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4 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins for WooCommerce

Is your WooCommerce store losing potential sale conversions due to cart abandonment?
Is cart abandonment the only thing that bothers you the most?

Well, we have the absolute solution to recover all your lost sales. The post brings you with the list of top 4 WordPress shopping cart plugins with which you can recover 100% of the abandoned sales. These 4 cart recovery plugins will help you reduce your cart abandonment rate and shows how to successfully convert them into sales.

Before that,

Reasons for Cart abandonment- Why customers abandon carts?

First off, it is quite essential to know why your customers abandon their shopping cart. The reasons could be many,

  • Additional shipping fee and taxes
  • Incompatible payment process.
  • Credit Card/ Debit card denial during check-out.
  • Brand credibility issues

All of these could jeopardize your WooCommerce sale. Recovering order from cart abandonment is now easier with abandoned cart recovery plugins.

How much sales do you lose because of Cart abandonment?

The fact that 7/10 customers abandon their online shopping cart is quite hard to accept. That’s 70% of potential sale volume.
And yes, 70% of potential sale conversions is lost in the cart page of your online store.
Imagine How much revenue can be made if you can recover orders from all your abandoned carts?

List of Best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins

Ready to recover the lost cart treasure?
The following post shares you the complete information on the best WooCommerce cart plugins for your store.

1. Retainful - WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery emails

retainful woocommerce abandoned cart recovery emails

Retainful is one of the finest Abandoned cart recovery plugins for WooCommerce. You can recover your abandoned carts and convert them into sales by sending a series of emails to customers. All of this can be done in simple steps, no coding required.

Install the plugin and create your email sequence instantly. You can create any number of emails as per your intended sequence using pre-defined and user-defined cart recovery email templates.

You can capture customer’s email and prevent them from abandoning their cart using the exclusive features of Retainful like Exit-Intent popup and Add-to-Cart popup

Retainful is automated, so you can concentrate on your business while this plugin takes care of your Cart recovery campaign.

Recover your lost sales with these features:

  • Automatically send abandoned cart reminders to the customers when they leave something in their cart.
  • Add to cart popup feature to capture customer’s emails for further engagement.
  • Include a unique link to recover the cart in the abandoned cart emails.
  • Follow-up the customers automatically with a well-timed email sequence.
  • You can send unlimited abandoned cart email reminders
  • Exit-Intent popup feature to prevent customers from abandoning their cart by persuading them with exciting discounts.
  • Shortcodes for cart items summary, customer's name. Easily personalize the abandoned cart emails with these shortcodes.
  • Captures all abandoned carts and shows them in a neat report
  • Abandoned cart reports - View recovered value, abandoned cart value and more
  • When the cart is recovered, it automatically stops sending the emails.
  • Countdown timer feature to motivate customers to make their purchase decision instantly.
  • See real-time carts, i.e, carts of the customers who are purchasing in your site at the very moment
  • Dynamic customization options that let you modify every aspect of your Cart recovery emails as per your intention.
  • Notify store administrators when a cart is recovered (So you can thank your customer for coming back)
  • An insightful dashboard that brings every detail of your campaign like abandoned carts, recovered revenue, recovered carts, etc right in front of you.
  • Personalize your cart recovery emails using Shortcodes to please your customers.
  • Integrate your Store with multiple ESPs using Retainful so that you can communicate with your customers without hindrance.

Retainful’s user-friendly interface can help you recover your abandoned carts instantly without much effort.

Premium Pricing

  • Free - Lite Version
  • Starter - $7/month
  • Growth - $23/month
  • Professional - $79/month

Download Free Plugin Check More Features

2. Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce is one of the simple to use plugins in WordPress. It can help you to recover your sales that were lost due to Cart Abandonment by customers.

Installing this plugin is pretty simple and once you’ve installed it will start working in the background, collecting the details and sending emails to every customer who has abandoned their carts.

The most interesting feature of this app is that it shows the product that is left in the cart and the details of customers who abandoned it. This can help you personalize your emails to recover your cart and boost your sales and conversions.


  • Customer can recover their cart with a Single click.
  • You can also capture guest carts using this plugin.
  • Track abandoned and recovered values instantly.
  • Get notified after every recovered cart.
  • You can create unlimited Cart recovery email templates.
  • It is automated.
  • Stop receiving notification when customers make a purchase.
  • Track all your emails.

Download Plugin

3. YITH Advanced Cart Recovery


YITH is a comprehensive WooCommerce cart plugin that is used by many store owners. It is one among the premium plugins for WordPress plugins for cart recovery.


  • Just like the above-mentioned plugins, YITH assists in automatic email generation.
  • Reminds customers through email notifications.
  • Generates coupons and allows customers to make purchases using the same.
  • Encourages unregistered customers to register. How? Through the email they have used, you can send reminders or notifications.
  • Automate emails in the language of your customer.


Pricing looks high compared to other WooCommerce cart plugins
71.99 euro (yearly) - Single WordPress site
99.99 euro (yearly) - 6 WordPress websites

Download Plugin

4. Abandoned Cart Reports for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Reports for WooCommerce

This WooCommerce cart plugin helps store runners identify the number of abandoned carts by tracking customers who abandon their merchandise. Also, this records when a customer puts a product in their cart.


What can be done using this plugin?

  • Abandoned cart list is ready to analyse the number of carts abandoned.
  • Customised carts include all the customer information, starting from Customer's name, email address and contact number.
  • You can generate coupons that can be included in the notification emails.


The WooCommerce plugin just records the cart details when abandoned. And you can’t send cart recovery emails to customers who’ve abandoned carts.

End says,
Let there be any reason for cart abandonment but the recovery comes easy with the best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins. The unparalleled relation of WordPress and WooCommerce today has generated multiple plugins for several purposes. Using the right plugin for WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery can be a complete game changer for your online store.

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Get Going! Cheers!