The Best WooCommerce plugins to Boost your Online store

complete list of woocomemrce plugins

Are you planning to start an eCommerce business? Or have you already set up an eCommerce store with WooCommerce? Whether beginning from scratch or improving an existing site, there are several useful Woocommerce plugins to help you get the job done.

This article shares the ultimate list of the best woocommerce plugins for your WooCommerce store. From payment to compliance, we have divided this article into six categories. You can scroll through the list of WordPress plugins and select your best woocommerce plugins.

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Payment Plugins

It would help to be careful when choosing reliable woocommerce plugins for payment because your customers trust you and share their financial details with you. It’s your responsibility to enable a smooth and secure transaction with convenient payment methods.

There are four essential things you should look for when choosing woocommerce plugins for payment. Primarily it should be the best woocommerce plugins. And then,

  • Security– It is the most critical factor in choosing a payment plugin. You should make sure the WordPress plugin has good user reviews and regular updates from the developer side. Also, ensure that the WordPress plugin uses security measures like SCA (Secure Customer Authentication).
  • Multiple Payment Methods– Make sure that the plugin for woocommerce supports various payment methods so that customers can pay according to their convenience.
  • Message Alerts– After completing the payment, the customers shall receive proper message alerts regarding the payment. The admin should receive an alert when someone has made a purchase.
  • Refunds– You must ensure that your customers get the refunds as early as possible. Also, there should be less complexity for refund options.

Stripe Payment Plugin for WooCommerce

stripe payment gateway

The Stripe Payment Plugin for WooCommerce enables you to accept customer payments via the Stripe Payment Gateway. This plugin allows various payment methods like credit/debit cards, Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, iDEAL, etc.

The plugin offers a smoother payment experience for your customers. It follows Strong Customer Authentication and enables 3D Secure for card payments. The plugin comes with WPML compatibility and supports multilingual websites with translations.


  • Accept Stripe Credit and Debit Cards
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • SCA Ready
  • 3D Secure
  • WPML Compatible

Download Stripe Payment Plugin for WooCommerce for free. It is one of the best woocommerce plugins to increase sales.

WP Simple Pay

wp simplepay

WP Simple Pay is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to accept one-time and recurring payments on your shopping site. It is best suited for shops that sell subscription-based goods and services.

The plugin lets you create subscription plans for your customers to pay regularly. You can generate installment plans, initial setup fees, and free trial periods. It uses PCI-compliant servers to keep transactions secure.

You don’t have to build from zero using the plugin’s pre-built payment form templates. The plugin also offers coupon features and lets you give discounts to your customers.


  • Recurring Payments
  • Payment Form Builder
  • Templates
  • PCI compliant servers

Get WP Simple Pay.

PayPal Express Checkout Plugin for WooCommerce

paypal express checkout

PayPal Express Checkout Plugin is one of the best checkout plugins for woocommerce. This checkout plugin for woocommerce allows you to integrate PayPal express checkout/ smart checkout options on your WooCommerce store. This will help you increase store conversion rate and reduce cart abandonment.

The smart checkout option with this plugin lets you accept local payment methods based on the customer’s country. You can enable an express checkout option that lets your customers pay via debit/credit card without leaving the site.

You can also offer PayPal credits and pay later to your customers. The plugin enables a faster and more secure payment experience on your WooCommerce store. You can also provide full and partial refunds directly for WooCommerce orders.


  • PayPal payment gateway
  • Smart checkout
  • Express checkout
  • Faster and secure checkout
  • Full and partial refunds

Get PayPal Express Checkout Plugin for WooCommerce.

Promotions Plugins

Promotion is a critical component of growing your WooCommerce store. Shop owners use various methods to promote their businesses—coupon deals, discount sales, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

In essence, there are two main ways to promote your WooCommerce store.

  1. Coupons, discounts, and rewards
  2. Marketing

Coupons, Discounts, and Rewards

Below is a list of the best woocommerce plugins that allow you to create discount offers and coupons on your WooCommerce store.

