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5 Best WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins

WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins lets you reward your loyal customers to increase sales and customer engagement. Having a WooCommerce Rewards program is a time tested customer retention strategy used by almost all eCommerce stores in the world.

If you haven't started a loyalty rewards program, then it's time you start one. In this article, we are going to see a list of best WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins that help you create a loyalty program.

But before that, just to make sure that you get a clear idea about the benefits of having a WooCommerce loyalty program, we’ve mentioned a few hard to skip perks below.

Benefits of Using a WooCommerce Rewards Program on Your Store

On a survey, 82 out of 100 store owners stated that they were able to witness increased sales and revenue when they introduced a WooCommerce loyalty system.

So let’s cut to the chase.

  • Best WooCommerce loyalty programs have been helping stores to increase sales numbers and revenue.
  • A point reward system can help build a loyal customer base in the long run.
  • WooCommerce rewards can help grow your brand value and Word-of-Mouth marketing.
  • You get to increase customer lifetime value which eventually increases revenue and reduces churn rate.
  • Finally, an effective WooCommerce reward system can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea as to how this works, why don’t we move to the next part, the part where we’ll be looking into some of the best WooCommerce points and rewards referral plugins.

5 Best WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins

All the following WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins let you reward customers with points and enable them to redeem the points for discounts. However, each of these WordPress loyalty plugins differs from the feature offerings. Let's have a detailed look into it.


WPLoyalty is one of the finest Points and Rewards plugins for WooCommerce. You can boost customer loyalty and retain customers by rewarding them for every action they perform in your store.

WPLoyalty is unique when compared to other exisitng loyalty plugins in the market as far as the features are concerned. With WPLoyalty, you can reward customers for,

  • Purchasing a product
  • Signing up to a store
  • Writing a product review
  • Social sharing
  • Referring a friend
  • Special occasions.

You can offer various types of rewards like Loyalty points, Percentage discount, Fixed discount, Free shipping discount & Free product. Also, you can increase your WOM sales by running a Referral program and it is also one of the best customer retention strategy.

You can reward both the Referrer and the Referral, this is something that most plugins lack. Increase your Word of mouth and acquire new customers with a Referral program.

Other Features of WPLoyalty

  • Flexible reward conditions
  • Language & currency based filter options
  • Simple & clean dashboard
  • Real-time analytics
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Customizable rewards page
  • Easy customer management

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Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

2 woocommerce loyalty points and rewards

Loyal Points and Rewards for WooCommerce helps increase customer engagement and sales in your store by allowing you to create the best WordPress loyalty programs with ease. This WooCommerce loyalty plugin allows you to build loyal customers by rewarding them with points when they sign up, buy products or write a product review.

And the best thing about this WooCommerce loyalty points and rewards plugin is, it comes with an inbuilt referral program system. Your store customers can earn more reward points by referring people to your store. It’s a win-win situation.

With this reward point plugin of WordPress, you can incentivize your customers based on the following factors:

  • Purchase
  • Creating an account / Signup
  • Writing a review
  • Referring Friends

You can let the customers to redeem

  • Redeem Points for discount during their next purchase
  • Redeem partially


  • Reward customers for referring the friends
  • Friends can earn points and also get a discount (Example:  Refer and earn 100 Points. Your friend gets 50 points + $50 discount)
  • Unique referral url for each customer
  • Track referral program performance

Other features include:

  • Custom conversion rate value and expiry date for points.
  • Set minimum and maximum order values to get points as rewards.
  • Insightful dashboard that displays total points awarded, redeemed etc.,
  • Options to check individual customer’s details (points, referral code & URL).
  • View customer activity for a particular timeline by using custom filter options.
  • Options to allow customers to either fully redeem or partially redeem reward points.
  • Options to round off reward points to the nearest integer value.
  • Custom label option to rename points to your convenience.
  • Display custom notifications - cart messages, checkout messages, thank you messages and more.

Install Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce on your store and increase sales numbers and revenue eventually. With the plugin expected to have more features like free rewards for birthdays, social shares soon, this is one of the most ideal WooCommerce rewards plugin to offer catchy loyalty points to engage customers in all aspects. If you are about to create a unique loyalty program in a WooCommerce store then you should take this into consideration.


Single Site - $99/year
5 Sites - $129/year
25 Sites - $199/year

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Bravo WooCommerce Points and Rewards

When you use Bravo - WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension, you can specify the amount of rewards points per purchase. There is an option to set a predefined reward point for a purchase in accordance with your convenience. Depending on the criteria, awards can be given per product, per category, or globally. Bravo - WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin allows you to manage reward points / loyalty points.

There are many features given by this plugin that are not provided by many of other, and some of them are.

