8 Best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugins in 2024 

best woocommerce abandoned cart recovery

Imagine a scenario of WooCommerce abandoned cart where your potential customer is eyeing the best-priced product and eagerly adds it to the cart. All seems good. But instead of proceeding to checkout, they abandon their cart, taking you back to square one.

Saying abandoned carts are ubiquitous in e-commerce is an understatement. Nearly 70% of the carts are abandoned. That is, for 10 customers adding items to the cart, only 3 finish the purchase. 

But we can’t take this as a lost cause and move on. If anything, WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery is possible, and you can easily untie the sales locked in those with the help of a WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin. 

This blog lists the 6 Best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins to recover WooCommerce abandoned carts. We will take a look at the features of each plugin and help you choose the one that suits you the most. 

Let’s dive in. 

Recover abandoned carts by sending automated abandoned cart emails with our WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin. 

What is a WooCommerce Abandoned Cart?

WooCommerce abandoned cart occurs when the shoppers add items to the cart and leave the website without purchasing them. They are significant because the majority of your sales are locked in them and, in turn, represent lost revenue. 

Understanding why WooCommerce cart abandonment happens is the first step in building up WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery strategies to recover them.

Reasons for WooCommerce Cart Abandonment

The most common reasons for cart abandonment in WooCommerce are 

  • Higher Shipping Costs
  • Casual Browsing with no intention to buy
  • Complicated Checkout Process
  • Unexpected Additional Charges
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Lack of Trust due to poor Security
  • Dissatisfied with the Return Policies
  • No Guest Checkout Options
Reasons for WooCommerce Cart Abandonment

From adding an item to the cart to actually paying, several issues can arise like expensive shipping, having to create an account, a time-consuming checkout process, or the customer deciding to postpone the purchase.

Let’s see it in detail about them. 

  • Higher Shipping Costs
    Often, customers abandon their carts when they find the shipping costs are unexpectedly high. 
    This can make a product seem less affordable or attractive, leading customers to reconsider their purchase decision at the last moment.
  • No Guest Checkout Options
    Forcing customers to create an account to complete a purchase can be a significant barrier. 
    Many customers prefer the speed and convenience of a guest checkout, and the absence of this option can lead to WooCommerce cart abandonment.
  • Complicated Checkout Process
    A checkout process that’s complex or time-consuming can frustrate customers.
    If they encounter too many steps or repetitive information entry, they’re likely to abandon the cart. So, providing a simple and straightforward checkout process will lower the abandoned cart rate in WooCommerce. 
  • Unexpected Additional Charges
    Customers are often discouraged by additional charges that appear during checkout, like taxes or handling fees. 
    These unexpected costs can lead to a perception that the final price is not as good a value as initially thought and leads to abandoned cart in WooCommerce. 
  • Limited Payment Options
    Lack of preferred payment methods can be a deal-breaker. 
    If customers can’t pay how they want – whether it’s credit card, PayPal, or newer options like digital wallets, they might abandon the cart. 
  • Dissatisfied with the Return Policies
    Stringent or unclear return policies can deter customers from making the purchase. 
    The fear of being stuck with an unwanted item without the option for an easy return can be enough to prevent them from finalizing the purchase.
  • Casual Browsing with No Intention to Buy
    Maybe customers are just checking your products out. 
    They might be exploring options and comparing prices with no immediate plan to complete the transaction.

The good news is that you can avoid most WooCommerce cart abandonment causes. While you can’t control every browsing customer, you can better your checkout process to prevent WooCommerce abandoned cart from happening. 

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Why should you use a WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin?

You should use a WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin to recover abandoned carts and streamline your abandoned cart recovery process. 

Here are the 5 other benefits of having a plugin for WooCommerce abandoned cart by your side. 

Saves Time and effort: A WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin helps you send automated email reminders to your customers at regular time intervals without needing them manually every time. All you need to do is create the workflow, and the plugin handles the rest. 

Automated Reminders:  A plugin for recovering WooCommerce abandoned carts should automatically detect the cart abandonment, and after a set period – maybe a few hours or a day – the automated reminder system of the plugin kicks in and sends the shopping cart abandonment emails automatically. 

Personalized Messages: You can use the segmentation feature of a WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin to segment the customer based on various criteria and send personalized WooCommerce abandoned cart reminders to each segment.

This makes them feel special and more inclined to complete their purchase.

Discount Offers: Sometimes, offering a small discount can seal the deal. The plugin can help you send out discount codes, making it tempting for customers to return and buy.

How to choose the best-abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce?

Choosing the best-abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce can be done by considering factors such as 

Cart recovery method – Select a plugin that aligns with your preferred recovery strategy, like automated abandoned cart recovery emails, push notifications, retargeting ads, or SMS. 

Integration with your store – Select a WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin that seamlessly integrates with your store. Ensure it aligns with your existing e-commerce setup, allowing for smooth automation and efficient cart recovery. 

