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5 Best WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins

Repeat purchases from existing customers account for at least 60% of the sales in any eCommerce store. A WooCommerce Points and Rewards program can help you retain your customers by rewarding their loyalty and driving more repeat sales.

Your customers will feel valued when you offer them points and rewards, which they can redeem for a discount for their next purchase. A woocommerce loyalty points plugin will let you do that. With personalized and relevant rewards and offers, you can boost customer loyalty and customer engagement rate. If you haven’t started rewarding your customers for their loyalty, now is the time to start a loyalty rewards program.

Wondering how to find a woocommerce points and rewards plugin for your WooCommerce store?

We have listed some of the best WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins in the market that can help you launch a loyalty program for WooCommerce and reward customers with points for purchase, sign-up, reviews, referrals, and more. Let’s take a look!

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

What is a WooCommerce Points and Rewards Program?

A WooCommerce Points and Rewards Program helps you reward your customers with loyalty points and rewards for their activities with your Woocommerce store. For instance, you can reward the customers with points when they sign up for an account, make a purchase, write a review for the product, refer your store to their friends, and share your products on social media.

When customers keep earning more points, they continue to shop at your store and redeem their points for a discount on their purchases. We have curated a list of the best WooCommerce Loyalty Points Plugins and explained their features and benefits.

Benefits of Using Loyalty rewards program for your WooCommerce store

A WooCommerce reward system essentially nurtures the customers at every engagement and leads to more sales. Also, foster emotional loyalty among customers by rewarding them with loyalty points on their birthday.

In a survey, 82 out of 100 WooCommerce store owners said their sales increased when they introduced a WooCommerce loyalty program.

Here are the key benefits of using WooCommerce points and rewards plugin to launch a loyalty program for your store:

  • Loyalty points and rewards for WooCommerce help you increase repeat sales
  • A WooCommerce rewards plugin allows you to build a loyal customer base.
  • Increase the brand value and boost Word-of-Mouth sales using the WordPress rewards plugin.
  • WooCommerce reward points program can improve customer conversion rate.
  • A loyalty program helps a business boost its customer retention rate.
  • A best WooCommerce points and rewards system keeps you ahead of the competition.

5 Best WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins

The following are the best WooCommerce points, and the rewards plugin lets you reward points for customers, which they can redeem for a discount. However, each of these WordPress rewards plugins has its own unique features. Let’s have a detailed look into these loyalty points plugins for WooCommerce.

  1. WPLoyalty – Loyalty Points and Rewards plugin for WooCommerce and Referral Plugin for WooCommerce
  2. Bravo WooCommerce Points and Rewards
  3. SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward/Loyalty Points Plugin
  4. WooRewards – Loyalty and Reward System for WooCommerce
  5. HostPlugin – WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugin

WPLoyalty – Loyalty Points, Rewards, and Referral plugin for WooCommerce

wployalty for woocommerce

WPLoyalty is one of the best WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins for WooCommerce. This loyalty plugin comes with a number of features to boost customer retention and engagement. You can reward customers for every action they perform at your store. With WPLoyalty, you can reward customers for,

  • Purchasing a product
  • Signing up for an account
  • Writing a product review
  • Referrals / Refer-a-friend
  • Birthday
  • Social sharing

Customers can earn rewards in the following forms:

  • Points
  • Free product/gift
  • Fixed or Percentage discounts
  • Free shipping
  • Instant coupons and bonus rewards

Compared to other loyalty points plugins, WPLoyalty occupies the top spot because of its clean, easy-to-use interface, native integration with WooCommerce, and ability to create unlimited loyalty campaigns and rewards.

One of the unique features of WPLoyalty is its chat-like Launcher widget. The widget lets your customers easily discover your WooCommerce Points and Rewards program and see all the rewards you offer in a chat-like window.

The Refer-a-friend feature helps you launch a WooCommerce Referral program and let your existing customers refer their friends. The referral program enables you to acquire new customers through Word-of-Mouth and increase sales.