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

discount rules

Discount Rules for WooCommerce lets you create dynamic pricing and discount rules on your WooCommerce store.Regardless of other plugins, this plugin helps you build a discount strategy for your store using various discount rules and dynamic pricing features.

The plugin supports various discount options like promo codes, combo discounts, volume pricing discounts, etc. You can offer exclusive discounts for Wholesale customers and newly joined customers.

Another major feature of this plugin is that it offers BOGO discounts and freebies on your WooCommerce store. You can create various conditional discounts in which the discount will be applied only when purchasing a specific product. In simple words, this is an all-rounder discount plugin available for WooCommerce.


  • Store-wide global discounts
  • Tiered discounts
  • BOGO discounts
  • Conditional discounts
  • Multiple discounts

Get Discount Rules for WooCommerce.

Loyalty Points, Rewards, and Referral plugins for WooCommerce

loyalty points

Loyalty Points, Rewards, and Referral plugins for WooCommerce allow you to build a loyalty program in your WooCommerce store. The plugin helps you offer rewards to your customers and nurture their loyalty. Offer rewards for purchases, sign-ups, reviews, referrals, and social shares.

The plugin lets you offer reward points for your customers on their Birthday. You can thus foster a sense of connection with your customers. It enables you to offer your customers free products, gifts, and exclusive rewards for your customers.


  • Referral points
  • Product review rewards
  • Loyalty points
  • Points for Birthday
  • Free Product

Get Loyalty Points, Rewards, and Referral plugin for WooCommerce.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons

smart coupons for woocomerce

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is a one-stop solution for all your coupon-related requirements. The plugin lets you add advanced features to the default WooCommerce coupons. You can create a variety of coupons and enable auto-apply coupons on your WooCommerce store.

The plugin also lets you add WooCommerce BOGO (Buy One Get One) coupons and supports different variations of BOGOs like Buy Two Get One, Buy Three Get One at a 50% discount, etc. You can offer store credits to your customers and provide gift vouchers for any amount of store credits.

Advanced coupon options like URL coupons, giveaway coupons, and cart abandonment coupons are available with this plugin. Further, this plugin features strong usage controls to prevent excessive coupon use in your store.


  • BOGO coupons
  • URL coupons
  • Store credits
  • Auto-apply coupons
  • Cart abandonment coupons

Get Smart Coupons for WooCommerce.


Woocommerce marketing plugin is a crucial component of promoting your company. Your store might offer quality products at an attractive price, but if you fail to market them properly, all your efforts will be for nothing. Woocommerce marketing plugins help you to sell your products. It is one of the WooCommerce plugins you must have, and you must choose one from the woocommerce plugin list.

Here is a list of the best woocommerce plugins that will help you achieve more visitors to your WooCommerce site.

Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin and woocommerce marketing plugin. And it lets you manage all your SEO needs quickly and efficiently. This woocommerce marketing plugin has features that will help you gain more traffic and visitors to your WooCommerce store. And it is the best free plugin for woocommerce.

The plugin is very beginner-friendly and has automated SEO improvements and suggestions. It helps you add a better title, meta description, and slug line. Using its readability analysis function, the plugin also ensures that humans and search engines can read and understand your content.


  • SEO analysis
  • Readability analysis
  • Multiple language support
  • Google Preview

Download Yoast SEO for free.



OptinMonster is a popular popup builder and woocommerce marketing plugin for WordPress. It helps you achieve more email subscribers, increase sales and grow your business. Unlike other plugins, OptinMonster does not interrupt the visitor’s experience with annoying ads or pop-ups, unlike other plugins. It integrates with your site efficiently and causes no unwanted interruptions.

The plugin also offers mobile popups responsive to any device, including mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop. It helps you enable newsletters and subscriptions on your WooCommerce store. The plugin is SEO friendly and optimized for both web and server performance.


  • Popups
  • Newsletters and subscriptions
  • Mobile Popups
  • SEO friendly

Download OptinMonster for free.

