Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

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Customize everything in the WooCommerce Order Notification Emails. Create better, professional looking emails for your store.

Use our visual drag and drop editor to edit WooCommerce emails quickly.


14-day Money back guarantee. Buy with confidence

Build your brand by sending well-designed transactional emails

Add a logo, header, footer, body text, custom paragraph texts, social icons, images and more with a simple, intuitive drag and drop interface. Create professional, beautiful transactional emails for your WooCommerce Online store.

Say goodbye to template based email plugins where you can only edit only header and footer. Say hello to the email builder which helps you create beautiful, elegant transactional emails and impress your customers.


Add a logo, header, footer, body text, custom paragraph texts, social icons, images and more with a simple, intuitive drag and drop interface. Create professional, beautiful transactional emails for your WooCommerce Online store.

Visual Drag and Drop Email Editor

Customize WooCommerce emails quickly with our intuitive drag and drop editor. No coding knowledge required. Just drag and drop elements to add images, text, order summary and more.

Responsive, Mobile-friendly

Your WooCommerce Emails look beautiful across all devices and email clients. The editor uses the popular MJML email framework to ensure responsiveness across devices.

Readymade Email templates

You don't have to start from scratch. Use our ready-to-use email templates for all the WooCommerce emails. Get started quickly with beautiful templates for WooCommerce emails

Customize your WooCommerce Email Templates Creatively

The ready-made email templates from the plugin can be easily optimised for WooCommerce transactional emails.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Emails

The plugin comes with built-in support for all the emails of WooCommerce subscription emails. Impress your customers by creating and sending beautifully designed subscription emails.

WooCommerce Booking Emails

Customze email templates of the WooCommerce Bookings plugin with Email Customizer plus. We support all the 14 templates of the Woocommerce Booking plugins. Create a better impression with beautifully designed booking emails.

Add a logo / image easily

Changing the logo is quite easily. Just double-click to add your store logo / image in the email template.

Live Preview

See how your emails look like in different devices with an instant live preview. The editor comes with built-in preview option.

Built-in Multi-lingual, WPML Support

The plugin supports WPML out of the box. So you can create email template in each language your store runs. You can change the text, images and everything in the email for each language.

Third Party plugins

We currently support emails of the following third party plugins - WooCommerce Order Status Manager.

Export templates

Want to have a backup of your email designs? You can export the email templates with a single click.

Send Test Email

Send a test email before going live with your email template. You can make changes according to your branding requirement. The test email can use either a dummy data or the data from an order to be used for the test email
“The support I have received from Flycart for their Email Customizer Plus plugin has been incredible. Nothing is too much trouble for them! As a learner I really appreciate their patience with my learning curve, and they answer all of my questions so politely and quickly. Flycart will be the first place I look if I need any plugins in the future, because they are so reliable and I know that I can count on them”
- Michelle, Handprint Alliance

Edit WooCommerce emails
in minutes

Default Email

Customized Email

Better looking emails within minutes

List of short codes available

The following is a list of short codes available to include dynamic data in your emails.
Billing Address
{{billing_address.formatted_address}} – To get billing address
{{billing_address.first_name}} – To get billing first name
{{billing_address.last_name}} – To get billing last name
{{}} – To get billing name
{{}} – to get billing company
{{}} – To get billing phone
{{billing_address.address1}} – To get billing address 1
{{billing_address.address2}} – To get billing address 2
{{}} – To get billing city
{{billing_address.state}} – To get billing state
{{billing_address.province}} – To get billing province
{{}} – To get billing zip code
{{}} – To get billing country
Shipping Address
{{shipping_address.formatted_address}} – To get shipping address
{{shipping_address.first_name}} – To get shipping first name
{{shipping_address.last_name}} – To get shipping last name
{{}} – To get shipping name
{{}} – To get shipping company
{{shipping_address.address1}} – To get shipping address 1
{{shipping_address.address2}} – To get shipping address 2
{{}} – To get shipping city
{{shipping_address.state}} – To get shipping state
{{shipping_address.province}} – To get shipping province
{{}} – To get shipping zip code
{{}} – To get shipping country
{{shipping_method.title}} – To get shipping method title
{{shipping_method.price}} – To get shipping price
Shop Details
{{}} – To get shop name
{{}} – To get shop E-Mail
{{shop.url}} – To get shop URL
{{shop.address1}} – To get shop address 1
{{shop.address2}} – To get shop address 2
{{}} – To get shop city
{{}} – To get shop zip code
Order Details
{{id}} – to get order id
{{email}} – To get order E-Mail
{{order_number}} – To get order number
{{item_count}} – To get total item count
{{last_note}} – To get last note
{{landing_site}} – To get landing site URL
{{note}} – To get note
{{order_status_url}} – To get order status URL
{{order_status_link}} – To get order status link
{{subtotal_price}} – To get order sub-total
{{total_price}} – To get order total
{{created_at}} – To get order created date
{{}} – To get order id
{{order.fee}} – To get order fee
{{order.refund}} – To get order refund
{{order.url}} – To get order url
{{order.cart}} – To get order cart details
{{order.customer_provided_note}} – To get customer provided note
Payment Details
{{payment_method}} – To get order payment method
{{payment_url}} – To get payment URL
{{payment_transaction_id}} – To get order transaction id
Reset Password
{{customer.password_reset_url}} – To get customer name
New User
{{customer.password}} – To get customer name
{{customer.activation_url}} – To get customer E-Mail
Customer Details
{{}} – To get customer name
{{}} – To get customer E-Mail
Social media Short codes
{{facebook}} – Facebook URL from settings
{{twitter}} – Twitter URL from settings
{{instagram}} – Instagram URL from settings
{{linkedin}} – Linkedin URL from settings
{{pinterest}} – Pintrest URL from settings

