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How to Customize Loyalty Points Email in Your WooCommerce Store?

The best way to increase and retain the customer base, both in retail and in WooCommerce is through loyalty and reward points. WooCommerce email customization provides a touch of personalization to the customers who are enrolled in the loyalty program. WooCommerce Points and rewards along with referral points offered in the site will increase revenue for the site.

With customized emails about WooCommerce loyalty points, the operational efficiency of the website will reach a better spectrum in terms of revenue and customer engagement. WooCommerce email customization offers a unique opportunity for websites to form a bond with customers.

WooCommerce loyalty points plugin - reward points, loyalty program & installation

In WooCommerce, it is simple and easy to increase customer loyalty and engagement on the site with WooCommerce loyalty points plugin. Reward points and loyalty program of the WooCommerce loyalty points system along with WooCommerce points and rewards referral makes the website a favorite among WooCommerce visitors.

Reward Points: Gift the loyalty of the customer with reward points, points that can be used for purchases in the future for discounts and other purposes. Gift customers with reward points when they sign up, make a referral, complete purchase, and write reviews about their experience on the website and product purchase.

Loyalty Program: Make the customer a part of your website operation, an extension of your team by providing regular updates on purchases or offers through the loyalty program. The email should be limited and provide valuable information, never overdo it.

How to Install WooCommerce Loyalty points plugin?

Simple and easy to install. Step by step explanation of the installation procedure is explained below.

Step one:

Sign up and download Loyalty Points, Rewards, and Referral Plugin for WooCommerce, the best WooCommerce loyalty points plugin in the digital space. Visit my download section on your account and download the zip file of the plugin.

01 loyalty plugin my downloads

Step Two:

Log into your WordPress account, go to the dashboard under the admin section, and select plugins. Click on the Add New button, and it will bring you to the upload plugin button.

02 Add new plugin loyalty rewards plugin

Once you have clicked the add new plugin, you will be redirected to the upload plugin page.

02A upload plugin reward loyality plugin

Step Three:

After selecting the upload plugin, you need to choose the plugin by choosing the Browse option on the screen and select the plugin zip file you have just downloaded.

03 plugin browse install

Select the zip file and click on install for the plugin to be installed.

04 plugin install

Once the plugin is installed, you can activate the plugin by clicking on Activate plugin.

05 activate plugin install

After activating the plugin, you can get into the plugin to set the required loyalty and referral settings. Also, activating and validating the plugin using the license key is a simple process. That will help you in understanding the true potential of the plugin.

Benefits of Sending Reward Points Email

WooCommerce email customization to reach and retain the right customer. With the WooCommerce loyalty points plugin, it is simple and effective to make WooCommerce email customization. It is a simple way of letting the customer know that their sign up and referral to the store is invaluable in every aspect of the eCommerce operation.

How to Customize WooCommerce Loyalty Points Email?

WooCommerce email customization is simple and easy with Loyalty Points, Rewards, and Referral Plugin for WooCommerce plugin. Step by step customization is explained below.

By default, there are three email templates available in the plugin. To customize these templates, a manual override is required for the email template in your theme.

The default email templates are “Points earned, and Referral points Earned by Friend and Referral Points Earned by Advocate.”

There are two methods involved in the customization process; each technique will be explained here in detail. Choose the one that suits you better.

Method 1

This method involves simple copying and pasting of the directory path. A simple technique that doesn’t consist of any coding or any significant changes.

Points Earned Template

Copy the path and paste it under a different directory path, as mentioned below.

06 points earned template

Referral Points Earned by Friend

Copy the path from WordPress and paste it in the theme folder.

07 referral points earned by friend

Referral Points Earned by Advocate

08 Referral points earned by advocate

Method 2

This method involves a couple of clicks to override the complete file.

Step One

Log in to your WooCommerce admin dashboard and select Settings menu from the left side panel. Select Email option tab under the setting menu.

09 settings email selection

Step two

Select the option to manage on the side of the template that you wish to customize

10 manage option select

Step three

Once you click manage, you will be redirected to the page where the option to copy file to theme will be available. Click it, and it will automatically create an override on your template folder.

11 override theme copy folder option

Voila, the override is complete—simple and easy steps to WooCommerce email customization.

Once the override of the files is completed in the theme folder, you can edit the overridden files as per your wish and save the changes. Once everything is completed, save the file. Also, with Email Customizer plugin drag and drop option is available to make the customization process easier.

Below are the before and after examples of customization.

Default Email Delivered to the Customer

12 default email loyalty point

After Email Customization

13 loyalty email after customization

Easy Email Personalization

Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce makes customization easier by providing a simple drag and drop option. Email customizer is easy to integrate with your existing plugin and all the emails sent out can be easily altered to suit the business needs.

14 loylty points email customizer

Easy and simple steps for WooCommerce email customization, make the changes, and customize the emails sent for better results.


WooCommerce loyalty point email explains about reward points earned by the customer. It details points earned while signing up or obtained through a referral program. The email explains the customers’ points and what can be done with it.

It is simple; it can be set up with a few clicks. To know in detail, please click here.

Yes, it is easy to customize the loyalty points email, and it does not involve complicated coding. The article above clearly mentions every step required for WooCommerce email customization.