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8 Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins to Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins to Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

With the right WooCommerce Affiliate plugin in hand, you can increase your brand’s visibility by 44%

Numerous WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins are available in the market. And it can be a little confusing for you to choose the best Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce that meets all your needs.

To make it easy, we have hand-picked the 8 best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins for creating your Affiliate marketing program. These 8 WooCommerce Affiliate plugins will help you manage your affiliate links, payout and track the traffic driven through the affiliate marketing program.

Without further delay, let’s jump right in.

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What is WooCommerce Affiliate Marketing?

WooCommerce Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy where the individual or the affiliate promotes your product or service through an affiliate or referral link. In return, they get a commission for the sales or conversions they achieve through the affiliate program.

WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins come in handy to generate unique affiliate links, track sales, calculate commissions and manage payouts. These benefits make it necessary for your online store to install a WooCommerce affiliate plugin.

Why does your online store need a WooCommerce affiliate program?

Creating a WooCommerce Affiliate marketing program in your online store is an effective strategy to increase sales, expand customer base and create brand awareness.

5 benefits of using a WooCommerce affiliate program are:

Brand awareness:

For a new product or service, WooCommerce affiliate marketing program creates brand awareness among the audience. For a known store, your brand exposure in the market will increase through the affiliate marketing program.

Expansion of Customer base:

A WooCommerce affiliate program helps you to convert the affiliate’s audience into your customers through product promotion. This way, your customer base will increase in different segments, markets and demographics.

Increase in Average Order Value (AOV):

Affiliates drive more traffic to your store by offering loyalty points or rewards to customers for larger purchases, motivating them to increase their order size.

Cost-effective marketing:

Affiliates are paid commission only when they drive sales or leads to your store through affiliate links. This increases your ROI because you are not spending money if the affiliate fails to drive targeted sales.

Build credibility and trust:

Through WooCommerce affiliate marketing program, you can receive personal endorsement from an affiliate with a sound profile. Their recommendations will help customers build genuine trust in the brand.

With these 5 reasons, let’s look at the key areas to focus on before choosing the right affiliate program plugin for WooCommerce.

How to choose the right WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin?

Look for these crucial features before choosing the best affiliate program plugin for WooCommerce to strengthen your affiliate program.

  • Seamless integration: Choose an affiliate plugin for WooCommerce that integrates seamlessly with your existing online store for a smooth experience.
  • Affiliate Management: The plugin should give you full control over recruiting, managing and tracking the affiliate.
  • Customization: Consider a WooCommerce affiliate plugin that allows customization of affiliate registration, programs and commission rates.
  • Flexible payment gateways: Look for a plugin that integrates with your affiliate’s preferred payment gateways like PayPal, Tremendous, Stipe
  • Promotional support: Seek a plugin that provides marketing aids like links, banners and images for product promotion.
  • Support system: Select a WooCommerce affiliate plugin that provides active support to set up and manage your affiliate program.

8 Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins

Choosing the best WooCommerce Affiliate plugin will be a game-changer for your affiliate program. With that in mind, we have listed down the 8 best WooCommerce affiliate plugins that you can integrate in your WooCommerce store within minutes.

1. WPRelay


WPRelay is the best affiliate plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to easily set up and manage an affiliate marketing program on your WooCommerce website.

It is distinctively designed to integrate seamlessly with your WooCommerce store giving you a smooth experience. WPRelay provides all the advanced features that can be customized according to the user’s preferences.

At a minimal budget, it provides personalized solutions for online stores of all sizes.

It comes with all the features you need to launch a successful affiliate program in your WooCommerce store,

Key features:

  • All-in-one dashboard: Manage affiliate’s history, track conversions, and make payouts from one location.
  • Hassle-free affiliate management: Recruit affiliates, assign programs and pay commissions effortlessly.
  • Seamless integration: Its seamless integration with your WooCommerce store makes it easy to set up an affiliate program.
  • Versatile Commission system: Customization of fixed, percentage and recurring commission rates for affiliates.
  • Discount Features: Enable discounts for products through referral link in no time.
  • Customizable affiliate marketing: Tailor simple and advanced affiliate programs.
  • Personalized Emails: Personalized emails like welcome emails, payment notifications can be sent to affiliates.
  • Live status: Live reports like the number of clicks, referrals, sales and commissions can be viewed.
  • Manage link duration: Set expiration of affiliate link according to business needs.
  • Simple payout gateways: Pay your affiliates through gateways like Paypal and Tremendous.


