JMarkdown is the documentation tool for Joomla. Write documentation using Markdown in a Github repo and JMarkdown creates your documentation section in your Joomla site.

Fetch from Github Repositories

Create your docs using markdown in a Github repository and Configure JMarkdown to use the github repo. Create Repository profiles in JMarkDown and use that repo to store and fetch your documentation.

JMarkdown Fetches the Markdown files from GitHub repo and shows Html content in your Joomla Site. It caches the documentation based on Joomla Cache settings.

github repositories

Customised Sidebar

Sidebar has Sections and Topics, Create Sections and Topics under sections. Order the sections and Topics to organise your documentation neatly.

It is too simple and easy and it just works.

customised sidebar

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JMarkdown is the documentation tool for Joomla.



  • Fetch from Github Repositories
  • Customised Sidebar
  • Access to priority support
  • Support for unlimited websites
  • Support and updates for 1 year

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