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5 Best WooCommerce Email Follow Up Plugins

Customer success is just not something you get right after making a sale but needs to be nurtured through continuous engagement. And that continuous engagement is done with follow up emails. WooCommerce automated follow up emails are sent as an acknowledgment to customers whenever they actively participate or shop at your online store.

Following are some of the common scenarios to draft a follow-up email,

It is definite that your WooCommerce store will also experience the above scenarios. So, don’t you need a proper email follow-up plugin to send all those follow up emails?

List of 5 Best WooCommerce Email Follow Up Plugins

Well, this post got you covered. Here is the comprehensive list of WooCommerce email plugins to create, customize and schedule follow-up emails.

1. Retainful

Let’s put it this way, Your customer purchases a product in your store, is that it? Will you let him go away or will you try to keep in touch with them through Order Follow up emails . We all would love to keep our customers engaged so that they don’t go to other stores, don’t we?

Sending order follow up emails is the best way to keep in touch with customers. You can ask customer to write a review, recommend & upsell products.

Order Follow up emails in Retainful include Thank you emails, Welcome emails(post 1st purchase), product recommendation or upsell emails & general Order follow up emails. You can engage with customers throughout their journey with automated Order follow up emails.

Automate Order follow-up emails in a timed sequence with the help of Customer journey builder. Once you set it live, Retainful will automatically send WooCommerce follow up emails to the customers that fulfill the trigger rules.

Retainful is equipped with a Drag & drop email editor that lets you customize your Order follow up emails. Add logos, images, gifs & more to make your emails more persuasive and increase your conversions.


  • Send unlimited Order follow up emails
  • Build and launch email campaigns within minutes using customer journey builder
  • Pre-built workflow automation templates
  • Pre-built email templates
  • Drag & drop email editor to customize follow up emails
  • Next order coupons to drive repeated sales
  • Automate follow up emails whenever customer abandons online cart
  • Send unlimited number cart recovery follow-up emails
  • Unique recovery link to buy back the items in abandoned cart
  • The plugin stops sending follow up emails automatically when the cart is recovered

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2. FluentCRM


FluentCRM is one of the finest email marketing automation plugins for creating well-segmented contact lists and designing automated eCommerce emails right from your WordPress dashboard. It effortlessly integrates with the most popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, making email marketing easier for WooCommerce users.

With FluentCRM, you can send eye-catchy emails that reach the inbox and maximize your eCommerce revenue. The automation features of FluentCRM are handy. You can send welcome emails, post-purchase emails, targeted emails, and many more based on product or product categories.

For WooCommerce email automation, FluentCRM gives you two triggers, purchase trigger and refund trigger.

The purchase trigger starts once a customer purchases a product from your store. You can run this trigger for specific products or product categories. The product refund trigger does just as it says on the tin: it starts automation when there’s a refund request in your WooCommerce shop.

The plugin also features a purchase history that’ll show your customer’s purchased product and its details.

Key Features:

  • Send countless emails and manage unlimited contacts.
  • Multiple integrations with other popular WordPress plugins.
  • Automated email sequence, email campaign, and much more features to customize them.
  • Block-based email composing with custom HTML editing functionality.
  • Ability to build segmented contact lists
  • In-depth analytics to track your client activities, check total revenue, number of orders, etc.
  • A/B testing, link metrics, smart links, and so on.

The abandoned cart trigger is still under processing. However, you can achieve this with webhook integration.

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3. Follow-Ups developed by WooCommerce

Follow Ups developed by WooCommerce

Follow-up is the most popular WooCommerce extension to create, schedule and automate your emails. The follow up emails plugin can get you more customer engagement with minimum manual effort.

Also, this powerful marketing tool lets you send targeted follow up emails and drive sales to your online WooCommerce store. It uses the purchase history and customer behavior to automate data-driven drip campaigns.


  • WordPress editor makes it easy to create your emails
  • Multiple mail templates to choose
  • Supports integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions, Google analytics.
  • Schedule follow up emails on particular dates and events.
  • Automate drip campaign


$99/ single WordPress website- that’s quite a huge pricing slab for a follow-up email plugin.

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4. ShopMagic


Shop Magic, this marketing automation and follow up email plugin for WooCommerce is specially designed to take the eCommerce business to the next level. The plugin can send follow up emails, customized transactional emails, automation emails based on customer's order status, prioritizing emails, and a lot more. The plugin offers complete access to the customer's and store''s data. It is so flexible that you can extend the plugin with additionals based on your requirements

In addition, the plugin acts as a reminder in WooCommerce where you can even create a thank you message set with a reminder which makes it easier to send emails to your customers. Winback emails, notification emails to staff, feedback emails, and much more can be designed and handled effortlessly.

Shop Magic is for WooCommerce and even helps in recovering abandoned carts at your store with a special free add-on "Recover Abandoned Carts". Another attractive feature is adding customers to the Mailchimp list during checkout. This would help you to send WooCommerce automated emails or newsletters to your customers counting on their activities at the store.

A must-try, follow up email and marketing automation plugin if you are running a WooCommerce business. Easy to use and takes your business process to the next level.

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5. WooCommerce custom emails

WooCommerce custom emails

WooCommerce custom emails allow you to send customized & targeted transactional emails. The plugin makes sure that the emails are sent only to targeted clients based on certain conditions.


  • Easy to use email editor
  • Schedule follow up email on particular dates and events
  • Get reports on email events

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Now, it’s all for you to choose the email follow-up plugin that meets your store requirements. But if expecting the Writer’s choice, this one is for you.

Retainful- Coz’ it helps in automating email follow-ups and improves my customer retention too. And yes, Retainful is FREE

CampaignRabbit- If I look for an extensive email marketing and automation tool to promote my email campaigns.

That’s my order. Get to choose your order smart!

Happy Growing!