WooCommerce Smart Coupon

A Powerful Discount Rule for WooCommerce Plugin

Drive your Sales with WooCommerce Smart Coupons

Bring in more traffic and boost sales with the most flexible yet simple WooCommerce smart coupon marketing strategies.
Offer BOGO coupons, Single-Click URL coupons, Flash Sale coupons, and more, and turn your customers into brand
advocates with greater returns.


Create smarter marketing campaigns with smart coupons using its powerful set features and functionalities.


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Recognize your WooCommerce store with Multiple features and Coupon Strategies

Care for customers, and create customer value with the right marketing strategies. Build various discount rules and conditions with smart coupons using their robust features and functionalities.

Advanced WooCommerce Coupon Strategies

Integrate the Woo Discount Rules to create a variety of coupons and dynamic pricing offers. Apply the matching discount rules automatically when customers meet certain conditions at purchase.

Create BOGO Coupons

Reward your customers with multiple discounts and unexpected freebies via BOGO coupons. You can create Buy One Get One coupon deals, offer one or more products in any category, and provide discounts on the same or different products in minutes.

Coupons over URL/ Single Click URL Coupons

Make your customer journey easy via sharing URL coupons through email. Say “NO” to memorize coupon codes, mistyping, and NO copy paste. One-click coupon redemption will keep customers coming back to your store.

Single Coupon Multiple Purchases

Create a single coupon code based on various conditions and categories or all products. Say 20% discount on $100 subtotal, Buy a minimum of 3, and get a 20% discount on all products. Reward your customers more than what they pay with a single coupon code.

Create Flash Sale Coupons

Grow your revenue in the short term as soon as the customer purchases from your store. Attract and Re-engage customers by creating flash sales.

Multiple Offers and Discounts

Boost sales in your store, combine different discount rules to generate powerful coupon and pricing promotions.

Coupon Restrictions

Saves your time big! Add usage restrictions and product attributes, run a targeted coupon marketing campaign, deliver the best customer experience, and drive revenue growth.

User/User Role-based Coupon

Offer discounts/coupons to specific customers/specific user roles. Reward your loyal customers with personalized coupons and discount offers.

Integrate with various plugins

Compatible with WooCommerce Product Add Ons, WooCommerce Product Bundle, WooCommerce Wholesale prices & B2B plugin by Rymera Web Co, Currency Switcher by Realmag77, and many others.

Advanced Discount Types

Woo Discount Rules Pro Smart Coupon - Features

More than 90,000+ active installations and comprehensive features to grow your sales and give your
customers the experience they love.

Make your customers spend more and boost your Average Order Value on your store with BOGO Coupons.

Buy One Get One (BOGO) smart coupon offers are one of the proven marketing strategies that encourage customers to make larger purchases from your WooCommerce store. Take advantage of the best technique to upsell your products and turn visitors into customers. Create multiple BOGO offers with various pricing discounts that fit your WooCommerce store.

A few examples of BOGO smart coupons are as follows:

Increase your sales conversions with suitable and effective pricing strategies and coupon rules

Using Discount Rules for WooCommerce, you can offer advanced smart coupons with various restrictions. With the conditions, the customer can redeem the coupon offer when they satisfy the required condition.

Easy and Quick Conversion with URL Coupons

Customers will love it when it is easy and quick to redeem coupon offers. Make your campaign successful with single-click URL smart coupons. Any coupon code can be transformed into shareable URLs for social media or other sites.

Surprise customers with Freebies and Discount Coupons

Encourage your customers with surprising freebies and attractive discounts on products in your WooCommerce store. Create a personal bond with customers and build brand affinity. Hence provide freebies or discount coupons.

Promote Sales with Discount Bar

Boost your WooCommerce store sales with a discount bar and notify your customers with incredible smart coupon offers

Why use WooCommerce Smart Coupons?

Everyone loves a coupon. Smart Coupons are loaded with various discounts and promotions to increase your sales conversion and are a proven sales booster to your WooCommerce store.

Installing Woo Discount rules increase repeat purchases and customer loyalty with various discounts and Delight your existing and new customers with give-away products using smart coupon strategies.


Start to increase your store's sales and conversion with our WooCommerce Smart Coupon.

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