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How to Setup Loyalty Points Chat-Like Widget in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the emerging customizable eCommerce platforms around the world. Competitor in this field is increasing day-by-day. To stand out, you need to utilize some exclusive features like the Loyalty program. What if those kinds of features come in handy?

Literally, it does exist. Loyalty points & rewards Launcher widget is available for WooCommerce store owners. It is used to access loyalty programs quite easily without going under certain processes to open.

Getting eager to know how it’s done? We have divided each part to make you understand easily. Let’s dive into setting up WooCommerce loyalty points and rewards.

What is a WooCommerce Loyalty Launcher widget?

Launcher Widget is a type of plugin “button” or “Floating bar” that is visible on your website. The visitors click on it to make interactions with your available promotional stuff in the WooCommerce store.
Example: Chatbot, Social media sharing button, etc.

It is available in the bottom right/left corner of the eCommerce website. With just one click, visitors can interact and connect with their favorite online stores.
In recent years, online shopping users have become more in numbers. To captivate your valuable customer, the WooCommerce loyalty points widget has taken place. By using it, there will be a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below.

Advantages of WooCommerce loyalty program

  • Help in gaining new customers through referral
  • Attain more customers with successful retention marketing
  • Increases the profit in all aspects
  • Incentivize your customer to drive repeat sales
  • Increases your customer conversion rate
  • Become the first choice of customer

How to download - Loyalty points & rewards plugin

The smartest way to, and attract more customers to your online store is to download a cost-effective "Loyalty points and rewards plugin". In these, you can set certain points for each purchase. Customers can redeem them later to apply discounts on their next purchase.

Getting confused to pick the right one?
Check on the best WooCommerce Loyalty Points and Reward Plugin.

Now we have a basic idea of the WooCommerce loyalty program. Let's head to the download and installation part. Download the WooCommerce loyalty points rewards and referral plugin from “Flycart” to get an exclusive feature.

After we've finished with the downloading, we'll move on to the next phase. Now is the time to integrate the loyalty points and rewards plugin with our WooCommerce Store.

Basic steps to set up a WooCommerce Launcher widget of Loyalty points & rewards [like a chatbot icon]

You are probably looking for WooCommerce loyalty points chat-like widget, right? That launcher widget is available inside the Loyalty points & rewards plugins. All you have to do is to install the plugin & enable it and it’s not that hard to set up those processes. We have shown some steps below to make it simpler for you.

1. Download & Install process

Initially, you need to download “Loyalty points and rewards plugins for WooCommerce”. Once you are done with the download part. Now let’s get started with the installation process.

Step 1:
Login to your WordPress admin section. Go to dashboard -> Click on “Plugins”

Step 2:
Click on the “Add New” button as shown.

1 Add New

Step 3:
It will lead to the “Upload Plugin” button. Click on it.

2 Upload Plugin

Step 4:
Click on the browse button. Choose the Loyalty Points and Rewards plugin zip file and click install to upload your file.

3 upload file

After installing the plugin, don’t forget to activate it. When you are finished, go to the WooCommerce dashboard. You can view the available Loyalty Points and Rewards Plugin.

Now it’s the perfect time to initiate the “WooCommerce loyalty point - launcher widget”. Let’s begin.

2. Setting up Launcher icon of Loyalty points & rewards

Don’t you think it’s awesome to show stunning WooCommerce loyalty points & rewards plugins visually to your customers?

4 launcher

Yes, indeed. Thus WooCommerce loyalty points & rewards plugin still remains one of the best sales plugins in eCommerce realms. To establish a perfect customer point system in WooCommerce. There are a few customization and changes in settings that need to take place. Let’s get down to it.

Step 1:
Inside your WooCommerce dashboard, click on the “Loyalty Points and Rewards Plugin” tab. 

5 woocommerce loyalty points rewards dashboard

Step 2:
Click on “Settings” -> Launcher.
Enable the Launcher to display the catchy rewards in WooCommerce.

6 Enable Launcher

Step 3:
Launcher icon -> Used to upload your favorable customized icon to display in the front of the eCommerce website.

7 Launcher Icon

Step 4:
Launcher Text -> Enter the label text of your plugin. Ex: Exclusive Offers!

8 Launcher Text

Step 5:
Launcher Button Width -> Set the size of the width of the icon to be displayed at the storefront.

9 Launcher Button Width

Step 6:
Launcher Icon Display Position -> Determine the display position either Right or Left for the widget.

10 Launcher Icon Display Position

Step 7:
Launcher Icon Background Color -> Change icon background color more flashy as per your needs.