Woo Sell Services

Woo Seller

Woo Sell Services plugin by Wbcom Designs offers a fantastic alternative for overseeing your service marketplace or freelance business. It provides a comprehensive solution with numerous features that save you time and money. Woo Sell Service is an extension for woocommerce, recognized as the most popular WordPress-based eCommerce platform worldwide. With this plugin, you can effortlessly establish and market services online, present proposals, engage in project negotiations, track the progress of ongoing services, and communicate with clients, all from a single location.

Save time and money with WooCommerce to Sell online services. Run your freelance business or build a multi-vendor service marketplace. A new WooCommerce product type services are easy to create and provide a complete order management system. Improve your productivity with all the features and gain your customer’s trust.


  • Create a service just like a product
  • Easily manage all the orders
  • Chat with your clients
  • Order Email Notification
  • Vendor-Customer Chat Section
  • Order Management Section
  • Service Reviews and Ratings
  • Hundreds of Payment Gateways
  • Multivendor Support
  • Based on WooCommerce, Powered by WordPress

Download Woo Sell Service

WooCommerce Product Video

WooCommerce Product Video

WooCommerce Product Video Plugin amplifies your online store’s appeal by seamlessly integrating compelling videos into product pages. This user-friendly WordPress plugin enables easy embedding of videos, transforming product demonstrations and descriptions for enhanced engagement. 

Showcasing videos alongside product images enriches the browsing experience, offering customers a deeper understanding of product features and benefits.

Customizable video displays empower retailers to adapt layouts to suit their store’s aesthetic and functional needs. Responsive design ensures seamless video viewing across various devices, enhancing accessibility. 

Elevate promotional efforts by leveraging videos to spotlight new arrivals or best-selling items, captivating audiences, and fostering brand-consumer connections. With seamless compatibility with WooCommerce, this plugin effortlessly augments product presentation without compromising site performance. 

WooCommerce Product Video Plugin serves as a powerful tool, enriching product pages and driving increased user interaction and potential sales.


  • Seamless integration of videos into product pages within WooCommerce
  • Customizable video display options for tailored presentation
  • Enhanced product descriptions and demonstrations through video content
  • Responsive design ensuring optimal viewing across devices
  • Effortless compatibility and integration with WooCommerce platform

Download WooCommerce Product Video

Store Enhancement Plugins

No matter how enticing your product collection is, if your WooCommerce store looks dull, you will lose your customers. You must enhance your store with the best woocommerce plugins to give a great user experience for your customers.

The following list of best woocommerce plugins helps you enhance your WooCommerce store.

Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

email customizer

Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce helps you customize your WooCommerce order-related emails and create professional-looking emails for your WooCommerce store. It gives you complete control over email customization and allows you to add a custom logo, header, footer, body contents, and social icons.

The WordPress plugin lets you build your brand with professional-looking emails. You can make use of readymade email templates to save time, and it uses the MJML email framework to ensure responsiveness across devices.


  • Create professional-looking emails
  • Custom logo
  • Live preview
  • Email templates
  • WPML Support

Get Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce.

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Retainful is an excellent woocommerce plugin for recovering abandoned carts by sending out automated cart recovery emails at regular intervals. It encourages customers to return to their carts and complete their purchases. Cart abandonment results in lost sales, so Retainful is a must-have woocommerce plugin.

The plugin lets you create FOMO by using countdown timers to motivate customers to complete their purchases. You can add an exit-intent popup when a customer tries to exit the cart without purchasing the product. The plugin also lets you generate cart recovery coupons and include them in your automated emails.

The plugin integrates with all major eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.


  • Personalized cart recovery emails
  • Track abandoned carts
  • Countdown timers
  • Automated emails
  • Dynamic coupon codes

Get Retainful, One of The best woocommerce plugins to start recovering your lost sales.

ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons

abandoned cart elex banner

It is a powerful plugin that allows you to reclaim abandoned sales by emailing visitors at regular intervals. To attract customers, you can add a dynamically created smart discount coupon in the recovery email. You can set rules and conditions for sending recovery emails based on user roles, the total shopping value, the number of items in the cart, and the unique ID of the product.

