5 Best Marketing Automation Plugins for WooCommerce


Marketing automation for WooCommerce is a crucial process, and if done correctly, it can increase your WooCommerce revenue. The perfect automation is nothing but selecting the ideal plugin for your store. For example, WooCommerce automated emails, plugins for WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery, and selecting the right plugin that can intensify your store operation as well as revenue.

WooCommerce marketing automation helps in content reach, site activity tracking, and simplifies store operation. This allows you to concentrate on other avenues of the WooCommerce store.

With the right plugin for automation you can elevate your standard of business operations in a couple of clicks. Bring in automation as a part of your WooCommerce for assured success. In this blog, you will come across the top five marketing automation plugins for WooCommerce. These plugins enable you to improve your business efficiency and revenue simultaneously.

Understand the best performing marketing automation plugins in WooCommerce that can increase the pace of your business growth.

Top Five Marketing Automation Plugins

The plugins mentioned here are among the most useful and performance impacting plugins in the WooCommerce space. With a proven track record these plugins have been a vital part of many WooCommerce businesses soaring to success.

1. Retainful – Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin


If you are looking for an easy to setup, simple to use marketing automation plugin then Retainful is the one you need in your store. It can help you automate all your marketing campaigns while you can sit back, relax and watch your sales skyrocket.

With Retainful, you can automate your Welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, Thank you emails, win-back emails & order follow up emails. It is like having someone do the work for you, once you configure and launch the campaign, Retainful will automatically start sending the emails even when you are not there.

Cart abandonment is a major threat to eCommerce sales and Retainful can help you easily recover your abandoned carts by sending a series of cart recovery emails at regular time intervals until the customer returns to his store and recovers his cart. You can also send discounts to encourage customers to return to your store.

Retainful has an in-built automate workflow builder, where you can build and launch your campaigns. The best thing about this is that you don’t need any coding knowledge to build your automation workflows. Trigger rules & path splits will help you take customers through the right conversion paths.

The technologically advanced plugin also offers an option to enhance your customer acquisition rate through referral programs. This referral option will allow your customers to become your brand ambassadors, referral when completed successfully, customers will receive a great deal of discount. This will encourage customers to complete purchase as well as increase your brand awareness and customer acquisition.

The special feature of the plugin includes a “next order coupon”, i.e, when the customer completes the purchase after retrieving the abandoned cart, a discount coupon will be offered for their next purchase. This acts as an encouragement for customers to complete the purchase. With Retainful plugin, the chances of WooCommerce abandoned carts are drastically brought down.

How the plugin increases cart recovery? The features of the plugin involved in reducing cart abandonment are as follows,

  • Automation workflow builder to build campaigns
  • Send Welcome emails, abandoned carts emails, Thank you emails, win back emails automatically.
  • Automatic email reminder to recover the cart
  • Drag & drop email editor
  • Guest cart status also included
  • Automatic next order coupon generation that encourages customers to complete the purchase
  • Advanced all-in-one dashboard
  • Pre-built email templates
  • Trigger rules, path splits and A/B testing
  • Dynamic coupons
  • Option to compare abandoned cart value and recovered cart value
  • Instant notification when a cart is abandoned or abandoned cart is recovered
  • Referral program to acquire new customers
  • Precise and detailed report on customer sales conversion
  • Once cart is recovered the automatic email reminder will be terminated
  • Set coupon expiry dates
  • Advocate and friend referral rewards

A complete plugin with end-to-end automation for reducing WooCommerce abandoned carts. The plugin is proven effective in the past by driving up sales and conversion in a short span of time. This will allow you to make major improvements to your operations in the WooCommerce space.

2. Hubspot for WooCommerce


A plugin that bridges your WooCommerce website and marketing automation together. For example, this provides you an effective method for WooCommerce automated follow up emails. Get hold of your website analytics or contact analytics in a single click by becoming a part of Hubspot. Manage pop-ups, forms, run ads on various platforms and much more with Hubspot. With more than 300 different integrations, this is one of the best tools for marketing automation in WooCommerce.

Sales, marketing and support software, all in one complete automation solution for your business. Advanced dashboard, a place to check all your vital information in a single place. Customize your automation solution with top-notch plugins, an amalgamation of marketing greatness through combination of best plugins.