11 Launcher Icon Background Color

Step 8:
Launcher Icon Text -> Choose the text color of the icon that fits your visual appeal of background color.

12 Launcher Icon Text

Step 9:
Show Launcher in -> This option lets you change where the launcher is to be displayed either Mobile or Web or on All devices. At last, Save the changes.

13 Show Launcher in

In order to add more dazzling to your WooCommerce loyalty rewards Launcher widget, you need to make use of the customization option.

3. Customize your Loyalty points & rewards Launcher button

Want to build your unique WooCommerce loyalty point chat-like widget? It’s all possible with the customization process where you can set your launcher button on your own choice like changing templates, styles, appearance, etc.
Your customers will find it more desirable when there’s an eye-catching launcher icon in your online store. Never wait for the moment to rise. Let’s get started.

Step 1:
You can start the customization process by clicking on the “Customize” button in the settings.

14 Customize

Once you are in, you can view lots of options available in the customize launcher section. 

15 Loyalty Launcher Customization

Step 2:
Launcher - You can customize the text font, Header background color, text & body background color, and even add your catchy logo image on the header part. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? You can also customize the Launcher button more stylishly with this option.

16 Launcher

Step 3:
Appearance for Logged in User - At the beginning, click on the “Header” to set the title of the card.
You can make different cards to captivate your customers and keep them engaged by displaying rewards in the WooCommerce store. To give you an idea, sample cards are shown below.

  • Birthday card - Enter the birth date to get rewards on your special day.
  • Refer a friend card - Gain points by referring to a friend’s circle.
  • Referral Points Earning Card - Points will be earned based on the referral.
  • Review Card - Set this card to get feedback from the product & make the customers delighted by providing points.

The basic setup of the above cards includes,

  • Enable/Disable available card
  • Choose the card display alignment like first, second, etc.
  • You can also customize the Card heading, Card label, Button text, Button & Background color, Button text color, and Image of the existing cards.
  • Pre-built Shortcodes speed up the processing of your template.

17 Appearance Logged in User

Step 4:
Appearance for Guest User - To get long-run loyal customers, set the welcome board more effectively.

  • Header - Set the caption of the card
  • Sign-up card - Create a catchy Sign-up heading & content, Sign-up button text & colors to grab your customer’s attention at the first sight.
  • Review Card - Notify your customers that they can earn points based on product reviews. 

18 Appearance Guest User

Step 5:
Custom style and Import/Export Customization settings
Click on “Custom style” - To apply the unique style by implementing your Custom CSS code into it.

19 Custom Style

Additionally, you can also import/export the whole customization settings by clicking on the “Export” or “Import” button as shown below.

20 Customizing Import Export


1. How to make a Loyalty program successful?

75% of consumers prefer the brands which offer rewards. To create brand value, you need to implement a loyalty program successfully. Simple tips to enhance your brand value are,

  • Create a lot of possible ways to earn points for consumers.
  • Keep aligning with your branding, provide an engaging customization & styling option.
  • Make it easy to earn points from your brand based on the price of your product and profit margin, customer spending habits.
  • Create more exciting rewards to engage your customers.
  • Share your loyalty program through Email campaigns, social media, etc to retain the loyal customers and keep on purchasing.
  • Utilize incentive dimension. Ex: Provide earning points for each transaction.

2. What is the main classification of loyalty programs?

The main types of loyalty programs that each WooCommerce store should hold are

  • Point loyalty program
  • Tiered loyalty program
  • Premium/Pro loyalty program
  • Cashback loyalty program
  • Coalition/Combination loyalty program
  • Hybrid Loyalty Programs

3. What type of rewards should be offered to your customer?

  • Create relevant incentives for your audiences
  • Set certain points or discounts based on “referral” conditions.
  • Provide “surprising gifts” for your loyal customers on their special occasions.
  • Gather feedback from your customers and spread the appreciation written note to them. To let them know the value of their presence. It will impact brand value efficiently.
  • Offer a reward to new customers who sign up and make their “first purchase”.
  • Create a system where consumers can win points for making a purchase or writing a review.

4. Does a loyalty program help to increase sales & profit?

Yes. It helps gain more on ROI. Engaging more customers leads to profitable sales. Due to loyalty programs, you can also get frequent purchases in your online store. Focusing, and on delivering better value to the customers increases the brand’s trustworthiness & eventually grows revenue.

5. What are the key factors of Loyalty programs?

  • A well-defined value proposition.
  • Communication must be done both broadly and effectively.
  • A value should be simple to explain.
  • Enrollment should be done in several ways.
  • Create your offer “value for money”.
  • Providing excellent service and a high-quality product.