This WordPress Points and Rewards plugin is compatible with WPML and supports multi-language and multi-currency stores.

Other Key Features of WPLoyalty – Points and Rewards for WooCommerce are:

  • Levels and Badges
  • One-time rewards/bonus rewards
  • Conditional Points and Rewards campaigns
  • Customer management
  • Bulk Import and export points for customers
  • Flexible rewards based on conditions
  • Option to convert points to coupons
  • Email notifications – for points earned, redeemed
  • Points and reward expiry email notifications
  • Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Simple & clean dashboard
  • Real-time analytics

This loyalty rewards plugin is best suited for all sizes of eCommerce businesses. WPLoyalty – WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin price starts at $99 a year.

Why should you have WPLoyalty for your WooCommerce store?

Rewarding customers for every action and extensive features make WPLoyalty unique among other WooCommerce points and rewards plugins.

WPLoyalty offers a multitude of rewarding options to customers.

  • Reward customers with exclusive points and free products for their loyalty
  • Issue bonus points or rewards for VIP customers / big spenders.
  • Delight customers with a flat reward when they purchase a special product or a high-value product.
  • For Example, Buy products from category A and earn a $10 reward.
  • Purchase under a specific category and earn a $15 reward.
  • Create multiple rules and conditions to offer customers WooCommerce rewards and loyalty points.
  • Reward both Advocate and Referral for referring their friends.
  • Customize Reward page
  • Reward customers based on various reward goals – Example: $100 one-time discount code when customers place 10 or more orders
  • Surprise customers with free shipping as a reward.

It’s never been easy to gain loyal customers at your store. WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins like WPLoyalty redefine how you can run your effective loyalty campaigns.

Bravo WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Bravo woocommerce points and rewards

Bravo – WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin is another notable loyalty plugin in the market. It helps you reward customers with points for purchases. You can set conditions and offer loyalty points and rewards for WooCommerce based on product, category, or globally. You can manage reward points/loyalty points with the Bravo – WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin’s dashboard.

Some of the key features offered by this plugin are:

  • Earn points for purchases
  • Remove points for refunded orders
  • Find history about Points and Rewards on a product page
  • Points expiration facility
  • Import/export or share user’s points
  • Reward customer purchases with redeemable points for a discount
  • Earn points by setting a conversion rate and selling products

Price – $39 USD One-time payment

SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward/Loyalty Points Plugin

sumo reward

SUMO Reward Points is a popular WooCommerce rewards plugin. With SUMO Rewards, you can reward your customers for specific actions such as signing up, purchasing a product, and more.

The following are the features of the SUMO reward points plugin.

  • Reward customers with WooCommerce reward points for specific actions like signing up, making product purchases, product reviews, and more.
  • Set the points conversion rate, points expiry date, and other advanced point redemption options quickly.
  • Notify customers about their WooCommerce reward points via SMS/email.
  • Manage customer loyalty points and rewards in a separate dashboard.
  • Numerous shortcodes and customization options.
  • Compatible with other SUMO plugins like SUMO Coupons, SUMO Subscriptions, and more.

SUMO Reward Points – can be downloaded from CodeCanyon.

Pricing starts at $49.

MyRewards – Loyalty and Reward System for WooCommerce

Woo rewards loyalty and reward system

MyRewards, formerly known as WooRewards, from the Long Watch Studio, is another popular WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin. With this points and rewards plugin, you can

  • Create the best WooCommerce points-based loyalty programs.
  • Introduce leveling systems to motivate customers and achieve goals.
  • Reward customers with badges when they achieve targets.
  • Offer WooCommerce reward points based on purchase history, product review, and first order.
  • Send customizable emails when your customers unlock a new reward.
  • Find it is Compatible with WPML and supports multi-languages.
  • Built-in shortcodes to display relevant information to your store customers.

The lite version of MyRewards can be downloaded and used free from the WordPress repository.

Pricing starts at 99 euros.

