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Expand your WooCommerce store's capabilities and drive sales with our extensive add-ons.

Give your store exactly what it needs! Choose from our range of add-ons, including multi-currency, translation, and more, to simplify your efforts and boost your store’s performance.



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Adds support for translating labels and words including the dynamically generated ones using WPML or LocoTranslate


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Adds support for several popular multi-currency plugins in WooCommerce so that the discount rules seamlessly work in different currencies.


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Adds support for WPML plugin, ensuring discount rules apply correctly across all languages in your store

Facebook Plugin

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Connect WooCommerce & Facebook for targeted ads, easy order management, & boosted reach.

Wholesale Prices

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Offer special pricing for bulk orders & build stronger wholesale relationships to increase revenue.

Country Based Pricing

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Offer competitive pricing in different regions, maximize profits based on market needs, and attract more international customers.

Extra Product Options

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Let customers personalize products, offer variations, improve user experience, & boost sales with Extra Product Options!


Coming Soon

With our Mini cart add-on, you can effortlessly add, view, and manage items without ever navigating away from the page you’re on.

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