25 Best WooCommerce Plugins to start your online store

Dear WooCommerce reader,
Cheers! for powering your eCommerce store with WooCommerce. The World of eCommerce has got over 3 million WooCommerce users just like you. And it’s no doubt that WooCommerce is the most compatible and flexible eCommerce platform. Because WooCommerce offers you with the deepest pool of plugins to manage your online store.

But fishing the perfect WooCommerce plugin to effectively manage your store is the tricky part. It’s not a mistake to choose the wrong plugin but you can actually jump ahead in time and improvise quickly rather slowing yourself by picking and experimenting with each plugin.

It’s a Head Start!

The post brings you with the most comprehensive list of both FREE and premium WooCommerce plugins to scale more revenue. Plugins that actually keep your customers coming back for more and making store management easy-peasy.

Best WooCommerce Plugins for Email Marketing

Most of your website visitors might exit you without buying anything. And, they hardly come back. But you can actually turn the odds and keep reaching your audience by doing email marketing. Lead generation and email marketing is made simple with the following email plugins.

In fact, email marketing generates around $40 ROI for every $1 spent.

1. Optinmonster


Optinmonster is a WordPress popup plugin. The wider your audience, the better are the chances to generate more lead conversions. And Optinmonster lets you grow your email list by creating attractive pop-ups and optin contact forms.

The powerful segmentation feature of the plugin lets you display exit intent pop up and allows you to boost customer engagement.


  • Increase lead conversion
  • Grow your email subscribers
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Select any type of popup template
  • Create mobile-friendly popup campaigns
  • Geolocation targeting


Basic- $9/ month
Plus- $19/ month
PRO- $29/ month
Growth- $49/ month

Billed annually, the most popular pricing slab is the PRO plan which offers you with all the premium features to grow your eCommerce store.

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2. CampaignRabbit


Don’t be sending generic emails because they have the lowest conversion rate of 2%. Send targeted and data-driven emails to your customers. CampaignRabbit powers your WooCommerce store with a tool to drive sales and grow your business on autopilot.

You can send personalized email campaigns and create a popup to target audience. Start creating responsive email templates, popup and action bars using the simple drag and drop email builder.

Drive sales and recover abandoned carts by automating customer follow-up emails and cart recovery emails. Well, the email marketing tool lets you automate all types of email campaigns.

Also, you can track valuable customer insights like purchased order, total order value, lifetime value of customers easily in the store dashboard.


  • Easy integration with WooCommerce
  • Powerful segmentation of customer list
  • Easy to use drag and drop email builder
  • Customizable email campaigns, pop-ups and action bars
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Drive repeated sales
  • Smart Upsell and cross-sell emails
  • Increase lead conversion using pop-ups.


Pricing of this email automation tool is based on the number of customers you’ve got

0- 100 customers : Plugin FREE
100- 2000 customers : $14
2000- 5000 customers : $29
5000- 10000 customers : $49
10000- 25000 customers : $69

Download Plugin Check More Features

3. Retainful - WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery emails and Next order coupons

(FREE WooCommerce Plugin)

retainful next order coupon for woocommerce

Retainful is so far the coolest FREE email tool in WordPress.
Recover the 70% of passive sales which is abandoned in your cart and start supercharging your transactional emails with this amazing conversion tool.

Retainful is a dual plugin- Retainful is a cart recovery email plugin and a coupon management plugin.

You can schedule and automate cart recovery email reminders and remind customers about their abandoned cart. The recovery email contains a single click product recovery link so that your customers can easily recover the abandoned cart items.

Also, generate unique next order coupons for your WooCommerce store. The next order coupons are then automatically emailed along with the transactional order emails thus motivating your existing customers to shop repeatedly. at your store.


  • Automate abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Unlimited number of cart recovery email templates
  • Single-click recovery of abandoned cart items
  • See real-time cart
  • Generate unique next order coupons
  • Set coupon expiry and usage restrictions
  • Auto apply coupon
  • Actionable insights to track sales conversions and cart recovery.


