1. Store-wide global discount

To give a 25% discount on all the products in the store. This applies a storewide global discount.

 For More Storewide Discount Examples: Click here >>> Store-wide discounts

2. Specific Product Discout - Get 20% discount on T-shirts

Get 20% discount on T-Shirts.

For More Product Specific Discount Examples Click here >> Specific product Discount

3. Specific Category Discount - Range based discount on Category "Apparels"

When a user buys a  product from a category “Apparels”, he/she gets 5% off. Fore More Category based discounts Click here >> Category based Discount

The discount increases when more quantities are purchased from the same category

5 quantities from the same category get a 10% discount. 10 or more quantities get a 15% discount.

The cumulative checkbox has to be checked when you want to count the number of products across that category.

4. Bulk Discount / Tiered Discounts on All Products

To Provide discounts based on the Bulk purchase of products on the store.

The discount increases with Quantities purchased.

For More Examples on Bulk Discount: Click here >> Bulk Discount Examples 

5. Setting up Validity (Time Period) for a Discount

Apply Discount only on a Specific date. That discount will be applied for the Users only between the start and the end dates specified.

You can just create a discount for a Future Date, for Example only on Christmas day!

6. Buy one Get one Free of the Same Product

This rule set up helps to create a Buy one get one for the same Product.

Example: Buy 1 get 1, Buy 2 get 2, Buy 3 get 3, and so on.

Click here for more examples on Same Product

7. Buy 2 get 1 for Free (Selected Category)

You can provide a discount on the selected Category based BOGO deal.

This can be calculated based on the cheapest/highest priced product.
When 2 products of the same category are in the cart then the cheapest product in the cart will be provided a discount.

For more details –> click here

8. Buy 1 Get 50% discount on second quantity (Same products)

Buy a product and get 50% on the 2nd quantity. You can set it up for all products or specific categories.

For more details –> click here

9. Dependant Products - Buy product A + B + C and get 100$ off in Product D

 Users will avail of a discount on a particular product(s) when they buy each more than the specified quantity of the mentioned product(s). 

Rule criteria:

Buy Cap, Belt, and Tshirt to get a 100$ discount in Denim Jeans.

For more details: Click Here

10. Price rule- Store-wide excluding certain products

This rule configuration demonstrates a store-wide discount setup excluding certain products.

11. Price rule- Discount for Specified users

The discount is set up only for certain users.

For more details, Click Here

12. Price rule- Discount activation through coupon

The rule will be activated only when the coupon is applied.

Click here to know more about Coupon code discounts

13. Price rule- User role based discount

The following example depicts user role based discounts. Users who belong to the particular user role will avail the discount.

For More User Role Based Examples Click here >> Examples on User role based Discount

14. Price rule- Purchase history based discount

Discount will be offered for users who have purchased above the specified amount and if their order status matches the status given in rule.

To know more about Purchase History based Discount Click here >> Purchase History based Discount Examples

15. Cart rule- Subtotal Based Discount

When the cart sub-total is at equal to or more than the specified amount.

For More Cart Subtotal based rules – Click Here >> Subtotal based rules

16. Cart rule- Number of line items(not quantity) at least a particular number

The rule will be activated when the number of line items(products and not quantities) is equal to or more than the specified number.

Each individual products is considered as a line item in cart.

17. Cart Rule - Free Shipping

Using our plugin you can enable a free shipping option if specific conditions are met.

To Know More about the discount Click here >> Free Shipping based rules

18. Cart rule- Quantities in Cart

The rule will be activated when the number of quantities in the cart is equal to or more than the given number.

It is possible to provide a tiered quantity based rule by creating multiple rules with a range like at least 2 quantities and less than 5.

So, discount applies when the cart has 2-4 quantities. Creating another rule for 5 or more quantities.

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