Make your emails standout

Don’t procrastinate. If you wish that your customers love your emails and remember your brand, invest in Email Customizer for WooCommerce today. Pick a license now!

From “me-too” to “top-notch” branding in just a few clicks

Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin is the ideal solution for all WooCommerce stores. Simple interface, beautiful designs, and no coding whatsoever.

Email Customizer for WooCommerce is made for everybody. It is extremely easy to use. And it delivers great results!

It’s a must have for everyone who wants to create a stronger brand.


Make your emails standout

Don’t procrastinate. If you wish that your customers love your emails and remember your brand, invest in Email Customizer for WooCommerce today. Pick a license now!

Common Queries ( Solved )

Let’s be realistic. We all wanted to get the best out of everything. So we would like to answer the most common questions you might have about our plugins

Unsure if this will work for you?

I fully understand if you can’t decide whether this plugin will fulfill your needs. My recommendation:

  1. review all information on this page,
  2. try our live demo – it will give you a good sense of how things will work,
  3. quickly go through our docs – we’ve answered many common questions there,
  4. feel free to send us your questions using the chat prompt at bottom right of this page. You will most likely get an instant response. If we are not in your timezone, then we will answer you ASAP.

Feel it’s very expensive? Have a cheaper alternative? Cheap = better??

Price becomes a big factor in any purchase decision. And it may block you as well. But here’s something I want you to think about…

What value will this plugin generate for you? How much money can it make you in next 3-4 months? How much can it save in a year? Can it improve conversions and customer satisfaction?

So make your choice based on potential value not price.

Even if you have a strong budget restriction, a $25 solution is most likely not going to be better than a $129 solution. No two solutions are equal. So dig deeper before making your choice. When in doubt, I would go with a trustworthy, proven vendor, even if their solution was more expensive.

How much effort will it take to achieve what you want?

Buying the plugin is one step in completing the job at hand. Think about the setup / configuration / learning / maintenance time and cost as well. We design our plugins with utmost focus on your productivity. We want you to get the job done – faster and easier.

If you need any assistance, just feel free to reach out. Leave us a message using the live chat button at the bottom right corner.

Your plugin does not have “x” feature…

Developing, maintaining and supporting complex features is costly. Why do you want to pay for things you won’t even need? More options means more choices to make. Bloated features mean more things that can break. We consciously choose what is and is not included in our plugins.

So check if you need all the bells and whistles… It may be wiser to go with something that may not do everything, but whatever it does, it does well.

Your time is more valuable than you think…

We assume our time to be cost-free. But instead of spending an hour going here and there within WooCommerce, you can use a plugin that makes things simpler. Then invest the saved time in crafting better products and offers. Engaging customers and growing traffic.

Why annual subscription?

WordPress and WooCommerce update often. We keep improving our plugins and help customers grow their businesses. Your recurring payments help us continue serving you for a very long time. That’s the reason for annual renewals. Subscriptions renew automatically and you can cancel anytime.

Does this work with Subscriptions / Memberships / other plugins? Will it work with Storefront / Divi / Astra / ThemeForest / my theme?