Price structure – Many plugins for WooCommerce cart abandonment offer tiered pricing based on the number of recovered carts or the size of your contact list. Ensure that the pricing scales as your business grows.

With these important deciding factors in mind, let’s move on to look at the best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins in detail. 

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8 Best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugins

The best abandoned cart plugins for WooCommerce are

  • Retainful
  • Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce
  • Hubspot for WooCommerce
  • ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • ShopMagic Abandoned Carts
  • CartBounty
  • WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro


Retainful is the best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin that helps you automate every step of your cart recovery process. With its pre-built automation workflows, you can launch an abandoned cart email campaign in minutes. 

At its core lies a seamless email automation capability that triggers a series of email reminders at well-timed intervals. The automation workflow is easy to set up it takes only a few clicks to deploy it and recover abandoned cart in WooCommerce automatically. 

When it comes to crafting your WooCommerce abandoned cart emails, Retainful’s drag-and-drop email editor and pre-designed templates will make your job easy and require very minimal effort from your end. 

It also features an advanced segmentation feature that allows you to send personalized shopping cart abandonment emails based on cart value, abandoned items, number of abandoned carts, and more.   

Retainful WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin

Why choose this best abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce?

Choose this plugin if you need easy-to-use email automation and pre-built workflows that make abandoned cart recovery for WooCommerce way easier. 

So, if you are planning to send WooCommerce abandoned cart emails and need a straightforward and intuitive interface to recover abandoned carts, Retainful would be the best pick. 


  • A free version is available
  • Starter at $9/month
  • Growth plan at $19/month
  • Professional plan at $49/month

Recover up to 20% of your abandoned carts automatically with our WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin’s seamless email automation. 

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce is an abandoned cart plugin that automates the sending of cart recovery emails at specific time intervals.  

This plugin is designed to be user-friendly so that you don’t need advanced technical skills to set it up and use it to recover abandoned cart in WooCommerce. 

It features an email editing tool that makes the customization easier and allows you to send WooCommerce cart abandonment emails that match your brand message. 

While it does offer templates, they might be quite basic compared to those in premium plugins. 

Abandoned cart Lite for WooCommerce plugin

Why choose this WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin?

One of the most compelling reasons to choose this best abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce is its price – it’s free. 

This makes it a good starting point for startups that are budget-conscious but still want to implement WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery strategies.


  • Starter: $59/yearly
  • Business: $199/yearly
  • Enterprise: $249/yearly

Hubspot for WooCommerce

HubSpot WooCommerce plugin isn’t just about abandoned cart recovery; it’s part of a larger suite of CRM and marketing tools.

It is renowned for its sophisticated email automation capabilities, and it allows you to create highly targeted, personalized email campaigns for abandoned cart recovery in WooCommerce. 

With this best abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce, you can access each contact’s abandoned cart details, orders, website activity, email interactions, and more.

Its extensive range of features, while beneficial, can be overwhelming for beginners or small businesses that don’t require such complex tools.

Hubspot WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin

Why choose this plugin for recovering WooCommerce abandoned carts?

Choose Hubspot if you need an all-encompassing and advanced solution for your WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery. 

Its advanced automation capabilities will help you streamline marketing and sales efforts, especially if you own a large business. 


  • Professional – $800/month
  • Enterprise – $3600/month

ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

The ELEX WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin is a comprehensive and versatile tool to effectively recover abandoned carts in WooCommerce.

With this plugin, you can customize WooCommerce abandoned cart emails depending on user roles, total purchase value, number of products, and product ID, among other criteria. 

This plugin is known for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to those who might not be highly tech-savvy.

While the free version is a great starting point, it might lack some of the more advanced features offered in the paid plans, which could be a limitation for businesses looking to scale their efforts.

ELEX WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin

Why choose this best abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce?

Choose this plugin if you need a straightforward, user-friendly solution for WooCommerce shopping cart abandonment. 

Its pricing structure is also tailored to provide value for money, especially for small to medium businesses.

ShopMagic Abandoned Carts

ShopMagic Abandoned Carts excels in automating WooCommerce cart abandonment emails. This automation allows for timely and consistent follow-ups with customers, increasing the chances of recovering abandoned carts in WooCommerce. 

While user-friendly, this plugin can have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to utilizing all the advanced features effectively, especially for users who are new to eCommerce plugins.

This WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin offers a flexible pricing model, including a free version with basic features, making it accessible for small businesses or startups. 

Shopmagic WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin

Why choose this plugin for recovering abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

Choose this plugin if you need a budget-friendly solution that combines ease of use with effective email automation for recovering abandoned cart in WooCommerce.


  • Personal – $69/year
  • Professional – $99/year
  • Lifetime – $299

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery by Cartflows

This plugin offers an email automation system specifically designed for WooCommerce. It allows you to create targeted email campaigns to engage customers who have abandoned their carts. 

