How to Setup WooCommerce Quantity Discounts? (2024 Guide)

Setup quantity based discounts in woocommerce discount rules

Do you want to incentivize your customers with discounts when they purchase larger quantities of specific items? 

Offering WooCommerce quantity discounts is the solution to making customers buy more product quantities, and increase the average order value and sales.

Imagine that your customers discover an irresistible offer in your online store: big discounts for buying more of your products. They start loading up their shopping carts with more items than they originally intended.

And guess what?

The process of setting up a quantity discount in WooCommerce is simple with the help of a discount plugin like “Discount Rules Pro for WooCommerce’, as you can’t set quantity-based discounts with the default settings.

In this blog, let’s discuss the step-by-step process of setting WooCommerce discounts based on quantity using the Discount Rules plugin and also learn some best practices to follow to make this discount campaign effective and profitable. 

Incentivize your customers with personalized quantity-based discounts using the Discount Rules Pro plugin to increase bulk purchases.

What is a WooCommerce Quantity Discount?

A WooCommerce quantity discount is a pricing strategy to incentivize customers to purchase larger quantities of a specific product by offering a reduced price per unit when they buy more. 

The main goal of this discount type is to increase sales volume for particular items, clear inventory, or reward customers for larger purchases.

Example of WooCommerce Quantity-Based Pricing

Assume you’re selling organic coffee beans for $20 per 1kg bag, and you want to encourage customers to purchase more by offering discounts based on the quantity they buy.

You can create a quantity pricing structure as:

Buy 1 or 2 bagsNo discount; each bag costs $20
Buy 3-5 bags$1 fixed discount, each bag costs $19
Buy 6-10 bags$3 fixed discount, each bag costs $17
Buy 11 bags or more$5 fixed discount, each bag costs $15

Set quantity-based pricing for specific products or categories easily with the Discount Rules Pro plugin to get large volume orders.

How to Set Up a WooCommerce Discount Based on Quantity?

Setting up a WooCommerce discount based on quantity involves creating rules that automatically apply discounts when customers purchase specific product quantities. 

We can use the best WooCommerce quantity discount plugin, “Discount Rules Pro for WooCommerce,” as it provides pre-built discount templates with customization options to create attractive and effective campaigns.

Check this installation guide to download and install the “Discount Rules Pro” plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

You can create different scenarios to apply quantity discounts to attract different customers. We will discuss a few common and popular scenarios.

Scenario 1: WooCommerce Quantity Discount For A Specific Product

We will take the example mentioned above for this scenario.

Example: Providing a $0 to $5 fixed discount based on quantities for the specific product, Coffee Beans.

Follow these steps to apply this specific product quantity discount:

  • After installing and activating the “Discount Rules” plugin, go to WooCommerce and select “Woo Discount Rules.
  • Click the “Add New Rule” button, enter the name for the rule, and select “Discount Type” as “Bulk Discount.”
  • Filter the “Coffee Beans” product in the filter section.
  • In the “Discount” section, select “Count Quantities By” as “Filters Set Above.”
  • Add the minimum and maximum quantities of the product along with its discount type as “Fixed discount” and set “value” from $0 to $5 for different quantity ranges.
  • Optionally, you can provide labels for each quantity range.
Campaign 1 - Fixed-Cost Quantity Discount for Specific Product
  • Now, save the rule.

After configuring this rule, the product quantity table will display on the specific product page.

Campaign 1a - Showing Quantity Discount Table on Product Pages

Here is the live result of adding fixed-cost quantity discounts for “Coffee Beans” on a cart page:

Campaign 1b - Live Result of Fixed-Cost Quantity Discount For a Specific Product

Scenario 2: WooCommerce Quantity Discount For A Specific Category

Example: 5% to 10% Discount for specific quantities for the “Beverages” category.

To set quantity discounts based on a specific category,

  • Add a new rule and select “Bulk Discount” as “Discount Type.”
  • Filter the “Beverages” category in the filter section.
  • In the discount section, select “Filters set above” and set the minimum and maximum product quantities.
  • Select “Discount Type” as “Percentage Discount” and set values based on quantity ranges.
  • Save the rule.
Campaign 2 - Percentage Quantity Discount for Specific Category

Now, the percentage-based quantity discounts are applied only to the “Beverages” category.

Campaign 2 - Live Result of Percentage Quantity Discount for Specific Category

Scenario 3: WooCommerce Quantity-Based Pricing For A Specific User and User Role

Example: Fixed pricing based on quantity for a specific user, “Oliver” in a specific user role, “Wholesale Dealer.” Also, we can apply this pricing only for a particular item, “Orange juice.”

To set a quantity-based pricing in WooCommerce for specific user:

  • After selecting the discount type as “Bulk Discount,” filter “Orange Juice” from the products.
  • Set the minimum and maximum quantity of product.
  • Choose “Discount Type’ as “Fixed Price Per Item” to apply a fixed sale price for the specific item instead of the regular price. You can also apply a percentage or fixed discount here. And set pricing value.
Campaign 3: Fixed Pricing Based on Quantity
  • In the “Condition” section, select two conditions:
    • A specific user role as “Wholesale Dealer,” and
    • A specific user as “Oliver.

You can also set only one condition as either user or user role. It is optional to choose conditions based on your sales goal.

Campaign 3: Setting Specific User and User Role for Fixed Quantity Pricing

Now, the actual price of “Orange juice” is $15. 

However, when this specific user, “Oliver,” from the “WholeSale Dealer” role, visits the store and purchases more quantities, he can get this item with a discount price based on the quantity range applied above.

