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Loyalty Points, Rewards and Referral Plugin for WooCommerce

Create WooCommerce loyalty rewards and referral programs easily.

Increase customer engagement and sales with customer loyalty reward programs, WooCommerce referral programs and more.


Drive More Repeat Sales by Rewarding Customers With Points

Turn customers into brand advocates by making every interaction count.

Engage customers during different phases of their journey. Reward specific actions and build relationships as you grow.

Sign Up

Sign Up

Reward customers with loyalty points when they sign up.

Purchase Actions

Purchase Actions

Incentivize customers with points when they purchase or write a review.



Gift loyalty points when customers refer a friend.


Launcher Widget

Build an engaging
rewards experience

Grab more eyeballs to your WooCommerce rewards program with the Launcher widget. Let customers easily find, earn and redeem your rewards.

  • A fully customizable widget. Make it seamlessly fit into your store branding
  • Let customers easily find your rewards 
  • Showcase the rewards for purchase, writing a review, signup, referrals 
  • Mobile-friendly design. No coding required. Just customize using WordPress Customizer.

See it in action

Powerful Features to Create Valuable Customer Engagement

Reward Customers. In Exchange for Loyalty

Create dynamic WooCommerce customer loyalty programs with this plugin. Customer loyalty points system can help increase brand advocates for your store.

  • Reward points when customers sign up.
  • Reward your customers when they complete a purchase.
  • Encourage customers by giving points when they write a review.
  • Increase chances to earn points by creating WooCommerce referral programs.

Increase WOM. Drive More Traffic & Revenue.

Create WooCommerce referral programs that reward your business. Increase brand credibility via WOM by making every interaction count.

  • Reward points for referrals.
  • Bonus points when a referral completes a purchase.
  • Automatically redeem points based on referral rules.
  • Choose whether or not to give discounts to new customers.

Gain Complete Control. Manage Points & Rewards.

Decide how much points your customers get when they complete a purchase. This WordPress loyalty plugin’s auto-detect feature identifies your store’s currency format. Also, don’t forget to make use of the Custom Points Label feature.

  • Set custom conversion rate values for points.
  • Round off reward points to the nearest value.
  • Let customers partially/fully redeem their points.
  • Set custom expiry date for reward points.

In-Depth Analytics Dashboard. Deeper Insights

Do more with a dashboard that tells you everything. A clean and a user-friendly dashboard gives deep insights about your WooCommerce customer loyalty program. No more toggling between multiple screens.

  • View total points awarded, redeemed and more.
  • Check individual customer details - points, referral code and referral URL.
  • Custom filter options to view insights for a particular timeline. 
  • Dedicated section to view recent activities of customers. 

Why You Should Use WooCommerce Customer Loyalty Program?


Increase Sales Numbers

Effective reward system helps generate more sales.


Grow Your Brand Value

Get recognized, drive traffic and accelerate revenue.


Build a Loyal Customer Base

Rewards in exchange for loyalty to build a brand advocates.


Increase Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Make people talk about your brand - free marketing.


Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Increase repeat purchases & recurring revenue.


Stay Ahead of Competitors

Customer loyalty programs help step up your game.

Points for Signing Up

John enters the store and finds this unique button at the bottom of the screen (dedicated loyalty points and rewards program launcher). On clicking, he gets to know about the store’s loyalty points and rewards program. And that he’ll be getting points as a reward when he signs up.

An intrigued John immediately signs up and becomes a user. When he does, he gets XX points as a welcome bonus (which he realizes can be redeemed during the purchase). An excited John proceeds to complete his purchase. Rewarding your new users with a welcome bonus helps you earn their trust. Also, you get to push your users to the buying phase.

Points for Completing a Purchase

John was happy that he already has a few points which can be redeemed at the time of checkout. On reaching the checkout page, he finds that he is about to get a few more points when he completes the purchase.

This eventually increases the probability that John completes the purchase. Incentivizing customers to complete a purchase works 8 out of 10 times. And yes, John did purchase.

Points for Writing a Review

A few days after his purchase, John finds that he would get additional points when he writes a product review. Also, John being extremely satisfied with the product didn’t hesitate to write a review of his purchase.

It’s a win-win situation here. You get good reviews on your store plus you earn a loyal brand advocate.

Points for Referral

John who is now a loyal customer of your store comes to know about the referral program. Already being a loyal brand advocate, John sends out referral links to his peers.

Luckily for him, a dozen of them signed up the very next day and John had enough loyalty points in his account to buy shades for himself. Likewise, the cycle continues and every new customer on your store becomes a loyal brand advocate. Eventually, you grow your brand value and revenue simultaneously.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Loyalty Program in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Loyalty Programs are customer reward programs that stores use to build loyal audiences. Customers can earn points by doing specific actions and can later redeem these points. WooCommerce stores use dedicated WordPress loyalty reward plugins to do this.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. You will still be able to access all features of the plugin and receive updates until your subscription period ends.

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