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Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Email Customizer for WooCommerce

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Customize the WooCommerce Emails using a drag and drop builder. Not just the header and footer, customize everything in the email, beautifully.

Quick info

Requires: WordPress 4.x +
Requires: WooCommerce 2.x / 3.x +
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Email Customizer for WooCommerce with Drag and Drop Email Builder

Revolutionary Email Customizer for WooCommerce with Drag and Drop builder. Customize everything in the WooCommerce Email Order notification emails with a drag and drop editor.

Add a logo, header, footer, body text, custom paragraph texts, social icons, images and more with a simple, intuitive drag and drop interface. Create professional, beautiful transactional emails for your WooCommerce Online store.

Say goodbye to template based email plugins where you can only edit header and footer. Say hello to the email builder which helps you create beautiful, elegant transactional emails and impress your customers.

Watch quick video demo: Drag and drop email editor

Build your brand by sending well-designed transactional emails

  • Add your logo
  • Customize the email content
  • Display the order details, customer information, address and more.
  • Use short codes to add dynamic data (customer, order, products etc)
  • Live-preview of your changes
  • Powerful editor for Body content (Built with Vue.JS ) with real-time preview
  • Send a test email to validate your design

What is the difference between other email customizers

Well, most of the email customizer plugins allow you to just edit the header, footer and add a logo. Some will just have pre-defined templates.

But our plugin allows you to build and customize your email with an easy-to-use email builder. it is like a page builder where you drag and drop elements like text block, paragraph blocks, image blocks and edit them.


You can create an email template per language. Example: One email template for English, another in Spanish, yet another in French. So if a customer visits your site in French language and makes an order, the French email template will be used to send an email.

The items list will be in the customer’s language because we use the default WooCommerce item’s list with the hooks. It is compatible with WPML. So the items list and other WooCommerce supplied texts would be in the customer’s chosen language.

Why you should customize WooCommerce emails ?

A good, professional email adds a lot more value to your online business. It tells you how professional you are, how committed you are. Besides, it is a good business practice to send elegant emails. You don’t want your business to get a bad impression by sending crappy looking emails.

Keep customers coming back for more by sending well-designed, professional transactional emails

That is why we introduced a powerful drag and drop email builder to customize your woocommerce transactional emails. Just drag and drop text, heading, images, paragraphs, content blocks, buttons and more. And use the short codes to include dynamic content like order details, customer information, billing address, shipping address and more.

Key features

  • Powerful drag and drop email builder built with Vue.js
  • 15 + elements including text, images, button, paragraphs, social icons and more
  • Customize everything in your WooCommerce order email notifications
  • Include the dynamic data like order summary, customer information, products in the order using short codes
  • Short codes will be dynamically replaced with the respective WooCommerce data before the email is sent to the customer
  • Add your logo, images and a header, a footer, custom body and more
  • Display the order details, customer information, address and more.
  • Live-preview of your changes. Use an order to see how your emails would look like
  • Send a test email to validate your design
  • Customize all WooCommerce Transactional Emails.
  • Support for WooCommerce Custom Order Status manager
  • Support for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor
  • WordPress Multi-site compatible

List of short codes available

The following is a list of short codes available to include dynamic data in your emails.

Order Details:
[woo_mb_items] - To Get Items
[woo_mb_order_id] - To Get Order ID
[woo_mb_order_sub_total] - To Get Order Sub-Total
[woo_mb_order_total] - To Get Order Total
[woo_mb_order_fee] - To Get Order Fee
[woo_mb_order_refund] - To Get Order Refunds
[woo_mb_order_date] - To Get Order Date
[woo_mb_order_payment_method] - To Get Payment Method
[woo_mb_payment_method] - To Get Payment Method
[woo_mb_transaction_id] - To Get Transaction ID
[woo_mb_shipping_method] - To Get Shipping Method
[woo_mb_order_shipping] - To get Shipping Total
[woo_mb_shipping_first_name] - To Get Shipping First Name
[woo_mb_shipping_last_name] - To Get Shipping Last Name
[woo_mb_shipping_company] - To Get Shipping Company
[woo_mb_shipping_address] - To Get Shipping Address
[woo_mb_shipping_address_1] - To Get Shipping Address 1
[woo_mb_shipping_address_2] - To Get Shipping Address 2
[woo_mb_shipping_city] - To Get Shipping City
[woo_mb_shipping_state] - To Get Shipping State
[woo_mb_shipping_postcode] - To Get Shipping Postal Code
[woo_mb_shipping_country] - To Get Shipping Country
[woo_mb_billing_address] - To Get Billing Address
[woo_mb_billing_first_name] - To Get First Name
[woo_mb_billing_last_name] - To Get Last Name
[woo_mb_billing_company] - To Get Billing Company
[woo_mb_billing_address_1] - To Get Billing Address 1
[woo_mb_billing_address_2] - To Get Billing Address 2
[woo_mb_billing_city] - To Get Billing City
[woo_mb_billing_state] - To Get Billing State
[woo_mb_billing_postcode] - To Get Billing PostalTo Get User’s Email Code
[woo_mb_billing_country] - To Get Billing Country
[woo_mb_billing_phone] - To Get Billing Phone Number
[woo_mb_site_name] - To get Site Name
[woo_mb_site_url] - To Get Site URL
[woo_mb_user_name] - To Get User’s Name
[woo_mb_customer_note] - Get Customer Note
[woo_mb_user_email] - To Get User’s Email