How to Increase Sales with One Click Upsell

increase sales with once click upsell

Imagine a customer is about to finalize a transaction from your store but has decided to purchase more additional products. What will you do?

Will you leave the customer just like that? or Will you find opportunities to increase the customer’s cart size?

Of course, as store owners, we always look for opportunities to encourage customers to purchase more. Thus upselling sales techniques came into the picture to increase sales and generate revenue.

We always keep looking for effective marketing strategies. We often use standard discounts and promotions to drive sales and engage customers. As a result, these upsell sales methods will attract new customers and increase the purchase order for a certain period.

But upselling sales techniques is a good initiative that helps you enhance the customer’s cart and store’s average order value. This blog will show how we can implement one-click sales upselling to increase revenue.

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What is One Click Upsell?

WooCommerce One-click upsell provides a new way to increase the value of a customer’s order in a single click without redirecting to other websites or pages. At the same time, you can offer your potential customers an upgraded version of the product, which delivers a better buying experience for your customers.

The primary goal of upselling is to boost sales and introduce customers to options that might better suit their purchasing needs and what they hope to achieve over time.

What are the Examples of Upselling?

You may not realize it yet, but upsells frequently happen daily. Here are some instances of how upselling may appear in real life:

  • Picking an extended warranty plan for your new car
  • Purchase additional accessories with cash payment on the latest mobile.
  • Caving into a dessert item from your favorite restaurant

As we described in the example, you don’t have to grab the additional accessories on ready cash payment. Still, it’s a great deal for customers who want to avoid purchasing relevant accessories separately.

You are sure you didn’t want to have a favorite dessert after dinner, but when the server quickly handed you the dessert menu, we were happily ready to try it.

As store owners, we can display the next level of products to customers in a single click. Whereas this one-click upsell WooCommerce makes it easy for customers to purchase the upsell products, boosting your overall sales and increasing the purchase order value. That is, WooCommerce upsells, and they are highly effective.

How Can Upselling be Beneficial to Customers?

WooCommerce upsells are essential for business, and they play a more significant part in nurturing your existing customers than acquiring new ones. Making your enhancing customers into the brand ambassadors of your WooCommerce store is relatively easy, especially when you know how exactly you can achieve this with upselling sales techniques.

Here are a few reasons why sales upselling is important:

  • Increase sales and Revenue
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Boosts Customer Loyalty
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Increase the customer lifetime value
  • Provide options to explore other products

Strategies to Increase Sales with Upsell Offers

By now, we have realized the power of upsells, and the idea of upselling is simple. They can bump up your Average order value, and the amount customers spend on your store.

But possibly, are you looking for ways to utilize the upselling sales techniques in your business? So, look at various upsell sales ideas you can implement in your business.

Provide a Relevant Upsell Offer

Before displaying your upsell sales, your upsell offers should feel like a natural add-on to customers. As you get the options to know your customers better, it is easy to decide what they search for and buy from your store.

For example: If a customer buys simple furniture, you can upsell by recommending the wood or other high-quality furniture and highlighting its benefits.

There is no point in recommending a chair pillow or other products irrelevant to the customer’s purchase. As a result, when you upsell products, they should be relevant to the initial product with additional benefits. Whereas it is a key to successful WooCommerce upsells.

Upsell Sales with Product Comparison

Only some customers will be interested in buying your products, but customers always love some options and comparisons. So, providing a list of possibilities of what the customer might like while purchasing is a great upselling sales technique.

Let’s take ourselves before purchasing a product from any Woocommerce store; we used to research the same product features, prices, and availability on different stores and websites. Am I right? Yes, most probably including me, most of the customers will do that.

Displaying a list of product options on a single product page with a comparison makes the customer purchase easier with one click rather than searching on multiple pages or sites. This strategy helps the customers feel confident that they are making the right purchase choice.

upsell sale with product comparison

Here, they displayed some options and product comparisons, where instead of buying a single regular product, they provided 3 upgraded products with their price and additional features.

So, start optimizing your customer’s shopping experience by displaying various product comparisons, benefits, and features with one click upsell WooCommerce.

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Offer Bundled Budget Deals

It’s no secret that people love bundles. Offering bundles are always the most common upsell offers where customers are more likely to purchase than buy individual products.

For example, let’s imagine you just added a beauty brush to your cart for $5. How would you get a complete set of blenders and brushes for another $25?

And one, it will be an exciting offer to the customer, and it will induce them to hit the easy one-click upsell button to immediately add the deal to the cart.

Make sure you upsell relevant product bundles into a single attractive price. In some instances, this bundle WooCommerce upsell may attract buyers and result in conversion even if the customer had never considered acquiring additional products.

Offer Free Shipping based on Minimum Purchase.

Customers are excited when they receive free shipping and all of the discounts and deals. This free shipping method is one of the finest sales upselling, encouraging the customer to complete the purchase order to avail of the discount.

So, how does it work well with upsells and increase sales?

Since customers are ready to buy the products at your WooCommerce store, making the best use of it to increase the revenue, as a store owner, you can add a minimum cart value to avail of the free shipping. This urges the customer to continue adding items to the cart through upselling.

Provide Ongoing Support

Providing Ongoing support is another upselling strategy that involves supporting customers. In addition to boosting your revenue and customer loyalty, utilizing support as a one-click upsell adds the additional benefit of increasing sales and revenue.

For example, you can offer premium support to VIP members or other groups of customers with one click to upsell WooCommerce. This membership offer will let customers know they get prior attention, and making your customers feel at ease will encourage them to make additional purchases in the future.

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As WooCommerce store owners, we often look for several ways to increase sales and enhance customers. So, creating a WooCommerce one-click upsell in your store will be an effective marketing strategy to boost sales and average order value.

We hope we have helped you to find the best upselling sales strategies for your WooCommerce store. Go ahead and start to implement these upsell strategies and stay ahead of your competition.

What is the one click upsell funnel for WooCommerce pro?

With a one-click upsell funnel for WooCommerce, store owners can offer upsell products to customers during pre-purchase and post-purchase processes. Customers can add these upsells to their cart with a one-click without navigating to other pages.

How can you upsell to increase your sales?

There are many ways to upsell your products at various stages of the customer’s journey. The following points discuss some upselling strategies to increase your cart order value.

1. Display the right, and relevant upsell products.
2. Don’t push your upsell offers.
3. Personalize your upsell offer
4. Create a sense of urgency
5. Provide social proof
6. Display upsell offers with comparison

How do I use one-click upsell?

You can use one-click upsell to enhance your store’s average order value. By default, WooCommerce doesn’t support this feature, so you can install a plugin like “Checkout Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce,” which comes with multiple features and order bumps to display your upsell offers at the checkout page.

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