Simple to use tool, make use of Hubspot to make your WooCommerce store the best one. Apart from sending out the best WooCommerce automated emails, Hubspot provides you with the best possible solution for all your WooCommerce tasks. Completely automate your WooCommerce tasks with this efficient tool, enhance productivity and save time by automating repetitive tasks.

3. Mailchimp


Automate your connection with your loyal customer with Mailchimp. An ideal automation plugin for building brand and enhancing sales. Mailchimp automation in WooCommerce enables you to connect with your customers effortlessly. Mailchimp is an excellent tool in delivering automated and targeted email campaigns, product recommendations, and most importantly the best in class WooCommerce automated follow up emails. Along with it, once your customer details are sync with Mailchimp, newsletters can be sent out in a single click.

ROI is assured with Mailchimp and the proven track record is evident to it. Some of the features of Mailchimp includes,

  • Effective synchronization of purchase and customer data
  • Simple form to convert customers into subscribers
  • Identification of customer behaviour pattern based on purchase history
  • Marketing performance metric
  • WooCommerce automated follow up emails

An ideal Mailchimp automation in WooCommerce plugin helps in driving more sales and conversion through self-regulation. This WooCommerce email marketing automation plugin assists your operation and integration with your existing system in a couple of clicks. Mailchimp can automate the essential part of your WooCommerce operation giving you time to focus on areas to improve.

4. Optinly – Goal Based Pop-up


Effective pop-ups for ten times more conversions, Optinly – Goal based pop ups to intensify your sales through pop-ups. The part of marketing automation for WooCommerce involves delivering the perfect pop-up at the right time. With the right message through a pop-up, your store will get noticed and deliver better results. Professional pop-ups with targeted messages can be easily delivered through Optinly. The proven conversion rate of using pop-ups are evident in the WooCommerce space.

With the right plugin for automating pop-ups, it is only a matter of time to land a higher conversion and sales rate. The plugin can be considered as a top-notch one in delivering the right message at the right time to the right visitor. The list of features that make Optinly extraordinary are,

  • Personalized website pop-ups
  • Advanced built-in pop-up template builder
  • Advanced dashboard to track conversion and customer interaction
  • Pop-ups with personalized visitor name
  • Device based pop-up delivery and audience targeting
  • Couple of clicks to create an engaging pop-up campaign

These incredible features make the plugin a unique and successful one in delivering the perfect pop-up messages. Simple to install and essay to integrate, create an engaging pop-up in a couple of clicks. Allow your customers to catch a glimpse of the perfect engaging message.

5. Beeketing for WooCommerce


A plugin to lookout for, a complete package that is designed to handle all your important marketing tasks. Beeketing for WooCommerce marketing automation to boost sales and improve conversions in a short period of time. It also comes in with a huge list of built-in applications that can increase your WooCommerce functionalities. A perfect tool for converting your store visitors into customers.

The plugins provide a sales boosting “Checkout” app that is designed to increase the checkout rate and reduce cart abandonment drastically. It displays customers a variety of offers that is impossible to refuse to complete the checkout process.

The premium performing application that helps in increasing cross-sell relevant products depending upon the customer purchase and cart. The plugin is effective in tracking every single customer in your page, starting from the landing page till the end, tracking and nudging them towards the conversion funnel and eventually into loyal customers.

How to select the best tool for your WooCommerce Store?

There are a couple of points to consider when selecting the plugin. Understand your WooCommerce requirements and make sure you select the one that best fits your needs and business requirements. For example, if you are looking to send out customized emails for your WooCommerce store, there is no use in getting WooCommerce automated emails.

Therefore decide the purpose first before getting started. Also, make sure the tool you are getting to enhance your WooCommerce store is from a trusted vendor and offers excellent technical support. Get the right plugins and there will be no looking back both in terms of revenue and WooCommerce store efficiency.


WooCommerce is one of the most competitive spaces at the present moment, and the competitive nature of the field will increase in the future.Starting from WooCommerce automated emails to automated campaigns, you need to identify the best tool in the space for better performance.

Understand the intricacies of every plugin that can automate your WooCommerce store effectively. Select and use the best one that will elevate your marketing automation in WooCommerce. These plugins will be of great help in improving conversions and sales in a short period. Make use of them, and the results will be astonishing.

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