1. Buy one Get one Free of the Same Product

This rule set up helps to create a Buy one get one for the same Product.

Example: Buy 1 get 1, Buy 2 get 2, Buy 3 get 3, and so on.

Click here for more examples on Same Product

2. Buy 2 get 1 for Free (Selected Category)

You can provide a discount on the selected Category based BOGO deal.

This can be calculated based on the cheapest/highest priced product.
When 2 products of the same category are in the cart then the cheapest product in the cart will be provided a discount.

For more details –> click here

3. Buy 1 Get 50% discount on second quantity (Same products)

Buy a product and get 50% on the 2nd quantity. You can set it up for all products or specific categories.

For more details –> click here

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