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5 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins for WooCommerce

Is your WooCommerce store losing potential sale conversions due to cart abandonment?

Is cart abandonment the only thing that bothers you the most?

Well, here is the absolute solution to recover all your lost sales. The post brings you with the list of the top 5 WordPress abandoned cart recovery plugins with which you can recover 100% of the abandoned sales. These best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins will show how the WooCommerce recover abandoned carts and successfully convert them into sales.

Before that,

Reasons for Cart abandonment - Why customers abandon carts?

First off, it is quite essential to know why your customers abandon their shopping cart. The reasons could be many,

  • Additional shipping fee and taxes
  • Incompatible payment process
  • Credit Card/Debit card denial during check-out
  • Brand credibility issues
  • Complicated checkout process

All of these could jeopardize your WooCommerce sale. Recovering order from cart abandonment is now easier with abandoned cart recovery plugins.

Percentage of sales you lose because of Cart abandonment?

The fact that 7/10 customers abandon their online shopping cart is quite hard to accept. That’s 70% of potential sale volume.

And yes, 70% of potential sale conversions are lost on the cart page of your online store.

Imagine How much revenue can be made if you can recover orders from all your abandoned carts?

List of Best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins

Ready to recover the lost cart treasure?

The following post shares the complete information on the best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins for your store.

Retainful - Free WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin


Retainful is one of the best WooCommerce Email marketing automation plugins. You can recover your abandoned carts and convert them into sales by sending a series of automated emails to customers.

Create a WooCommerce abandoned Cart recovery campaign instantly using the Customer journey builder. By default, there will be three emails as part of your campaign, but you can add any number of WooCommerce abandoned cart reminder emails as per your preference.

Retainful has a built-in Drag & drop email editor through which you can customize every aspect of your abandoned cart recovery emails. You can edit the subject lines, email content, add store logo, product images & more. Shortcodes are available for personalization which can increase your email open rates.

Sometimes a customer might need a push, add Dynamic coupon codes to your abandoned cart recovery emails to encourage customers to recover their carts.

Retainful is automated, use the pre-built workflow template to launch your WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery campaign within minutes. The campaign will run on its own while you can concentrate on your core business.

Recover your lost sales with these features:

  • Automatically send abandoned cart emails to the customers
  • Create unlimited cart recovery emails for a campaign
  • Pre-built automation workflow templates
  • Pre-built abandoned cart email templates
  • Build your campaign easily using the customer journey builder
  • Shortcodes can be used for adding details like cart items summary, customer's name and more to the abandoned cart emails. Easily personalize the WooCommerce abandoned cart email templates with these shortcodes.
  • Captures all abandoned carts and shows them with a detailed report.
  • Abandoned cart reports - View recovered value, abandoned cart value and more.
  • Offer flat amount, percentage & free shipping discounts via coupon codes.
  • The coupon codes can be generated with expiry/validity in order to create urgency.
  • Notify store administrators when a cart is recovered
  • An insightful dashboard that brings every detail of your campaign like abandoned carts, recovered revenue, recovered carts, etc right in front of you.

Retainful’s user-friendly interface can help you reduce cart abandonment instantly without much effort. This WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin also helps in increasing engagement with your customers.

The plugin is available in both the free and premium versions. The WooCommece abandoned cart recovery plugin also comes up with an offer “Pay for what you use” which is available for up to 2000 contacts.

The premium version of the plugin starts at $19 per month.

Download Free Plugin Check More Features

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned cart

Customers abandon their carts for various reasons but it is essential to remind your customers in order to recover them and increase your sales. WooCommerce recover abandoned cart is the WooCommerce extension that helps in recovering the abandoned carts efficiently. The plugin works well in tracking both registered and guest users and notifies both regarding the abandoned carts.

The cart recovery plugin notifies the customer regarding the unattended carts by notifying them through cart recovery emails. The abandoned cart recovery emails are sent with coupons which would urge customers to make immediate purchases to grab the discount.