Campaign 3: Result of Quantity Based Pricing For a Specific User

Note: You can apply more conditions based on purchase criteria, such as first order, total order value, total item quantity, specific delivery location, payment method, etc.

Scenario 4: WooCommerce Quantity Discount Using a Coupon

Example: Apply quantity discount only when entering coupon code “Buy More Pay Less.”

To create a quantity discount in WooCommerce using a coupon code:

  • Select “Discount Type” as “Bulk Discount”.
  • Filter specific products. For this scenario, I apply discounts for all products in the store.
  • In the “Discount” section, choose “Count Quantities By” as “Individual Product,” and set a minimum and maximum quantity range.
  • Set discount type and value for the product quantity.
  • Select “Coupons” in the “Conditions” section and create your own coupon code. Save the rule.
Campaign 4: Quantity Discount Using a Coupon

Note: Since we are applying discounts to all products, we can select “Individual Products” as it calculates quantities individually for each product. 

If you select “Filters set above,” it will take the quantities for all products and apply discounts for other products that do not satisfy the fixed quantity range.

Here is the final result of applying quantity discount with coupon:

Campaign 4: Live Result of Applying Quantity Discount Using a Coupon

How to Customize the Quantity Discount Table in WooCommerce?

Customizing the quantity discount table on product pages is possible with the “Discount Rules Pro” plugin. To customize the discount table, follow the steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” page of the “Woo Discount Rules” plugin.
  • In the “Product” section, enable the discount table by clicking “Yes.”
  • Also, choose the “Position” of the discount table to display the discount table in a particular place.
Enable Quantity Discount Table on Settings
  • After clicking “Yes,” you can click “Customize Discount Table” to customize the content of the table based on your discount campaigns. 
  • Finally, save the settings.
Customize Quantity Discount Table

Best Practices for Quantity Discounts in WooCommerce

Implementing WooCommerce discounts based on quantity can be a powerful tactic to increase sales volume. However, to ensure that these discounts are effective and beneficial, it’s important to follow best practices. 

Here are some key strategies to consider while applying WooCommerce quantity discounts:

  1. Understand Your Margins
    Know your product profit margins before offering discounts to ensure they boost sales without harming profits. Calculate margins to set viable discount levels.
  2. Set Clear Quantity Thresholds
    Clear, logical quantity thresholds encourage additional purchases. For example, thresholds at 5, 10, and 20 units show how close customers are to a better discount.
  3. Use a Tiered Pricing Structure
    A tiered pricing structure boosts sales and average order value by offering greater discounts for larger quantities, encouraging customers to buy more.
  4. Promote Your Quantity Discounts
    Promote quantity discounts on various platforms to inform customers and encourage increased purchases by highlighting potential savings.
  5. Keep It Simple
    Simplicity is key for engaging customers with discount structures. Ensure clear, easy-to-understand rules to avoid frustration and cart abandonment.
  6. Monitor and Adjust
    Regularly review the performance of quantity discount in WooCommerce. Adjust strategies based on sales data, whether changing percentages, thresholds, or promotional tactics.
  7. Consider Product Bundling
    Offer bundled discounts to increase average order value and move specific inventory alongside individual product discounts.

Offer percentage or fixed-price based quantity discounts in WooCommerce using the Discount Rules Pro plugin to increase order value and sales.


Offering quantity discounts for purchasing more can encourage customers to buy more and make bigger orders, which can result in higher average order values and more repeat purchases.

If you’re not already offering quantity-based discounts on your WooCommerce store, it is the right time to implement it to boost your sales.

With the best quantity discount plugin like “Discount Rules for WooCommerce,” you can offer various discount strategies based on quantity. Utilize the plugin features and improve your sales and customer experience.

Also Read:

How do I add a quantity field to a WooCommerce shop page?

To add a quantity field to a WooCommerce shop page, follow these steps:
1. Install and activate “Discount Rules for WooCommerce.”
2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard-> Woo Discount Rules-> Settings-> Show Discount Table-> Yes. You can customize the Discount Table based on your requirements.
3. Now, a quantity field will be added to your WooCommerce shop page.

How do I change the price based on quantity in WooCommerce?

To set or change prices based on quantity in Woocommerce, you need to install and activate “Discount Rules for WooCommerce.”
1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard-> WooCommerce-> Woo Discount Rules.
2. Click ‘Add New Rule’ and enter the rule name.
3. Select the discount type as ‘Bulk discount.’
4. Choose the products for which you wish to offer discounts in the Filter Section.
5. In the discount section, you can set the range and add the discount pricing based on quantity.
6. Make sure to ‘Save and Enable’ the rule.
This is how you set WooCommerce quantity-based pricing.

What are quantity-based pricing examples?

WooCommerce quantity-based pricing can be set with many examples.
Example 1 – Buy 10 to 50 products and get a 10% discount; buy 51 to 100 products and get a 20% discount.
Example 2 – Get a 20% discount for Orders of 50 and above; get a 40% discount for orders of 100 and above.
You can now set many quantity-based pricing examples like the same.

How do I add a quantity discount in WooCommerce?

To add a quantity discount in WooCommerce, install and activate the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce” plugin.
1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard->WooCommerce->Woo Discount Rules.
2. Click the “Add New Rule” button.
3. Give a rule name and choose the discount type as “Bulk discount.”
4. In the Filter section, choose the products for which you want to give discounts. 
5. In the discount section, choose the discount type and set the value based on quantity.
6. Save and Enable the rule.

What are the purposes of quantity discounts?

The purpose of quantity discount is to increase the average order value of a customer’s purchase and boost sales in your online store.

What is the price depending on quantity?

Price depending on quantity is the process of offering different pricing based on the quantity of items purchased by the customers. 

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