In addition, you can view a complete log of all customer recovery emails sent, with the email’s sent time, date, and applied discount code. To prevent bothering customers, you can choose a period limit, after which the plugin will remove the carts from the mailing list.

It offers a thorough graph-based report that enables you to examine the overall sum of money that has been recovered with the help of the plugin, the total quantity of abandoned carts brought on by lost sales, and the conversion rate that the plugin created over a certain period. This plugin supports businesses in reclaiming lost sales and also increases the company’s long-term profitability.


  • Simplified abandoned cart recovery
  • Timer to define cart abandonment
  • Timer to remove carts from the recovery email list
  • Cart recovery for guest users
  • Tiggers and rules for recovery emails
  • Customized email templates
  • Dynamic or WooCommerce Discount Coupons
  • Detailed email logs
  • Graph-based order reports

Get ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons.

Inventory Management Plugins

Operating an eCommerce business is not a cakewalk and requires immense dedication and effort. Yet managing inventory can be difficult, primarily when you sell many products. Make use of these best woocommerce plugins to manage your inventory efficiently.

ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce

atum inventory management

ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce is the most powerful stock management solution for WooCommerce. The plugin helps you keep track of your inventory and comes with a dashboard with all the information you need regarding your stock.

The plugin is beautifully designed to integrate with the WordPress interface and offers a user-friendly experience. It helps you maintain inventory statistics with data on periodical sales, inventory levels, lost sales, inbound stock, etc.

The plugin supports quick price changes and stock level indicators. You can initiate Bulk actions to activate or deactivate WooCommerce management at the product level.


  • Inventory management dashboard
  • Inventory statistics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Stock control widget

Download ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommece for free.

Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce

sequentia order number

Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce allows you to rearrange the existing WooCommerce order numbers to sequential order. This is a helpful feature to have on your WooCommerce store because this will helps your bookkeeping easily.

The plugin allows you to add custom starting numbers and prefixes to your order numbers. You can set the order number length as per your need. It also supports subscription orders and order tracking to easily find the order details.


  • Sequential order numbers
  • Custom order numbers
  • Custom order number length
  • Easy order tracking
  • Supports subscription orders

Download Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce for free.

Delivery Plugins

Delivery is a crucial part of ensuring customer satisfaction for your business. Customers prefer to get their orders delivered on time and track the orders in real-time. The best woocommerce plugins listed below will help you easily manage the shipping and delivery process for your WooCommerce store.

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

advancement shipment tracking

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce helps you manage and automate your shipping information on your WooCommerce store. The plugin helps you give order tracking details and keep your customers informed about shipment information.

It supports 300+ shipment providers with a predefined tracking link. Customers can track their orders using the provided tracking link. The plugin also lets you import tracking information from CSV files.


  • Tracking info widget
  • 300+ shipping providers with a predefined tracking link
  • Import tracking info from CSV
  • Multiple tracking numbers for the same order

PluginHive’s WooCommerce Shipping Services

woocommerce shipping service

PluginHive’s WooCommerce Shipping Services connect easily with your store. This handy tool allows you to perform all the shipping tasks, including printing labels and monitoring shipments, right within your WooCommerce dashboard. It helps you automate shipping with Live Rates, Once-Click Label Printing, and Order Tracking for major carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Stamps, Aramex, Blue Dart, Australia Post, Canada Post, and other popular shipping carriers.


  • Real-time shipping quotes, shipping labels & order tracking with UPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post, PostNord, USPS, DHL, Blue Dart, Delhivery, & 50+ carriers.
  • Handles End-to-End Shipping with Rates, Labels & Tracking within the WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Complete International Shipping Coverage (Rates, Labels, Commercial Invoice, Customs, Declared Value, ETD, etc.)
  • Complete Shipping Integration (COD, Pickups, Returns, Volume-based rates, Address Classification, etc.)
  • Support for Advanced Shipping Scenarios – Multi-Vendor, Multi-Warehouse/Location, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language.
  • World-class customer support from shipping experts.