Retainful is a FREE abandoned cart recovery plugin.

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4. MailChimp for WooCommerce

Mailchimp for woocommerce

MailChimp is an open source email plugin for your WooCommerce store. The tool lets you sync your email list with the purchase data so that you can send data-driven email notifications.

With MailChimp, inform customers about the abandoned cart and up-sell by sending useful product recommendations based on customer shopping history.


  • Send emails with product recommendations
  • Segment customers based on shopping behavior
  • Create pop-up forms
  • Personalize your transactional emails
  • Track the performance of your email campaigns.


Start FREE if you’re a Bootstrap business
Grow plan- $10/month
PRO plan- $199/ month.

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5. Newsletter


Newsletter is the most popular WordPress email newsletter plugin. Automate email newsletters to your subscribers about the latest blog posts, events and product updates.


  • Send unlimited number of email newsletters
  • Customize your emails
  • Send bulk email to your subscriber list.


Get the premium features of the plugin in two pricing slabs, both of which includes 1 year of updates and support.

  • Blogger slab - $65 (Max. 3 WordPress websites)
  • Agency slab- $249 (Use in unlimited WP sites)

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Popular WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Sales

The Mission- Make more sales & more money, right?
Online shopping success is all about which store offering the maximum luxury of discounts and pricing deals to the customers. Start creating advanced discounts, cart coupons, and dynamic pricing deals with the following plugins.

6. Discount Rules for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Discount Rules

10,000+ active WooCommerce store owners- That’s Real Big for a bulk discount plugin (users during writing the post).
Discount Rules is the most popular dynamic pricing plugin to create discounts and alter your pricing strategy.

Dynamic pricing and discounting is made easy with Discount rules plugin. Create advanced tiered pricing rules and converts your visitors into customers instantly.

The plugin allows you to offer both flat and percentage discounts. Well, price based discounts are the ones that is displayed on the product page while cart discounts are applied automatically to the customer cart.

Types of advanced dynamic pricing discounts that you can create,

  • Storewide global discount
  • Tiered pricing discount
  • Bulk quantity discount
  • FREE shipping discount
  • BOGO product offers
  • User-role based discounts
  • Next order & First order discounts.


  • Increase customer acquisition rate
  • Scale your WooCommerce revenue
  • Wholesale pricing model
  • Create Volume pricing discounts
  • Apply cart coupons automatically to the customer cart
  • Time-limited coupon and promo codes.


FREE discount plugin- Limited discount rules
$49/ year - Premium discount features with expert developer and customer support.

Coupon Code- SAVE10
Discount - 10% OFF

Download Plugin Check More Features

7. Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce

Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce

If you want someone to do things quick, hand them with a countdown timer. In fact, “Fear of missing out” drives 60% of online shoppers to make reactive purchases.

Boost sales conversion and drive customers to make quick buying decisions by displaying sale countdown timers and social proof in your WooCommerce product pages. Well, creating artificial scarcity with your popular WooCommerce products helps in converting your website visitors to customers in quick time.

The best thing is that if you are an online store that runs weekend discounts and offers, go with Sales countdown timer for WooCommerce. Because this plugin will allow to auto-pilot all your recurring discounts.


  • Unlimited sales campaigns
  • Create recurring sale campaigns
  • Sticky headers and footers with sale timers
  • Boost sales by showing Social proof and Scarcity
  • Scarcity marketing
  • Reduce cart abandonment with smart coupons.


Basic plan- $6.99/ month
PRO plan- $10.49/ month

Coupon Code- SAVE10
Discount - 10% OFF

Check Plugin

8. Payment method based Discounts and Fees

woo payment method based fees and discounts

FREE WooCommerce Discount Plugin

Offer a seamless checkout experience for your customers with this cart discount plugin. The tool allows you to offer discounts and collect fees based on the payment method used by the customer. The discount gets automatically applied to the customer cart and you can display the coupon message as well.

