How to Customize WooCommerce Email Templates

An email has a great role in online marketing, but you have to bring value to inboxes, not noise. Understanding what users respond to, allows you to get better with every email.

The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and easier to determine what you should be doing. When creativity flows curiosity is stoked.

In general, we all have curiosity when we find something to be creative on any platform. The same is to happen with online marketing, here the mode of communication with our customers is through emails.

It is important that emails are customized creatively for better results. Transaction emails generally have the details of the order that the customer has placed in the store.

A WooCommerce store owner can convert a visitor into a long-term customer through effective transactional emails. What if these transactional emails are customized with some additional features that result in an increase in your revenue?

Most store owners get lost with how to edit an email template in WooCommerce. Do you want to overcome those barriers? Let’s achieve this with the help of the Email Customizer Plus for the WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus enables full customization of your transaction emails. Customize the template by changing WooCommerce email colors, header, footer, logo, link to your social network, use shortcodes to include dynamic data – all done using WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus plugin.

Customizing an email with the use of special formatting techniques can often enhance the tone and appearance of the message you are sending. Continue reading this article to learn more about the ways you can customize the transactional email.

Before getting started, make sure you have installed and activated the popular WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin:

Why Customize Order Emails in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus is one of the most effective plugins to customize transactional emails. You can send a customized order email with WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus using drag and drop email Builder.

Predefined WooCommerce email templates can be easily imported and can be used as per your requirement.

Dynamic information can be added using shortcodes. WooCommerce stores also support multi-language.

You can send email templates for different order statuses of respective customers. The Drag and Drop feature is so handy that you can design and customize your email template easily.

As an online merchant, your target is that your website must sell more and look its best. Don’t you think your store’s email should give its best?

WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus helps to customize your order emails effortlessly. The plugin upgrades the store’s email notifications with much more effective designs. The most important feature is that no duplicate emails will be sent.

Benefits of WooCommerce Transactional Email Customization

Generally, transactional emails are a sort of interaction between the store and its customers.

Transactional emails play a crucial part while running an online store and moreover it is the only mode of communication to contact your customers.

It is necessary that these mails are aesthetically pleasing and appealing so that the customers come back to your store. This would eventually boost your store’s revenue. This is definitely achievable if you customize your WooCommerce order emails with the help of a plugin.

Let’s look into the benefits of WooCommerce Transactional Email Customization

  • An elegant “email customizer plus” with a drag and drop editor allows you to customize order emails interactively.
  • It provides various templates to design your mail, once created they can be saved and reused later.
  • Less time consuming, as you need not have to start from scratch in order to design your email.
  • You can style your email template using CSS and also add your custom styles.
  • It allows you to preview the email templates before it reaches your customer.
  • It supports Multi-Language.
  • Shortcodes help you to add dynamic information for your order. [Dynamic information like order details, customer information, billing address, shipping address, and more]

WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus Templates

With the help of the WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus we can customize the following email templates effortlessly:

  • New Order – Sent when a customer places a new order
  • Canceled Order – Sent to the customer when they cancel an order that has been placed.
  • Failed Order – Sent when the customer fails to do the payment for the order placed.
  • Order-on-Hold – Contains the details after the placed order is on-hold.
  • Processing Order – Sent once the customer completes the payment and it contains the order details.
  • Completed Order – Sent to the customer once the order has been completed and it mentions that the order has been shipped.
  • Refunded order – Sent to the customer when the orders are marked as refunded.
  • Customer Invoice/Order details – It contains order details along with the payment links.
  • Customer Note – To give any note to the store by the customer.
  • Reset Password – Sent to the customer when they request a password reset.
  • New Account – Account Sign Up page, sent to the customer for sign up at the time of checkout.

Drag and Drop Builder in WooCommerce Email Customization Plus

Drag and Drop builder in email customization plus can customize transactional emails more effectively.

It makes the transactional email template to be more appealing which makes your customers come back to you. This would eventually increase your brand value.