  • Free version available
  • Paid version starts from,
    • Starter – $99/year for a single site
    • Pro – $149/year for 3 sites
    • Agency – $199/year for 10 sites

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2. AffiliateWP


If you are on the lookout to build and manage your affiliate networks, AffiliateWP, an affiliate program plugin for WooCommerce will be the right choice.

AffiliateWP is an easily customizable WooCommerce affiliate plugin that integrates smoothly with WordPress plugins like WooCommerce giving a user-friendly experience. It provides flexible affiliate marketing programs by which you can manage multiple affiliates with ease.

Key features:

  • Simple installation: Easy to set up an affiliate program in just a few clicks.
  • Affiliate Dashboard: Generate referral links, track the number of clicks, conversions and earnings.
  • Flexible Commission rates: Supports different commission types like flat rate, percentage-based and recurring.
  • One-tap referral links: Generate unique referral or affiliate links in a single tap.
  • Performance credits: Set performance-based bonuses to affiliates


  • Paid version starts from,
    • Personal – $149/year for a single site
    • Plus – $199/year for up to 3 sites
    • Pro – $262/year for up to 10 sites

3. ReferralCandy


ReferralCandy is an excellent WooCommerce affiliate plugin for those who prefer unique customer referral programs.

ReferralCandy is a referral marketing platform providing automated and customizable solutions to your affiliate program. It’s an efficient tool that turns satisfied customers into affiliates driving new customers through referrals

Key features:

  • Automated referral program: Automatically invites customers to join referral program.
  • Performance insights: Shows reports on referral sales and conversion rates.
  • Customizable templates: Customize layouts using templates or HTML/CSS editing
  • Mobile-friendly: Pages are optimized for mobile screen view.
  • Customer support: Provides support through live chat and emails


  • Limited free version available
  • Paid version starts from,
    • Premium – $59/month
    • Plus – $299/month

4. SliceWP


SliceWP, a unique WooCommerce affiliate plugin assists in managing your WooCommerce affiliate program effectively. With its built-in tools, you get access to advanced features of affiliate management.

Key features:

  • Affiliate widget: Create login widget for affiliates
  • Centralized affiliate management: Create, manage and track affiliates within WordPress.
  • Bulk payment: Make bulk payments through PayPal gateway.
  • Marketing materials: Affiliates have access to banners, text links and emails.
  • Autoresponder: Add affiliates to email lists like MailChimp, AWeber and MailPoet.
  • Coupon tracking: Track referrals by merging affiliates with coupons


  • Free version available
  • Paid version starts at,
    • Pro – $169/year
    • Pro Plus – $259/year

5. Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate is a popular WooCommerce affiliate plugin with a broad spectrum of tools to optimize affiliate marketing programs. Easy Affiliate will be the ultimate choice if you want to expand and reach wide customers.

Key features:

  • Single click upgradation: Upgrade from Affiliate Royale in a single click.
  • Performance-based bonuses: Affiliates are paid bonuses on achieving the target conversions.
  • Affiliate Portal: In-built affiliate gateway to apply for affiliate programs.
  • Custom banners: Affiliates are provided customized banners for affiliate promotion.
  • Detects Fradulents: Reject scam affiliates before payouts.


  • Paid version starts from,
    • Basic – $99/year for 1 site
    • Plus – $149/year for 3 sites
    • Pro – $199/year for 5 sites

6. Tapifiliate


Tapifiliate is one of the best WooCommerce affiliate plugins that provides all the pre-requisite tools to manage, track and make payouts to affiliates in one click.

Key features:

  • Social media sharing: Affiliates can share links, banners and videos on social media handles.
  • White-labeled pages: Customize white-labeled affiliate pages for your brand.
  • Automated referral invites: Automatically invites customers for affiliate promotions.
  • Promotional materials: Access to banners and emails for promotion.