Well, offering discounts on the cart page is the best strategy to make your customers checkout successfully.


  • Reduce friction in the cart page
  • Offer payment based discounts
  • Create both flat and percentage discounts
  • Discounts are applied automatically to the customer cart
  • Display the coupon message in the cart
  • Flat fee and percentage fee can be collected
  • Supports all popular payment gateways.



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9. Category discounts for WooCommerce

category discount for woocommerce

Is your online inventory piling up with some unsold stocks?
Get your problem resolved with this category discount plugin.

Create bulk discounts based on the product category in your WooCommerce store. You can create bulk product discounts for products in single and multiple categories.

Motivate customers by displaying the discount message on the product page. Also, applying discounts ensures a faster checkout experience for your customers.


  • Create category based discounts
  • Offer both flat and percentage discounts
  • Add a discount message in the cart
  • Set validity for your discounts.


FREE bulk discount plugin.

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WooCommerce plugins to Improve Customer Engagement

Cost of acquiring a new customer is 5x times more than the cost of retaining an existing customer.
So, you’ve got to be doing all that’s possible to improve customer engagement and thereby Save more.

Business isn’t just making new customers, Business is never losing a customer

10. Email Customizer for WooCommerce

woocommerce email customizer with drag and frop email builder

To be clear, this WP plugin is just not for editing your email header and footer. It offers Email Customization to your plain looking order emails.

Email Customizer for WooCommerce is a drag and drop email builder that simply allows you to drag and drop elements like texts, images, logos and even edit them.

Sending professional looking emails is the first thing that makes your customer trust your brand.

Some key features of this email plugin that might humor you are,


  • Powerful drag and drop email builder
  • Add 15+ elements like texts, paragraphs, icons, images, tables, etc. to the WooCommerce order emails
  • WordPress compatible for multi-sites
  • Add dynamic data like customer information, order summary using shortcodes
  • Live-Preview of your email changes
  • Send a test email to validate your design before drafting to your email list
  • Email customizer supports WooCommerce Subscription emails


Email Customizer - $28 includes 6 month developer support

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11. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

order delivery date for woocommerce

The cycle of online shopping gets completed when customers receive their orders on time. Now, you can optimize your order dates and provide excellent customer service by delivering the WooCommerce orders at the right delivery date.

When your customers are happy receiving the order within the estimated delivery date, the chances of that customer returning to shop at your store increases.

The WooCommerce order date plugin lets you display the order delivery date field on the checkout page so that the customers can choose a date for the order delivery.


Customers can choose the delivery date and time
Set limits to the number of order deliveries per day


PRO version- $99 (billed yearly)

PRO Features

  • Store owners can set specific delivery dates
  • Collect delivery fees for specific delivery dates in the week
  • Sync order deliveries with Google calendar
  • Auto-update delivery dates for renewal orders

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12. Prepaid/Upfront payment for WooCommerce Subscriptions

wordpress woocommerce prepaid subscriptions

Customers are actually tired of recurring payments and you got to address this if your WooCommerce store is selling subscriptions.

When it comes WooCommerce subscriptions and payments, your customers are looking for advanced payment methods.
Prepaid payment for WooCommerce subscription is a plugin developed to meet this particular requirement of the WooCommerce community.

The plugin lets store owners collect the subscription payment in advance so that your customers can gift subscriptions.


  • Sell WooCommerce subscriptions
  • Collect Upfront Subscription payment
  • Auto-generate Subscription renewal order
  • Offer discounts and motivate customers to pay upfront

Discount- 10% OFF
Coupon Code- SAVE10

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13. WooCommerce Currency Switcher

woocommerce currency switcher

What if you are looking to sell virtual products to customers from all over the globe? Then you might need a plugin to switch between world currencies.