  • Earn points for product variations
  • Remove points for refunded orders
  • Shows history about Points and Rewards on a product page
  • Automatic points redeeming in cart page
  • Ensure previous loyal customers are eligible for Points and Rewards in the future
  • Reset points for all or specific users from the user’s list using a bulk action

And the basic features include

  • Earn Points for each purchase
  • Points expiration facility
  • Import/export or share user’s points
  • Reward customer purchases with redeemable points for a discount
  • By setting a conversion rate and selling products you can earn points
  • Control the maximum discount

The best thing about this plugin is the active support that it offers to its users. You can contact the plugin's customer support 24x7, and it is extremely responsive. As a result, this makes it easier for the plugin to be efficient and productive.

Price – $39 USD One-time payment

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SUMO Reward Points - WooCommerce Reward/Loyalty Points Plugin

1 sumo reward points

Developed by Fantastic Plugins, SUMO Reward Points is one of the most common WooCommerce reward plugins you’ll come across. With SUMO Rewards, you can incentivize your customers when they do specific actions like signing up, product purchase and more. Below mentioned are the features of SUMO reward points plugin.

  • Reward customers with points when they do specific actions like signing up, product purchase, product reviews and more.
  • Quickly set up points conversion rate, points expiry date and other advanced points redeeming options.
  • Notify customers about their WooCommerce reward points via SMS/email.
  • Manage customer reward points in a separate dashboard.
  • Abundant short-codes and customization options.
  • Compatible with other SUMO plugins like SUMO Coupons, SUMO Subscriptions and more.

SUMO Reward Points - WooCommerce Reward System is easy to use and can be downloaded from CodeCanyon.


Regular License with 6 months support - $49
Regular License with 12 months support - $65.50
Extended License with 6 months support - $490
Extended License with 12 months support - $664.38

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WooRewards - Loyalty and Reward System for WooCommerce

4 woorewards loyalty and reward system for woocommerce

WooRewards stands nothing less to the above-mentioned loyalty reward plugins. Developed by Long Watch Studio, WooRewards is known for its easy to use dashboard and an intuitive interface. With WooRewards points and rewards plugin, you can

  • Create best WooCommerce loyalty programs.
  • Introduce leveling systems to motivate customers and achieve goals.
  • Reward points to customers by using one of the multiple ways WooRewards has.
  • Reward customers with badges when they achieve targets.
  • Built-in shortcodes to display relevant information to your store customers.

WooRewards can be downloaded and used for free from the WordPress repository.


Pro License - $70/year
5 Pro Licenses - $210/year

(Additional charges for Annual Maintenance)

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HostPlugin - WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugin

5 hostplugin woocommerce points rewards plugin

HostPlugin lets you reward your loyal customers by giving them reward points when they do specific actions. With this loyalty rewards plugin, you can

  • Create a points WooCommerce loyalty program on your store.
  • Reward points as your customers do specific actions like buying products, writing a review or signing up.
  • Customers can purchase products by using their rewards points.
  • Options to set minimum product purchase value in order to receive reward points.
  • Options to increase customer’s reward points manually.
  • Choose which customers are eligible to receive points and who won’t.

The free version of HostPlugin can be downloaded from the WordPress repository while there’s a paid version you can download from their website.


Paid Version - $29.99

(6 Months Premium Support)

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How to Create a WooCommerce Loyalty Program for Your Store Using Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce?

Since you’ve come across some of the best loyalty reward plugins, we thought it would be better if you also get to know how to create a points WooCommerce loyalty program for your store. So, here you go,

  • Download and install Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce on your store and head to the settings section (for detailed information on installation steps, click here).

woocommerce loyalty points and rewards tutorial

The above screenshot is taken from Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin and you can find relevant explanations below

  1. Now set the points conversion rate. Example: 5 points can be earned when a customer spends $10.
  2. Set rounding off conditions for earned points.
  3. Custom label your points to suit your store’s theme. Example: Karma, Wand etc,
  4. Set points expiry date from the drop down menu or manually set expiry date for reward points.
  5. Finally, assign reward points to each specific action on your store. And then click the save button.

It’s done. You’ve created a points WooCommerce loyalty program in less than five minutes. It’s easier than said!

You’ve seen some of the best WooCommerce points and rewards referral plugins, and there are multiple WooCommerce loyalty rewards download happening while you read. So, which one would you choose to step up your game?
Before you choose, remember this, “You don’t need a plugin that’s pricey & highly sophisticated. All you need is a plugin that’s easy to use, has the basics and helps your business get off the ground.”

Go for it! Start rewarding your customers and down the lane, don’t be surprised when you have a huge audience base.

Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

/ year
per Year
Subscription options:

  • Create a Loyalty Rewards and Referral Program in your WooCommerce store. Reward your customers with points and make them your brand advocates. Turn your hard earned sales into repeat purchases.

    A license entitles you for 1 year of support, updates & access to PRO downloads.