Its user-friendly interface is particularly beneficial for businesses that do not have extensive technical expertise but still want to implement an effective solution for WooCommerce shopping cart abandonment.

Cartflows WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin

Why choose this plugin for WooCommerce cart abandonment?

Choose this plugin if you need an affordable and simple WooCommerce abandoned cart solution. 

For larger WooCommerce stores with more complex needs, this plugin for WooCommerce abandoned cart may not be as scalable due to its simpler feature set.


  • Starter – $99/year
  • Cartflows Plus – $189/year
  • Cartflows Pro – $299/year


CartBounty plugin offers email automation capabilities for WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery that allows you to set up automated email sequences that are triggered automatically and sent to customers at the time intervals you set. 

It also allows you to send push notifications and SMS as a part of the recovery solution for WooCommerce shopping cart abandonment.

The customization options for abandoned cart email templates might be limited compared to more advanced plugins. 

Cartbounty WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin

Why should you choose this best abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce?

Given its pricing tiers and the features offered at each level, CartBounty can be a very cost-effective solution for WooCommerce shopping cart abandonment for small to medium-sized enterprises that don’t require more complex solutions.


  • A free version is available.
  • Pro – $92/year
  • Pro Plus – $276year
  • Agency – $1295/year


Recapture is a WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin that offers strong email automation capabilities tailored for recovering abandoned carts. You can also send SMS messages as part of your abandoned cart recovery for WooCommerce. 

This plugin enables the personalization of WooCommerce abandoned cart reminder emails, which allows you to include the customer’s name, details about the items they left in the cart, personalized recommendations or discounts, and other dynamic content.

It also has an auto-capture technology that captures the email address as soon as it gets typed. 

To optimize email performance, this plugin supports A/B testing, where you can try different versions of your emails to see which ones perform better in terms of open rates, click-through rates, and cart recovery rates. 

Recapture WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin

Why should you choose this plugin for WooCommerce cart abandonment?

Choose this as your solution for WooCommerce shopping cart abandonment if you need an intuitive and user-friendly interface, that makes it accessible to users regardless of the technical expertise and recovering WooCommerce abandoned carts with no complexity.  


  • Cart recovery – $29/month
  • Cart recovery + Email – $48/month
  • Cart recovery + SMS – $49/month

Send automated WooCommerce abandoned cart emails using Retainful’s automation workflows and reclaim lost sales easily. 

Wrapping up!!

Having a plugin for WooCommerce abandoned cart by your side means that your abandoned cart recovery process can run on its own with just minimum effort from your end. 

Choose one with seamless automation, easy-to-setup workflows, and scalability because your business deserves a plugin that makes your abandoned cart recovery even more efficient and cost-effective.   

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Can I see abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

Although WooCommerce doesn’t provide any feature to view abandoned carts, you can install a plugin to track and recover them. Many of the plugins come with in-built analytics that show a number of abandoned carts and recovered carts. 

How do I send an abandoned cart email in WooCommerce?

To create an abandoned cart email in WooCommerce
Step 1: Install and Login “Retainful.”
Step 2: Create the Abandoned cart recovery Workflow. 
Step 3: Setting the triggers, entry rule, and the time delay for email sending. 
Step 4: Edit the email content
Step 5: Go live

What is the abandoned cart rate in WooCommerce?

The average cart abandonment rate on WooCommerce in 2023 is around 70%. 
According to the Baymard Institute, the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 70.19%.

How can we reduce the cart abandonment rate?

We can reduce the cart abandonment rate by implementing the following strategies.
1. Streamline Checkout Process
2. Guest Checkout Option
3. Clear and Transparent Pricing
4. Multiple Payment Options
5. Mobile Optimization
6. Trust Signals
7. Exit-Intent Popups
8. Reassure About Security
9. Optimize Page Load Times

Does WooCommerce have abandoned cart recovery?

No, WooCommerce doesn’t have abandoned cart recovery. However, You can use an Email Marketing plugin like “Retainful” to recover abandoned carts.

How do I recover an abandoned cart?

When it comes to a reliable way to recover abandoned carts in WooCommerce, there is nothing quite like abandoned cart emails. It has the maximum potential among all other cart abandonment solutions.

How do I measure the success of my Abandoned Cart Recovery efforts?

The success rate can be measured by analyzing the conversion rate of abandoned cart emails or messages, the number of recovered carts, and the revenue generated from them.

What is an abandoned cart discount?

Abandoned cart discount is a strategy e-commerce businesses use to encourage customers to complete a purchase they started but did not finish. 
To re-engage these customers, businesses often send them a follow-up email or notification that includes a special discount offer on the items they left in their cart.

How do I set a trigger for abandoned cart emails?

Abandoned cart emails are automatically triggered when a customer adds items to the cart but leaves the checkout without buying.

Can you send abandoned cart emails to nonsubscribers?

In WooCommerce, you can only send abandoned cart emails to the subscribers who have submitted their email addresses. For non-subscribers, you can fetch their email if they entered it during the checkout process.

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