WooCommerce currency switcher plugin allows your customers to switch between currencies and pay in the selected currency. You can make the currency switcher option available on the product page. In fact, you can place the switcher in any widgetized area using the shortcodes. And the customers can pay in their selected currency as well.

The FREE version of this currency converter plugin offers only 2 currencies. You got to buy the PRO pack to use unlimited currency types.


  • Use shortcodes to display the currency converter widget in any place
  • Compatible with WooCommerce products filter, WPML
  • Possible to change currency according to current language (Hook this)
  • Customize money signs and prices (decimal count).


PRO version- $30.

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14. WooCommerce Refund and Exchange With RMA

woocommerce refund and exchange with rma

Sometimes, a customer might cancel order after you shipped or might even ask for an exchange on receiving a damaged product. And in those scenarios, you gotta be handling your customers smooth so that the customer relation ain’t getting spoiled.

With this WP tool, your customers can submit product refund forms or exchange request forms. Then the entire refunding process is managed with a dedicated mailing system to keep both the customers and store owners informed.


  • Enhance the customer experience by simplifying the refund & exchange processes.
  • Customer can Refund, Exchange and Cancel orders
  • Provide a wallet system for customers so that they can pick another product instead of 100% refund.

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15. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

yith woocommerce wishlist

“Add to your Wishlist” is one of the most commonly used features in any online store. Because people are gonna add their favorite products to the wishlist before actually purchasing one.

Also, how popular your WooCommerce store can get if your customers are offered the luxury to share their wishlist in their social accounts. Well, this WooCommerce wishlist plugin lets you win customer hearts easily.


  • Customizable wishlist page
  • Create multiple wishlists
  • Customers can get the total price estimation of the wishlist
  • Grow your brand in the social platform
  • Improve customer engagement

Download Plugin

Most Essential WooCommerce Plugins for your Online store

How you manage your WooCommerce store decides the number of sales you make. So, it’s better you get these essential WooCommerce plugins to offer seamless customer experience.

16. WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce

woocommerce products filter

This WooCommerce plugin lets your online customers search for products based on product categories, attributes, product tags, price and much more.

Your website visitors will find it more engaging if they could filter products on your website.

You can display search boxes like radio checkbox, multi drop down, radio buttons in drop down and much more when switching to the premium version of the plugin.


  • Product searching by AJAX
  • Product shortcodes to display products
  • Powerful search through product SKU
  • Infinite product scrolling.


Download Plugin

17. Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce

woo order export lite

The plugin lets you easily all your WooCommerce order data. It allows you to add WooCommerce data like customer details, line items, product attributes, taxes, discount prices, and coupon details. The data can be exported in various formats which include CSV, XLS, XML, JSON.

You can select the data to be exported, rename labels, and manage columns at ease using the plugin.


  • Analyze order data
  • Export product data, customer details, and more.
  • Powerful filtering option

Download Plugin

18. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

woocommerce pdf invoices packing slips

The WordPress plugin lets you share PDF invoices automatically along with your order confirmation email. You can include a basic invoice template or can edit to create your own invoice.


  • Attach PDF invoices automatically
  • Customize the header and footer in the invoice
  • Generate invoices in bulk
  • Download the PDF invoice.

WooCommerce PDF invoices professional- € 54.

Download Plugin

19. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

woocommerce google analytics integration

Unless you track the performance of your WooCommerce store, it will be hard to climb business growth. You gotta be knowing the source of your traffic, popular channel for customer engagement, favorite products for the customer to keep improving.

WooCommerce Google analytics provides integration between all your WooCommerce plugins and Google analytics. And once your WooCommerce store is synced with Google analytics can start tracking your store performance.


  • Track actionable customer insights
  • Measure our WooCommerce revenue
  • Know the target channel for customer engagement
  • Popular product in your store.


WooCommerce Google analytics PRO- $79.