Get WooCommerce Shipping Services Plugin now!

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes and Shipping Labels

woocommerce pdf invoices

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes and Shipping Labels is a WordPress plugin that helps you generate all documents related to delivery. By default, there is no option available in WooCommerce to print any of these documents from your orders page.

The woocommerce plugin creates and prints invoices, packing slips, delivery notes, and shipping labels. It supports bulk print all labels from the orders page. You can customize shipping labels and invoices by adding your logo, store name, VAT, barcodes, tracking numbers, etc. It also allows you to send PDF invoices to your customers by email.


  • Create and print all delivery-related documents
  • Email Invoice
  • Customize your documents
  • Download PDF invoices and packing slips

Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes and Shipping Labels for free.

Table Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping

flexible shipping

Table Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping allows you to calculate the shipping costs based on weight and cart total. It lets you add a handling fee or an insurance cost for products priced above a certain amount. The plugin lets you create cash on delivery shipping method with additional costs


  • Shipping costs based on cart weight
  • Shipping costs based on cart total
  • Additional handling fees
  • Insurance cost

Download Table Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping for free.

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin

Elevate your WooCommerce store’s shipping experience to new heights with the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin. This certified FedEx solution seamlessly integrates into DOKAN, a leading multi-vendor platform, providing you with comprehensive shipping control. Trusted globally, FedEx’s renowned efficiency is now at your fingertips, optimizing functionality and enhancing your online emporium.

Its Key Features include:

  • Display Live FedEx rates at checkout for accurate and dynamic shipping costs.
  • Generate FedEx shipping labels with included postage for a streamlined shipping process.
  • Automatic FedEx tracking integrated during label creation, providing real-time tracking for customers.
  • Utilize weight-based and box-packing methods for precise shipping calculations.
  • Customize shipping service names and incorporate extra handling costs to meet specific business needs.
  • Seamless integration with Cash on Delivery (CoD), third-party payer systems, and FedEx LTL Freight support.
  • Support for special services like FedEx Hold at Location, FedEx One Rate, etc.
  • Both domestic and international FedEx Shipping support for a global customer base.
  • Regular compatibility updates and swift bug fixes for optimal performance.

Get the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin here 

Compliance Plugins

When you are selling internationally, it is essential to make sure that you comply with the rules and regulations of that country. Slight negligence can cost you a considerable amount of fines, and these best woocommerce plugins will help you achieve compliance with important laws.

cookie yes

CookieYes | GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice is one of WordPress’s best GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance plugins. The plugin supports major laws like CCPA, LGPD, CNIL, etc.

This plugin’s significant function is adding a cookie notice with Accept and Reject options. The website cookies will not render till the users give their explicit consent as required by GDPR. It lets you display the list of cookies on your cookie policy page using a shortcode.

The plugin adds a subtle cookie banner to your WooCommerce site, which is fully customizable. It comes with a Cookie Audit module that helps you display what cookies your website uses for your customers.


  • Customizable Cookie Banner
  • Supports Major laws like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and CNIL
  • Cookie Audit Module
  • Cookie Scanning
  • Location-based exclusion for banner
  • User consent logging

Get CookieYes | GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice.

WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant

woocommerce eu assitant

WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant is an EU VAT solution plugin available for WordPress. It will help your WooCommerce store comply with the complex EU VAT regulations. The plugin allows you to track and record customers’ locations as EU VAT compliance requires.

It also collects evidence required by the new regulations and accepts and validates EU VAT numbers. The plugin helps you automatically populate the VAT rates for all EU countries with a single click.


  • Tracks and records customers’ location
  • Collects evidence for EU VAT compliance
  • Accepts and validates EU VAT numbers
  • Supports a dedicated VAT currency

Download WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant for free.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you are launching a brand new ecommerce business or want to upgrade an existing one, these woocommerce plugins will help you upscale your business. From payment to compliance, we covered all dimensions for a successful WooCommerce store. We believe this article on the best woocommerce plugins helped you find suitable plugins for your WooCommerce store.

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