Purchase More and Increase your Average Order Value

Improve Customer Engagement with Purchase History Coupons.

Offer sign-up coupons, WooCommerce First order coupons, Next order coupons, and Nth order coupons and engage customers with your store.

Reward your customers at every step of their shopping journey and make them feel special.

Purchase history coupons can encourage customers to make repeated purchases in your store.


  • 15% off as a welcome gift for new sign-ups.
  • Enjoy a special discount of 20% on your 5th order.
  • Exclusive 15% discount for new users.

Offer Free Gifts to Attract a Large Customer Base

Give free gifts when customers purchase a certain quantity of products or reach a specific subtotal value.

Offer Complimentary products and easily catch your potential customer’s attention.

With free gift coupons reach more customers and create lasting relationships.

For Example,

  • Buy a Mobile Phone and get a mobile cover for free.
  • Enjoy a free sample of our new product with every purchase this month.
  • Get a complimentary gift with any order over $50

Clear Out your Stock Soon with Combo Coupons.

Customers can enjoy discounts when they purchase specific products or category combinations together.

Combo coupons are a great way to move slower-moving products, clear stock, and boost the average order value of your customer’s purchase.


  • Get a combo deal on a smartphone and wireless earbuds.
  • Purchase a camera and lens bundle to receive a complimentary bag.
  • Buy T-Shirts with Phants and get a cap for free.

Create a Sense of Urgency with Limited Flash Sale Coupons

Offer Exclusive discounts for a short period, urging customers to buy quickly.

Make customers purchase immediately with flash sale coupons.
Offer Festival Coupons when customers are actively searching for deals.


  • Exclusive Black Friday Sale10% discount on all products
  • Grab a 10% Discount with One-Hour Flash Sale!
  • Save 20% with our Summer Flash Sale!

Increase Conversions and Maximize Profits Effortlessly.

Inspire Customers to make a Purchase with Subtotal Based Coupons.

Make customers shop in your store with the minimum spending requirements.


  • Purchase for $200 and get a 5% discount.
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders over $75.
  • Spend $200 or more and receive a bonus gift worth $50.

Set maximum spending requirements to increase average order value.


  • Purchase for $500 and get 20% discount.
  • Spend $1,000 or more and receive a limited edition collectible item.
  • Buy for $1500 and unlock VIP benefits.

Achieve a Successful Coupon Campaign by Setting a Usage Limit

Set the usage limit to one user per coupon to make the campaign more effective.

Enhance the effectiveness of the WooCommerce smart coupons campaign, increase customer engagement, and boost conversions.

This simple yet powerful strategy can help you achieve a successful campaign.

Display a Discount Bar on the Product Page and Inform Customers About the Coupons.

Discount bars can create a sense of excitement and encourage customers to make a purchase.

Visually showcase the discount and turn customers’ attention to the WooCommerce smart coupons.

Increases customer engagement, boosts conversions and maximizes the utilization of your coupons with a discount bar.

You can display text in the discount bar as:
“Use coupons to get 10% discount on this product”

Frequently Asked Questions

To use coupons in WooCommerce Cart, Customers need to enter the shared coupon code and apply them to get the discount.


To use a different discount using same coupon codes, install and activate “Discount Rules for WooCommerce.”
1.Go to your WordPress Dashrboard->WooCommerce->Woo Discount Rules
2.Click Add New condition.
3.Configure the rule based on your requirement.
4.In the rules section, Click Add Condition, select “Coupons”, choose “Create your own coupon,” and enter a coupon code.
5.Save and enable the rule.
6.Repeat the same procedure and create different discount rules using the same coupon code.

To apply a coupon code and get a free product, install and activate “Discount Rules for WooCommerce” plugin.
1.Go to your WordPress Dashboard->WooCommerce->Woo Discount Rules
2.Click Add new rule condition.
3.Choose the discount type as “Buy X Get X” or “Buy X Get Y” and configure the rule.
4.In the Rules section, click “Add Condition”
5.Select “Coupons,” choose “Create your own coupon,” and enter a coupon code.
6.Save and enable the rule.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard->WooCommerce->Woo Discount Rules->Settings
In the general section, go to “Choose how discount rules should work” tab and Select “Disable Discount Rules (Coupon will work) option.
Save Changes.


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