  • Paid version starts from,
    • Essential – $890/year
    • Pro – $1490/year

7. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

If you want to take your WooCommerce affiliate marketing program to the next level, YITH WooCommerce Affiliates will be the best choice for its advanced affiliate features.

YITH is a distinct WooCommerce affiliate plugin that helps you expand customer reach and increase sales by simplifying the process of setting up and managing affiliates within your WooCommerce store.

Key features:

  • Automated link generation: Automatically generates affiliate links.
  • Flexible affiliate registration: You can customize affiliate details by asking for extra personal information.
  • Notification configuration: New referrals, commission status notifications are sent to affiliates.
  • Advanced affiliate marketing: Affiliates can recruit sub-affiliates and earn referral commissions.
  • Manage payouts: Review payment statuses like initiation, approved or pending.


  • Free version available
  • Paid version starts at $179/year

8. WP Affiliate Manager

WP Affiliate Manager

WP Affiliate Manager comes with a set of special affiliate features that suit both the new and existing WooCommerce store. This WooCommerce affiliate plugin drives customers and boosts sales with its unique affiliate solutions.

Key features:

  • Simplified onboarding: Recruit affiliates through simple sign-up forms.
  • Real-time reports: Track affiliate performance and conversions in real time.
  • Email templates: Personalise email templates that suit your WooCommerce store brand.
  • Flexible payouts: Supports PayPal, Stripe and even manual payment options.


  • Free version available.
  • Paid version starts at $39 for a single site.

WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins Comparison Chart

PluginFree VersionBest for
WPRelayAvailableFlexible affiliate programs
AffiliateWPNot availablePerformance-based credits
ReferralCandy14-day free trialAutomatic referral invites
SliceWPAvailableCoupon tracking
Easy AffiliateNot availableOne-click upgrade
TapifiliateNot availableWhite-labeled pages
YITH WooCommerce
AvailableRecruit sub-affiliates
WP Affiliate ManagerAvailableCustomize email templates

Get started with WPRelay’s flexible commission structure to drive word-of-mouth sales


Choosing the best WooCommerce affiliate plugin can greatly strengthen your affiliate marketing program as it drives word-of-mouth sales to your business. These 8 best affiliate plugins for WooCommerce that we discussed so far are the best options available in the market, each comes with its unique features and benefits.

Check out these affiliate plugins for WooCommerce to find the right fit for your online store.

How do I add affiliate links to WooCommerce?

To add affiliate links to WooCommerce:
1. Install and set up WPRelay plugin
2. Create key affiliate pages
3. Integrate payout gateways
4. Add affiliate links

What is an external affiliate product in WooCommerce?

An external affiliate product is a product that is sold on another merchant’s website for which you can earn commissions when brought through your link.

What is the best WooCommerce affiliate plugin for beginners?

‘WPRelay’ is a highly recommended WooCommerce affiliate plugin for its simple setup and centralized dashboard. It has all the necessary features like user-friendly interface, one-click customization, real-time tracking and automated payment.

How do I redirect affiliate products in WooCommerce?

You can redirect affiliate products in WooCommerce by:
1. Go to WooCommerce > Products > Add new
2. Select External/Affiliate Product from Product Data
3. Enter the Affiliate product URL in the ‘Product URL’ and set customized text button.

Which WooCommerce extension is used for creating and managing affiliate programs?

“WPRelay” extension is an excellent Affiliate Program Plugin for WooCommerce used for creating and managing affiliate programs.

How do I track my affiliate traffic?

Using WPRelay’s centralized affiliate dashboard, you can track affiliate traffic and monitor the number of referrals.

How do I create a WooCommerce affiliate program for my product?

To create an affiliate program:
1. Choose the best affiliate plugin for WooCommerce
2. Recruit affiliates
3. Set attractive commission rates
4. Track and monitor conversions
5. Provide promotional support

How to pay affiliates in WooCommerce?

You can pay affiliates through payment gateways like PayPal, Tremendous and Stripe. You can even pay manually if the affiliates desire.

Where can I promote my affiliate products for free?

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Blogs and Emails are some of the ways by which you can promote your affiliate products for free.

Does WooCommerce take a percentage of sales?

No, WooCommerce does not charge any percentage of sales as it is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress that assists in creating and managing your online store.

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