We develop our plugins with compatibility in mind. And over the years people have used our plugins in all sorts of setups. So yes, our plugins should work with most themes and plugins out there. There may be exceptions though – especially if you’re using something that overlaps in functionality.

In case you find something incompatible, let us know and we will resolve it. Or provide you a refund if we can’t solve it.

Money back if broken / incompatible / defective…

We invest ton of time and money researching, developing and improving our plugins. We follow the best coding practices and are proud of our plugins. Our support will also solve any problems you may face.

But if the plugin is broken, defective or incompatible with your setup, we will verify your claim and if found legit we will gladly refund your money within first 14 days. We don’t want cursed money!

Make your emails standout

Don’t procrastinate. If you wish that your customers love your emails and remember your brand, invest in Email Customizer for WooCommerce today. Pick a license now!



Works great & support is amazing

Compared to other similar programs I have tried, Discount Rules rules. Easy to use and does everything I need it to do, once I figure it our. And support is always there to help with those things I need help with.


Great plugin! Excellent customization!

My client needed a Woo Commerce discount plugin that would apply a discount only under specific conditions. When I found this WordPress plugin, it had almost all the functionality we needed, except for one thing. I reached out to the developer and he was able to add on the additional feature for us. His quality of service and communication are excellent! I highly recommend this developer and this plugin. It has made my life easier and my client happy. Thanks you for being awesome! Keep up the great work!

Josh Hall
I was after what I thought was a simple addition. To add a percentage, storewide discount for 3 items or more. I tried several plugins that were all either bloated, way too sophisticated, required a premium version or just plain didn’t work. Finally, I came across this one and it worked great! Had it set up in less than a couple minutes and it worked like a charm. Easy to use, lightweight and it seems to play well with a plethora of plugins I already have on this particular site. Well done and a sincere THANK YOU for this plugin!
Recently installed this plugin on a massive woocommerce store with 5k products and hundreds of categories/subs and the discount rules are working perfectly. The support has been phenomenal AND fast (especially with regards to adding features in future updates). Would highly recommend to anyone that wants to boost orders by manipulating product discounts. Thanks again!
Andre V.

Fast and great Support!

I was facing an issue with the free version of Woo Discount Rules, I wrote to the customer care via chat on their website and they got in contact with me in few hours. Today, the day after, I’m able to continue to test the integration of this plugin in my woocommerce, thanks to the support!

Best discount plugin for wordpress

In my opinion this is the best and most sophisticated promotions and discounts plugin for wordpress have ever been created. Also, they have the best support I have came across so far. I had a glitch/bug in my website and they step in and helped, checked the issue and wrote their own code to match their plugin to a custom code that i have on my website.

Please keep up with your amazing work, I’m very happy with the purchase of your plugin.

For a client I needed to look after a highly adaptive discount plugin and I found this one. I´ve bought the pro version and in my opinion it´s the best plugin on the market right now. It has a lot of features and customization possibilities. The support reacts fast and is very friendly and willingly to help you. Keep up this great work!
Gary Summers

An Amazing Discount Plugin with Stellar Support!

Equally important as the plugin itself is the technical support. I had some questions configuring a complex Price Rule, and the support responses and solution help from Ramesh were pretty much real time. The plugin is nicely designed, and well thought out. Once you understand the capabilities, it is easy to configure complex discount rules on both the product pricing and cart side of things. A must have for any e-commerce site trying to enhance sales with seamless discount capabilities!

Mex Ale
Only Discount Plugin for Woocommerce you need I own multiple stores on Woocommerce. And have been using another paid plugin for discounts. I have some difficulties using other plugins while setting up discounts and user interface etc. When I switched to this plugin, it’s completely amazing. Moreover, found out that there customer support is super great. It works with my theme and team is super fast in helping you out. Thanks guys! Will be awaiting for more products from you guys.
David Braun

Fantastic support and great quality

I have actually purchased the Pro version because that’s what I needed, but needed an extra feature to have Buy One Get One Free work on an individual product basis, not just say mark the cheapest as free. Once I recorded a video and explained it, they did a change and released the plugin, and it works awesome! Can’t ask for better support and help – highly recommended!


An awesome plug that lets you create incredibly flexible discount rules Very good indeed.

Definitely worth paying for the premium version if the free one doesn’t already do what you need. A client wanted per-user per-product pricing on their online shop. Yes – an individual price for every customer for every product they sell. Really. I didn’t expect there would be a plugin available that would do this, but this does! Saved me loads of work – best $29 I ever spent on a WordPress plugin. Highly recommended.

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