You can edit email in WooCommerce by adding a logo, header, footer, and images to make your email template more interactive. It is like a page-builder where you can drag and drop image blocks, paragraph blocks, and text blocks and also edit them as required.

The most creative feature of the plugin is it supports “Next Order Coupon” by integrating Retainful with the Email Customizer Plus plugin.

Engage your Customers by providing offer codes for their next purchase. A dynamically generated coupon code can be provided to the customer in their order notification email. This feature would really make the customers purchase from your store regularly.

Installation of WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus

Download and Install WooCommerce Email Customizer plus with Drag and Drop Email Builder in your WordPress Admin.

Step 1 – Login to WordPress Dashboard Click Plugins-> Add New


Step 2– Click on “Upload Plugin”

Step 3– Click on “Browse” and select the Email Customizer Plus plugin package


Hit the “Install Now” button. Now, the plugin will be installed successfully.

Step 4– Click on “Activate Plugin” to finalize the installation process.

Once installed and activated in WordPress Dashboard,

Click on WooCommerce -> Email Customizer Plus


To be more clear with the installation process, you can check the installation guide from the documentation section.

Create and Customize your WooCommerce Order Email Template

WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus comprises three major parts that are essential for crafting a modernized transactional email.

  • Header section
  • Body of the email
  • Footer section

Get to know how to harness the real power of WooCommerce email customization in this module.

The drag and drop email editor presents you to select an Order. It is just considered as a sample email template with dummy data.


To choose multiple languages, initially install the WPML plugin and get access to multilingual options.

The WooCommerce email design editor allows you to select the language [as it supports multi-language], the status of the order, and the respective order. This feature is just to have a real-time preview of your email design.

As mentioned earlier, shortcodes are used for entering dynamic data like shipping address, order number, order total, etc..the email templates are saved along with their respective shortcodes. When a customer makes an order, only the email design is used. The shortcode will be replaced with the dynamic data of the respective element.

WooCommerce Email Customizer Plus with Drag and Drop Builder has several tools that would help you to customize your email template interestingly.

The below listed are the powerful tools in Drag and Drop Builder.


Let’s get in detail with the features

Header Section of the email

The header part should contain a business logo, title, etc. Changing of WooCommerce email header can be done easily using a simple drag-and-drop email builder. Let’s see how to add a logo and the title for a New Order email.

Logo: To add your site’s or company’s logo

The rearmost icon in the right panel of elements (drag and drop builder) to add the business logo to your email. Dragging and dropping this icon will insert the default logo. You can also edit and upload your custom business logo here.


Text – Title/Descriptions: To insert the title and description for your email template.

Click on the first icon in the right panel of elements. This icon allows you to insert the text of the title and descriptions. Drag and drop this icon in your email template, edit the element, and add your own title/descriptions.

On the mouse hovering each element, you can see the icons to (Move -> text -> column -> section -> another section) / drag & drop / copy / delete as shown below.


Divider: This icon is next to the “Image” of elements, it is used to add a horizontal line between any two blocks.


Body of the email

The body of the email may contain order details, address information (billing/shipping), customer information, the status of the customer order like completed, shipped, etc. Let’s see how to add dynamic information using drag and drop features.

Order Summary: Used to add order details to your email. Also, you can add and modify the style of the table.

Order Summary icon from store elements is used to add information like the order number, product subtotal, quantity, payment method, in a table format. You can also edit this element and even style the block by adding color to the table.


Address: Used to add the addresses of both billing & shipping information.


Displays billing and shipping address in a 1 column itself. The shortcode can be viewed, in the text editor.

Customer details: A separate column can be created for customer details. The shortcode can be viewed, edited in the text editor.


Next order Coupon: To add next order coupons to the email template.

This is to provide a coupon to your customer which can be used in his/her next purchase. It’s an additional feature that makes your email to be more interactive and appealing.