The abandoned cart recovery plugin can send multiple emails with different content and with optional coupons that brings in more sales to your WooCommerce store. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart can easily recover the lost sales and bring in more revenue to your online business.

The WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart plugin is available at CodeCanyon at the price of $49.

Download Plugin

Hubspot for WooCommerce

Hubspot’s free integration can automatically synchronize WooCommerce user’s orders and products to the Hubspot CRM. This lite version of WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin is available for free. This Woocommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin automates the abandoned cart sequences, active list, workflows and more. Enabling the abandoned cart settings in the plugin helps to know which contacts have abandoned their carts and as well as visualize the abandoned products in your Hubspot account.

The plugin can segment and organize WooCommerce contacts with Hubspot smart list segmentation. The plugin automatically updates the smart list (groups and properties) in your Hubspot account based on the criteria configured by you. This WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin can create a smart list, offers easy navigation with a central screen, enables automation and also sends customized marketing emails that help in more conversions.

Experience seamless integration with rich customer data free of cost.

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ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery


The ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin reminds customers to complete their purchases after they have added products to their carts but have not completed the transaction. You can define intervals for sending email reminders and a time limit after which a transaction would be marked abandoned. This useful cart recovery plugin takes care of everything from tracking abandoned carts to customizing recovery emails, offering cart discounts, and even creating comprehensive order reports.

To prevent sending recovery emails to everyone, you can only send them when certain requirements are met, such as the total transaction amount, items in the cart, the user roles, and so on. Furthermore, the email templates will make it simple to create high-quality recovery emails that are conversion-focused.

You can also check email records and logs and order reports with ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery. As a result, you'll be able to monitor how well your recovery emails were received by your customers and which ones were effective. Furthermore, the plugin includes the option to unsubscribe in case your buyers do not wish to be notified of their pending transactions.

The ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin is a premium plugin that costs $79 for one site per year.

Download Plugin

YITH WooCommerce recover abandoned cart

YITH WooCommerce recover abandoned cart is another recovery plugin that can help in converting abandoned carts into sales. The plugin sends coupons and customized emails to customers who have abandoned products in their cart. Not only for registered users the plugin also notifies guest users about their abandoned carts if they have given their email address during their purchase process.

The plugin can send multiple emails with different content for different users. It deletes all the abandoned carts after specific hours if left without recovering.

The plugin supports WooCommerce Multi-Currency and is also WPML compatible. It also maintains a complete report of the abandoned and recovered carts in a dashboard panel. You can even integrate YITH WooCommerce Email Templates along with YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart to send a professional & customized abandoned cart notification to your customers. The WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin can help you with recovering lost sales and adds more revenue to your WooCommerce business.

The Premium version of the WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin starts at $79.99 per year and is available in 3 different plans.

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WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

Cart Flows

The WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin offers a free way to recover lost revenue when customers leave without completing checkout. It uses a flexible email follow-up system that can send a series of reminder emails to help encourage customers to complete their purchases.

The process is simple. The plugin collects email addresses on the checkout page. If the customer leaves before completing checkout, the plugin will email them after 1 hour, 24 hours and 72 hours reminding them to complete checkout and finally, offering a discount as an incentive.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery includes unique checkout links to take the customer back to where they left off, includes email templates that are ready to use and supports webhooks to integrate it with your email marketing tools.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery is free and part of the wider CartFlows suite of tools and plugins.

The plugin works out of the box with its simple and efficient functionalities. The abandoned cart reports from the plugin help in understanding your customers’ behavior.

Download Plugin

Keeping the abandoned carts in its bay is of no use to anyone. Try putting effort to recover the abandoned carts by bringing back your customers in an efficient way. Make sure both the customers and store are benefited when you try recovering the abandoned carts. The WooCommerce market has a wide variety of WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins that could help in customer retention and increase revenue at your store.

All the plugins above are created with the intention to recover the WooCommerce abandoned carts at your store. Each plugin has its own uniqueness and additional functionalities which may help you to keep your growth inclined. Choose the most suitable plugin and be successful in bringing back your customers to stabilize your growth.