HostPlugin – WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugin

Host plugin woocommerce points rewards plugin

HostPlugin lets you reward your loyal customers by giving them reward points when they do specific actions. With this loyalty rewards plugin, you can

  • Create a points WooCommerce loyalty program on your store.
  • Reward points as your customers do specific actions like buying products, writing a review, or signing up.
  • Let customers purchase products by using their WooCommerce rewards points.
  • Set minimum product purchase value to receive reward points.
  • Increase customer reward points manually.
  • Choose which customers are eligible to receive points and who won’t.

The free version of HostPlugin can be downloaded from the WordPress repository, while you can download a paid version from their website.

Pricing starts at $29.99.

How to Create a WooCommerce Loyalty Program Using WPLoyalty?

Since you’ve come across some of the best WooCommerce Points and rewards plugins, we thought it would be better if you also got to know how to create a point-based loyalty program for your WooCommerce store.

In the following steps, we are going to create a loyalty program to reward customers with points for their purchases. Let’s reward the customers with 5 points for every $10 spent.

Let’s get started.

Download WPLoyalty – Points and Rewards for WooCommerce on your store and head to the settings section (for detailed information on installation steps, click here).

Once you have installed and activated the WPLoyalty plugin, please go to your WordPress dashboard -> WPLoyalty -> Campaigns.

Click on the “Create New Campaign” button to create a new campaign. You will be taken to a screen that looks something like this:

Loyalty Points
  1. Enter a title for your loyalty points campaign (The customer will see this title when they use the Launcher widget or under the Ways to Earn section on their Customer Rewards page)
  2. Enter how many points you would like the customer to earn. Example: 5 points
  3. Enter how much the customer needs to spend to get those 5 points. In our example, it will be $10
  4. Optionally, you can also set a start/end date for your campaign. In most cases, you may want to leave them empty, and this is useful when you want to run some special campaigns for certain periods.
  5. Save and enable the campaign.

That’s it. Now your WooCommerce store has a Loyalty Points program.

What’s stronger than rewarding a customer?


You’ve seen some of the best WooCommerce points and rewards referral plugins. The listed WooCommerce reward plugins are the best in the market, and we have discussed the features and pricing for all plugins. So, which one would you choose to grow your WooCommerce sales and revenue?

Before you choose, remember to pick a WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin that can meet your loyalty program requirements. A good loyalty plugin should allow you to reward your customers for all their actions, run special campaigns based on conditions, and provide a better rewarding experience. So, you can launch a WooCommerce Loyalty program that can increase your customer retention and repeat sales.

Go for it! Start rewarding your customers and grow your sales.

I feel WPLoyalty stands out from the above plugins, as it is incredibly flexible to reward your customers for every action at your WooCommerce store and more.

How do I add a reward point in WooCommerce?

Download and install the WPLoyalty plugin and create a reward campaign by going to WPLoyalty -> Campaigns to start offering reward points for your customers.

How to provide points for purchase in WooCommerce?

You will need to install and activate a WooCommerce Loyalty Points plugin like WpLoyalty to start rewarding customers with points for their purchases.

What are reward points in WooCommerce?

The WooCommerce points and Rewards program allows you to reward customers for purchases and other actions by awarding points that can be redeemed for discounts.
Install WPLoyalty to begin rewarding customers for their purchases with points.

Why do we need to use points and rewards in our WooCommerce store?

Offering rewards and points can target and attract valuable customers. At the same time, rewarding customers for every action helps build strong brand loyalty and increase sales.

Can I give points based on the total amount spent?

Yes. You can create campaigns that award points like:
Spend $100 to $500, earn 1 point for each $10 spent
Spend $501 to $1000, earn 2 points for each $10 spent
Spend $1000 and more, earn 3 points for each $10 spent

How can I reward my customers?

Yes, you can offer points and different coupon rewards to your customers for every action like:
Completing their purchase order
Amount spend on orders
Signing Up
Referring a friend
Writing a review and more.




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