1. Buy One Get One (BOGO Deal of same product)

2. Storewide Global discount for all products

3. Product Dependant Discount - Buy Product A , Get Product B at 50% off

4. Buy 5 quantities of same product and get 10% discount

5. Category Specific Discount

6. Buy 1 get 2 Product free

7. Product Variant specific discounts

8. Buy one Get one free for Variant Product

9. Product specific discount

10. Discount for multiple categories

11. Buy 3 quantites of certain product and get discount

12. Buy 2 quantities of A, 2 quantities of B and get discount in C

13. Buy any product and get 20% Percent discount on the store

14. Buy any product from category A or B and get 15% discount

15. Buy 5 items from category A, B or C and get 10% discount

16. Buy 5 get 1 free from the cheapest product

17. User role based price discount

18. Purchase history based discount

19. Quantity based price rule for constant product prices

20. Buy 2 get 20% off on the cheapest of the two

21. Buy any product from cat A and get any product free from cat B

22. Buy any product from cat A and get 10%off on products from cat B

23. Price discount based on product count

Cart discount rules

1. Cart Item quantity based discount ( Buy 5 different Products and get 10% discount)

2. Customer Shipping Address Based Discount


3. All orders above $500 will get 15% discount

4. Users get 25% discount when their email ends with org


5. Subscribers get 25% discount when they buy 5 products

6. Billing address based discount

7. Get 10% off if cart sub total less than 100

8. Purchase history based discount

9. User specific discount

10. Get 10% off when cart items are less than 3

11.Rule activation with coupon code 

BOGO Discount rules

1. BOGO Deals buy any 1 get more than 1 free from more than one of the selected products

2. Buy 1 get 1 cheapest free from all products

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