Background Color: To change the background color of the email template.

Short Codes List: Displays a list of shortcodes that can be included while editing an element.

The shortcodes are available in two places. One is at the top of the page, and the other is at the bottom of the Drag and Drop Email Builder.


Once you click on any of these, a popup will be displayed with the list of shortcodes as shown below.


The respective shortcodes are included while editing that particular element.

For example:

{{shipping_address.formatted_address}} – To Get Shipping address

While you include the above shortcode in your email, the shipping address details will be displayed.

Custom Shortcode: You can also create custom shortcodes in order to create the shortcodes to get the fields from a third-party plugin.

Footer Section of the email

Footer part of the email contains a footer text (optional), social links, next order coupon (optional), shortcodes, clickable button, etc. Let us see how to create a footer for the template.

Footer Block: To add editable footer blocks to the template. You can include your own text like copyright information and disclaimers.


Social Icons: To add social buttons to the template.

Adding social icons to your email is another way of marketing your company or store. Use this icon to add social buttons to your email.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more – these icons can be included in your mail.

Clickable Button: To add a subscription button.

Drag and drop this icon to add a button link to your URL. After adding this element you can change the email template in WooCommerce by editing the text, URL, and background color of the button

For eg, “Click here to Subscribe for Newsletter”

Once you are done with the WooCommerce email template customization, Drag and Drop Builder allows you to have a preview of your email design additionally, you can even send a test mail to get an understanding of the functionality.


Find the below image where an Email template is designed for “New Order”


Now, enjoy customizing your email with the drag and drop builder features and make your customers feel pleasing about your store.

Basic Configurations in WooCommerce Email Customization Plus Plugin

Basic settings of Email Customizer Plus can be modified as per your requirements.

The settings modified here will be reflected in the order email template, which would be customized further with the Drag and Drop Builder.

Let us look into the basic settings in detail.

Click on the “settings” to configure the basic settings.


This will navigate you to the Settings page.


General Tab settings

License Key – Validate your license key for future updates.

Display payment instruction above order table – To enable/disable the payment instruction above the order details.

Show product image – To enable/disable the image of the product in the order table.

Show product SKU – To enable/disable the SKU of the product if it is provided while you add the product to your site.

Language (direction of Scripts) – This is to pick the direction of text readability as RTL or LTR based on the language chosen.

Container Width – Width measurement of the email container.

Custom CSS – To write your own customization with CSS, you can style your own email template programmatically.

Edit Product Image – Product images can be customized based on size, height, width.

Import/Export Templates

This option is to have a backup of the designed email templates for your future. You can Import/Export the saved template to your drive by following these steps.

Email Customizer Plus -> Customizer -> click on the “Edit” option to import the chosen template.

A tab of chosen email template appears. Click on the “Import Icon” option as illustrated below.


By clicking on the “Import” option in a template, your file can be store in your drive as a backup for future use.


For export, You can export it all at once or individually whenever it is required as shown below.


This feature is really helpful as you can always have a backup of the email templates in your drive.

Enable/Disable Templates

To either enable/disable the required email templates. Change WooCommerce default email template status as per your requirements.


Retainful- Next Order Coupon

This is the most attractive feature in the Email Customizer Plus plugin. This is to provide the next order discount coupons to your customers.

To apply a coupon to your email, integrate Retainful with Email Customizer. The coupon settings are made as per requirements in the “Retainful – Next Order Coupon” tab.

To make it more clear, check the tutorial for Next Order Coupon.

Wrapping Up

I hope now you would find it easier to customize your email with the help of the WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin. The Email Customizer with its exclusive feature “Drag and Drop Builder” results in great output for your e-commerce store.

As dynamic information is added using shortcodes, you need not worry even if you are not a programmer.

The plugin is so flexible that you can customize your email as required. Enjoy customizing transactional email which would produce great results.

Start customizing your WooCommerce emails today and build the brand value to a greater extent.




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