Prepaid/Upfront payment for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Prepaid/Upfront payment for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Sell pre-paid subscriptions, gift subscriptions, & take upfront payments with WooCommerce Subscriptions.
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It is now easy to sell pre-paid subscriptions, gift subscriptions, one-time subscriptions, take upfront payments with WooCommerce Subscriptions. Just specifiy the number of billing cycles you want the customers to pre-pay in the backend and start selling prepaid subscriptions. Motivate the customers to pay upfront / gift the subscriptions with a discount. The discount could be a percentage or a fixed price. Compatible with WooCommerce 3.x or higher and WooCommerce 2.x or higher

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Requires: WordPress 4.x +
Requires: WooCommerce 2.x / 3.x +
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    Use cases

    Gift Subscriptions

    Let the customers gift a subscription to a product (example: a magazine, cosmetics, yoga classes ) to their loved ones. Customer can just pre-pay for the subscription (example: 6 months or 1 year) and gift it to their friends or family


    Pre-paid subscriptions with a discount

    Let the customers to pre-pay for a subscription product. Example: The customer can pay for all the 12 issues of a magazine in advance with a discount. But still he can receive the magazine every month. An order will be generated every month so you can also maintain a stock or keep it a supply record

    Upfront payment for subscriptions

    Sometimes, customers would like to pay upfront for a product so that they have an assured supply. You can define the number of billing cycles the customer can pay upfront. Example: 12 cycles.


    One-time subscriptions

    Sometimes you wanted to allow both monthly and one-time payments for the same subscription product. Example: Customer can pay $12 a month for a year to use a software or pay $100 one-time (with 20% discount).



    Allow customers to pre-pay

    Let customers to pre-pay / upfront for a subscription product. Example: You can allow a customer to pay upfront for 12 months for a monthly subscription product.


    Auto-generate renewal orders

    If the customer has pre-paid for a subscription, the renewal orders would be generated at every billing cycle without charging the customer



    Motivate the customers to pay upfront for a subscription product by providing a fixed or a percentage discount


    Billing Cycles

    You can just define the number of billing cycles the customer could pay up-front. Example: 12 months. Once the pre-payment period ends, the customer would automatically return to the normal cycle



    Customize the pre-payment block display in the storefront easily. You can even write an override in your theme directory to have complete control over the layout


    Awesome support

    Get priority support from our technical team. We use Intercom. Just leave us your questions in the Live Chat window and we will respond faster. Say good bye to long delays of ticket systems.

    Frequently asked questions

    How the pre-paid subscriptions are managed ?

    Managing the pre-paid subscriptions is very easy. Since the payment has already been collected, the customer would not be charged till his pre-paid billing cycle.

    Example: if customer pre-paid for 12 months of his monthly subscription, he would not be charged monthly. But an order with zero value will be created just for the record.

    What should we do when we want to discontinue pre-pay option for a subscription product ?

    You can do that. Please go to the product settings and disable the pre-pay option.

    IMPORTANT: You should NOT deactivate or uninstall or delete the plugin.

    That would mean the existing pre-paid subscriptions would become a normal recurring subscriptions. So just disable the prepay option in the product settings.

    What happens when the pre-payment period of a customer gets over?

    Once his pre-payment period expires (after 12 months), the customer would be returned automatically to his normal billing cycle of the subscription. Example: If it is a monthly subscription plan, then he would be returned to monthly billing cycle after the pre-payment period.

    These are all done automatically. So you do not have to worry much about it.