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20. Yoast SEO

wordpress seo

You’d definitely need to be optimizing your WooCommerce store if wanting to rank top in google result pages. And Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin for millions of users.

The solid toolset of the plugin will help grow your online store to rank higher in the search result pages.


  • Advanced XML sitemap functionality
  • Add title and meta description for improving search results
  • Valuable SEO tools to optimize content
  • Improve your website health
  • Automatic internal linking suggestions (premium feature)


Premium plan starts with $89 plan for single WordPress site.

Download Plugin

21. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

Often this happens, customers forget the name of a WooCommerce product and try using key phrases. This is when providing online shoppers with a list of useful product suggestions can increase sale conversions.

And YITH Ajax search does that job clean. This WordPress plugin creates a search box to show instant search results for your WooCommerce store products based on the searching.

The customers are gonna love shopping at your store when the search results work just like Google Suggest.


  • Display the product search box anywhere in your WooCommerce site
  • Customize the search form label
  • Show filter options for the product search (PRO)
  • Show product categories in the search (PRO)


Download Plugin

22. iThemes Security

ithemes wp security

Ithemes security is the most trusted WordPress security plugin with over 900,000+ active installations(numbers during writing the post). Also knowing the fact that 30,000 new websites are getting hacked each day, the reason for you to have a security plugin gets undeniable.

This WP security plugin can fix common holes, stops automated attacks and strengthen users credentials.

PRO Features

  • Schedule malware scan
  • Track user action logging
  • Bans users with too many invalid login attempts
  • Improves server security
  • Boost SEO by detecting the 404 errors

Blogger- $80 (Single WordPress site)
Small Business- $127 (10 WP sites)
Gold- $199 (Unlimited sites)

Download Plugin

23. WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin

woocommerce ups shipping plugin with print label

Online Shopping- That’s not done until the product is shipped to your customer address. This WooCommerce extension helps you completely automate UPS shipping.

UPS shipping plugin lets you choose the shipment boxes automatically based on the delivery schedule. Well, your customers can track the shipments and gets notified with emails.

Don’t still be shipping single orders anymore. Start creating shipment in bulk with this shipment plugin.


  • Show live shipping rates
  • Print shipping label on the product
  • Set up handling fees
  • Bulk shipment creation.


Starts @ $69 for single site subscription.

Download Plugin

Multi-tool WooCommerce Plugins

The following plugins are quite special from the rest. These plugins offer you with many tools featured for specific tasks in your WooCommerce store. Know their names by scrolling.

24. Booster for WooCommerce

woocommerce jetpack

Want a multi-featured plugin for your store?
Then, choosing a Booster for your online store is a wise choice.
Product Prices, Currencies, Buttons, Labels, Cart checkout, payment gateways, Shipping and order- Booster can supercharge all the above features of your WooCommerce store.


  • Accept all type of world currencies
  • Display attractive images and actionable CTA
  • Customize cart and offer seamless checkout process
  • Optimize payment options, shipping features and PDF invoicing
  • Track your WooCommerce customers.

Booster Plus for WooCommerce starts @ $49.99.

Download Plugin

25. Beeketing for WooCommerce

beeketing for woocommerce

Beeketing is an all-in-one marketing and automation tool to optimize conversion rates, increase average order value, reduce cart abandonment and boost your online sales.

Beeketing offers you with 20+ tools to convert visitors into revenue. This is one powerful marketing product which helps you to grow leads, generate coupons, boost sale conversions, improve customer engagement and much more.

Beeketing doesn’t offer you with the complete package of all the tools under one pricing. You can start for FREE with Beeketing but need to purchase PRO versions of the tools to grow your eCommerce business.


  • Increase customer conversion rate
  • Boost sales with upsell and cross-sell
  • Foster customer relation
  • Reduce cart abandonment.

Download Plugin

Hope the read filled your pockets with some useful resources. Now, it’s your time steer. So wait no more, Start making some quick money with the best plugins for your online WooCommerce store right now.

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